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April 1, 2022
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Using Insights To Explode Instagram
April 15, 2022

7 Ways to Talk To People About Your Product Or Business Faster

💥7 Ways to Talk To People About Your Product Or Business Faster💥





One issue that plagues so many old and new network marketers, alike, is knowing how to talk to people about their product or business faster…without feeling icky. Without feeling pushy. 😅


Let’s just address the elephant in the room, shall we?? 👇

You’re terrified of rejection.😬


That’s why it’s hard for you to bring up what you’re selling to people.


And that’s okay. We were all there at one time or another.


But I want you to know, that you really can’t say the wrong thing to the right person. 🙌


Your people? They’ll “get” you even if you get it wrong. BUT! Below, you’re going to learn 7 ways you can avoid talking them OUT of jumping in with you. 😯


In all of these seven tips, you’re going to learn how to get attention, keep their attention, and direct their attention so you can get to that ask faster…AND authentically. 🔥

Connect & Compliment

When you connect with people, say hi! Tell them what you love about what they’re doing, saying, wearing, etc.

I remember one client I ended up working with happened because I complimented her on her bags! Another I got, she had actually complimented me on my nails! 

Compliments help you bond with people when they are given out of sincerity and genuine interest. 💯


And if you don’t know how to start doing that on social, my 333 Method™ is PERFECT for helping you feel less self-conscious about it!

For more info on the 333 method click here


New Follower & New Friend Request Script

Any time someone sends me a friend request or follows me, I’m sending them a very simple message that introduces myself, lets them know I appreciate the follow, then actually directs their attention. 🤝


Here’s a simple script that you can make your own: ⬇️


“Hey, Jane! I’m so excited you’re following me! I’m so excited about that! Listen, I’d love to know how I can serve you better. Are you following me because you’re looking to join my company, you’re looking for information on the Bye-Bye Belly Fat Chocolate Collagen product that helped me lose 60 lbs, or you’re looking for social media and branding help on your business because you’re already with a company?

This script directs them to tell me why they’re following me and lets me know who is willing to interact! 



Now, the part about the Bye-Bye Belly Fat and the line about social media help, you’ll want to fill in with YOUR niche info. 👌



Send Messages To Those Who Are Liking Your Posts & Reels™

Direct their attention to the next Reel with this easy, peasy script when they like your Reels or your posts. 


“Hey, Jane! Thanks for showing me love on my Reel, I really appreciate it! I’m going to go show you some love on your profile! Tell me, did you see the Reel I did about _____??” 


This allows me to direct their attention to the next Reel.


It may be a product Reel or it might be a value Reel.


I determine which one by feeling into where we are in our interactions. 🤯

Send A Birthday Message & A Question

Send bday messages to your new besties! 🥳


PS I like to send mine a little late or a little early because I do NOT want my message lost in a million others 😉 


“Hope you enjoyed it! Hey, what did you do fun for your bday??”

ALWAYS end with a question. 👍

Ask For Opinions

If I see someone who is talking about something in particular online, I’ll ask them about it.


I’m not an expert at everything and I don’t pretend to be.


So, I’ll say, “Hey! What’s your opinion on…??”…allowing me to get and keep their attention! 😁

Viral Video Share

Whether they are a new follower, someone who happened to like one of your posts, they’ve been following you, or it’s someone you’ve been prospecting for a while, you can always ask if they saw this viral video that you’re sharing. 😉

When you ask, tell them WHY you are sharing it so they know you were thinking of them, specifically, and can get a new conversation started with them.

Tag People On Inspirational Quotes

I LOVE to tag people on quotes that I know will resonate with them because I’ve seen what they typically share.


And tagging allows me to get their attention, keep their attention, and direct them to the realization that I was thinking about them. 😊


So, as you can see, conversation starters don’t have to be difficult or awkward. You now have 7 ways that you can get, keep, and direct attention to your product or business without being spammy! 🥳


I’d love to know more about what YOU need from these videos, so if there’s something you’re struggling with, ASK! We’d love to make more of what you need just for YOU❗️ 👠




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