Building your network marketing business with Facebook and Instagram
Building your Network Marketing Business: Instagram™ or Facebook?™
July 1, 2018
How to Invite Your Leads to Learn More About Your Network Marketing Business
July 14, 2018

How To Get Over your Live Video FEAR and SLAY on Camera for Your MLM Business!

It can’t be avoided much longer if you want to maximize and leverage your Network Marketing or Personal Brand business on Social Media it is time to use LIVE VIDEO!

Live video is here to stay! 


I know it’s scary….it makes your stomach turn, hard to stay consistent with kids, a job and juggling a personal life but you can make it work and you CAN bust through the FEAR with some simple strategies to streamline an effortless delivery!



In this Episode, I am going to share with you some simple techniques you can implement today to slay the FEAR and get more comfortable on camera.






But first, I want to ask you a simple question….


Do you watch live videos or have you at some point pressed play on a really of a live video ? 


I can almost guarantee you said yes.

If you said no, it’s probably because you just wanted to prove me wrong LOL 

Heres the thing…

If you ARE watching live video, don’t you think your ideal audience that could be buying your product or joining your team is watching live video too?

Of course they are !


So why live video ? 

⇒  It’s the fastest way to warm up a cold market

⇒  It builds trust and credibility

⇒  Gives you the likability function

⇒  Your audience is already watching live video




Look, I too was afraid of live video at one point. I can remember almost barfing doing my very first periscope back in the day

RIP Periscope

So what pushed me to do it anyways ?

 My why


“Your why has to matter more to you than your insecurities”  — Amy Porterfield


Everyday when I wake up my why is in my face reminding me to push through the lame stories I try to sabotage myself with.




Now you know why live video is so important and now you know FEAR is a B.S. Excuse so here are some of my Heeler Hacks to help you get started!

Heelers Hack #1

  • Pick 1 day a week to go live and stick to it! You want your viewers to remember this so they can look out for your new video each week. It keeps them coming back!
  • Choose the same time EVERY week. You can let people know through a Facebook post or even stories that you will be going live at your chosen time. If you have a Facebook Business Page, you can actually schedule a time for you to go live so your followers can make sure they come back to your page.
  • Name it something that relates to you (make it your own show) For example, I have my High Heels, High Standards. I just LOVE high heels and it has become a part of my brand. What is your passion? What drives you to be who you are and makes you stand out from everyone else on Social Media?




Heelers Hack #2 

  • Find a place in the house to record. Set it up with a chair and make sure it is in a quite place. You don't want to have background noise that can distract your viewer and will make them leave your page.
  • Use natural lighting, it's free and it gives you a clearer video.
  • Enhance the lighting with a selfie clip or Diva Light. These are my favorite because it really shows you are ready to SLAY and take your live game to the next level. If you can't afford one for now, it's okay! Use that natural light baby!
  • Find a backdrop.  Having a backdrop shows you are professional and it gives you a cleaner look. Some of my go to's are, plain wallpaper and the white brick wall.

Heelers Hack #3 

  • Prepare with bullet points, use main points to help guide you through your live. If you have major A.D.D like I do —LOL, it's easy to go off into another conversation and not stick to the live video title you are talking about. I love having bullet points because it keeps me focused and also it shows you are a real human! Nothing is wrong with holding notes in your hand while streaming live.
  • Cover your screen with a Post-it Note if you get easily distracted. When you are Live, your viewers will be leaving comments on your video. It is nice to interact with them but if it causes you to lose your focus, no worries! Just cover up you phone screen so you don't have to worry about veering off course.


Remember Heelers, in order to attract an audience you have to keep showing up  for them over and over again…

Build and they will come.

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