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October 26, 2019
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November 1, 2019

How to Turn Comments, Likes, Views, + Shares Into Money for Your Online Business

Today I am so pumped to share with you my secret formula  🙊for turning a lead into a prospect. This information will help you with your success in acquiring 3-5 customers a week and 3-5 business partners a month.💃


Now, what’s the difference between a lead and a prospect?


➡️ A lead is someone who you friend request or friend requests you. It’s someone who likes, comments, and shares your post. This could also be someone who’s watching your stories.


➡️ A prospect is someone who asks you about your product or business. It’s someone who you’re friends with who is liking, commenting, or sharing posts about your product or your business. It’s also someone who shares a pain point with you.


Here are some pain point examples for business prospects

If they say to you:



I hate my job, or I have no time, or I’m too busy, or I don’t have money, or I wish I could work from home but I’m broke, they’re sharing their pain point with you.


This is an open door for you to come back and use one of the scripts from my 5 Step Formula.


It’s super important to add new leads daily onto your list. A little trick I like to use is Facebook Lists/Collections. I also have 4 notebooks 📔.



📗One is for my leads

📘One is for my prospects

📙One is for my customers

📕One is for my distributors.



By the way, if notebooks aren't your style and you want more of an online/app style

check out my new FAVVVV Trello


Trello allows me to stay organized with my #WorkWife without the clutter, prioritize my weeks + get my ISH done!  Click —> HERE to get started



My favorite 5 Step Formula Facebook Messenger Scripts  will be shared on my FREE mini workshop! So be sure to get registered today! 



The person who has the most conversations in their messenger box (on Facebook and/or Instagram) is the person who’s going to WIN




At the end of the day, messenger is where relationships 👯 are created. In order to take your business to the next level, you have to be PROACTIVE.


You do this by connecting with your leads and learning more about them. Messenger is the perfect platform to achieve this 👏.


FYI, I sucked when I first started doing this so if you’re a little uneasy at first, no worries. You can still be the 🌟ROCKSTAR🌟 in your business and I’m going to show you how!


When I first got started in Network Marketing, my income was a whopping $1,000 per month. I was not making $1,000 a month because I was actually spending more than I was making 😁!


When I started learning how to play around and build on Facebook, my income skyrocketed 🚀. Then, once I started to implement strategies and Facebook Lives, my income grew exponentially.


Do you want to turn comments + likes into dollars 💰 for your online business? Learn how in my FREE Workshop!



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Understand that it’s a process, and like anything else, needs practice.


You will be bad before you’re good, good before you’re great, and great before you’re outstanding + FLAWSOME! Click To Tweet



The secret to having more conversations and reaching out to friends is through Facebook Stories. I use stories to show people my day and little glimpses 👀 into my life.


This never fails to get people to respond. They respond to me, then I respond to them. I also respond to some of their stories. This leads to us getting to know one another and creates a relationship aka you Facebook/Insta BFF.💕 



Another secret I use to create a conversation is through Messenger Stories. Some people are quicker 💨 to respond in messenger than they are to text messages. I know I do!


Make sure you join Facebook groups that you are in alignment with because they allow you to reach out to people with similar interests. Helllerrrrrr…I love 👠 and have a 👶so you better believe I am in groups like that! 


You can jumpstart a conversation by showing people who you really are. People will start to follow you once you start sharing some vulnerability.💞



If you share your world 🌎with people, they will respond. You can educate people about you. You can entertain them with something funny that happened to you. You can empower them with inspiration. The ways you can share are endless.



Just make sure you keep it  💯 percent REAL so people can see who you are.



Facebook Stories have helped me attract 10-20 new leads a day! You can literally see who has seen your story.😮


I sit down and make a list of the people who are consistently keeping up with my stories. That means they’re watching me, and it’s time to create a conversation with them. 💬


People who are watching your stories on the reg are LEADS.



Just because someone is a lead, it doesn’t mean it’s the right time for you to send them a cold message. You need to form some kind of emotional connection before even going there.


Don't be a spammy 🙅‍♀️ tammy #Marg



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It’s so important that you’re interacting with other people’s stories. Set aside 5 minutes a day to watch stories (other than just your best friends). Post a story at least once per day. Make sure when you post a story that it is set on “Public” so it’s accessible to all your followers.


Let’s talk about turning a lead into a prospect.


1️⃣ Always compliment when you’re reaching out to somebody. Kindness goes along way and that’s keeping it 💯.


2️⃣Connect to that person. You can connect with them by relating to them. Connecting with them can lead to them sharing their pain point 💢 with you.


3️⃣Control the conversation. You can control the conversation by asking a question, being quiet, and waiting for their answer.

Don’t overwhelm them with a ton of questions 🤮 and keep your posture.


Get into the groove of controlling the conversation and staying seen.



The 3-3-3 Method

Comment on your leads’ posts 3 days per week.  I do this because I care and it keeps me in their vision.😊


Have 3 conversations in messenger with them. These conversations should NOT be about business or products.


It’s you being a HUMAN. Send them a funny gif or a quote that made you think of them. This lets you form an emotional connection with them instead of a superficial “come buy this” connection.


Ask 3 questions to find their pain points. What do you do for work? How many kids do you have? OMG where is the last place you went on vacation? These types of questions will lead to somebody opening up to you and sharing their pain point.



Have you ever been asked: What do you do?



Most people freeze 🥶 when they hear this. At this point, use the messenger scripts we talked about.


If you have hundreds of conversations going on every month, you won’t get hung up on that one person who isn’t responding back to you. Getting crickets 😴 in messenger will happen. It’s OKAY.


Remember, the person with the most conversations in their messenger is WINNING 🙌. More conversations in your inbox means more connections.


Get active on Facebook and Instagram stories. 📲 You never know if that one story you share will inspire someone to reach out to you and ask you more about what you do.


To sum it up, connecting with people builds relationships and that is the goal.


If you’re talking to a ton of people, building rapport with them, and starting conversations, you will find your mojo💃. If you’re doing this AND my 3-3-3 method, you WILL get better at making emotional connections. 


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Love You Heelers!!

Marina Simone xoxo


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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