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October 10, 2019
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October 26, 2019

7 Key Factors That Influence Online Customers To Buy


I’m so excited to slay this topic today. This is something I’ve been diving into for awhile now and I’m ready to share with you.


This topic is important because once you understand the buying  🛍️ behavior of your audience, you can start to push content that will make your audience purchase more quickly 📨.




A lot of the business that we do is online  💻right?


Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and blogging are all platforms we use to reach out to our customers.


No matter what you use, the behaviors of people on these platforms is super import to understand.


It all comes down to gaining a little more influence over your audience.




We assume that we have to be influencers in order to make a sale or recruit that next rockstar into our business. This is FALSE.🙅


My guy Tom Brady is a great example of this. When he first got started in 🏈 football, he was the least likely prospect to do great things in the NFL.


BUT, with his ability to PIVOT, skill set, and ability to make adjustments, he was able to win 6 Superbowl rings. 🏆

Just going to throw that out there so you guys understand that low expectations do NOT  🚫 equal reality.


You don’t have to be a giant influencer to make sales and that’s keeping it 💯 with you guys.

You just have to understand the buying behaviors that people have when they’re online, especially when it comes to the mobile phone 📲.


There are a couple factors to consider when thinking  💭 about your audience’s buying behaviors.


First, people are looking at reviews and ratings.



Second, people will have impulse triggers that cause them to purchase something impulsively.


Impulse triggers are one of my favorite things to use when it comes to my audience. Whether I’m trying to get someone to join my business or just take a look at my business, I like to think about how I can get people to impulsively connect to me.


Then, I ask myself what reviews or ratings I can show them to get them to buy 🛒.


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Here are 7 things you need to know when it comes to the buying behavior of your audience:


1.) Customers/ Leads/ Clients Love 💕 Transparency


They need you to be transparent when it comes to price. Nobody likes hidden fees 🙈.


For example, when you're talking to a customer about buying let them know if there is a flat rate fee for shipping 📦 and make them aware that it's included OR excluded from the price of the product.


Second, If your company has a money back guarantee, let them know what it entails. 


Third, If there is a monthly charge to stay a customer or any type of other fees let them know.  If not, tell them that there are no hidden charges.


Finally, be sure to let them know if tax is excluded and that it will be taxed based on the state that they live. These are a few things I always share with people to stay transparent about price 💵.



Customers NEED transparency boo boo. Click To Tweet




2.) Mobile Shoppers Have Urgency


Sometimes I get stuck in the scroll hole at night. Instagram has me by the cojones with the Swipe Up ⏫because they target me with baby ads because they know I just had a baby.


I literally just spent $200 on baby  👶 sticker picture frames for the wall. Here's a preview of some of the one's I got.



(P.S. I am totally getting more to fill up this whole wall! I'm legit obsessed shhhhh 🤫 don't tell #HBO)


I acted quickly because that’s the urgency of a mobile shopper! There’s another app I use called Fashion Nova 👖 and they get me every single time they notify me about a sale. (Seriously, have you seen their clothes? Legit, take ALL OF MY MONEY. )


Why? Because they know that I’m an urgent shopper. This is called buyer attention 👀 +  you can use it to convert sales in your business. 👏


3.) People Like Consistency in  Words and Actions


If I tells someone yes, and they follow up with me, I’m going to act on that yes.

I don’t mean buying, I’m talking about the small yes’s. This is super important to keep in mind when it comes to buying behavior 💳.


It can take up to 23 exposures before a customer even makes a purchase. This means getting the small yes’s so you can do the follow up that gets to the 23. It sounds exhausting  😫 but I promise you it’s so worth it, especially if you recruit that next rockstar.


When it comes to small yes’s, these are my top three.


☑️Small yes’s to get them into your Facebook group.

☑️Small yes’s are getting them onto an email list📩.

☑️I get them to download the app and create an account. These small yes’s activate them in my back office, and then I can see their behaviors.



If I see that someone has done all three of these things, they are a 🔥HOT LEAD🔥.

S i m p l e  as that. 🙌



4.) Customers Need Social Proof 📱Before Making Any Purchase

Think about this for a sec 🤔.

How many of you came into this business business based on a testimonial or story that you heard? As humans, we need to make a connection 👯 before we make an impulse buy or buy at all.


Some buy faster than others, but they WILL eventually buy. The proof is a social phenomenon. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Moral of the story? You need to get more referral posts up.


Work through your customers boo boo!

(I talk more about this on Episode 32: 3 Step Process to Turn Your Existing Customer into the Best Promoters on Social Media.)



Real customers that are in your organization have feedback that’s more powerful than random testimonials from your company.



Where do you put the social proof? You can ask to interview one of your customers live on Facebook or Instagram. This will help you tap into their audience, which in turn, creates social proof.


Then you can turn the interview in into a post, which drives them back to the live video. Turn it into an IGTV. This is called repurposing your content and it’s super effective!


You can also turn it into a YouTube Video or an email which will direct them back to the live video. (I'd recommend using an app or editing software like Headliner  to edit parts of your video. Plus, you can try the PRO version for FREE for two weeks.)



5.) People Buy More From Need Than Want


The normal human is buying straight from need. People WANT to understand if they NEED the product. At this stage, they need personal conversation 💬.


Don’t be afraid to go back and forth with them over voice message. At this stage of the game, having a conversation can close the deal 💥.



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6.) I Scratch Your Back/ You Scratch Mine

I will do this by sending out an email that says, The next 10 people to buy x will get a chance at winning y, and I might even give them z. I don’t do this all the time but it is in my toolbox. You can get as creative  🎉 with it as you want.



7.) Use Stories Your Audience Can Connect With

If you’re a dude and you’re putting out mom content, it probably won’t work for you. BUT, if you’re a dude and you’re leveraging mom stories and you have a mom audience, it might work for you. I have postpartum and a small baby 🤱🏻.


This is the content I’m putting out when it comes to weight loss. I know there are other moms out there stuck in cubicles who want to be home with their babies. I leverage my position, and sure enough they want to join me!


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In conclusion, you don’t need to be a gigantic influencer to generate sales in your business. Understanding the buying behavior of your audience is KEY 🔑 to getting them to purchase or join.


Remember, that customers love transparency, especially when it comes to price. Mobile shoppers shop with urgency, so use buyer attention to convert sales 😚. People like consistency in your words so keep it 100 with them.


Customers need social proof when purchasing, so make sure you provide that for them. People buy more from need than want, so appeal to their needs. If you scratch their backs, they will scratch yours.



Finally, use stories your audience can connect with. Once your target 🎯 audience connects with you, they can more easily connect to your product!


Until next time, Heeler,

Marina Simone xoxo


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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