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November 1, 2019
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December 13, 2019

Prospecting on Facebook™: 3 Ways to Keep Prospects from Ignoring You In Messenger

Today I am so excited to share with you 3 hacks you can use to draw more attention 👀in Facebook Messenger. These hacks will help you get rid of the crickets and bring on the humans!💃


I use these hacks to draw attention back into my messenger with prospects, clients who have ghosted me 👻, and anyone who has generally not gotten back to me after showing interest.


Specifically, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been doing to create an emotional connection with these humans.



90% of the decisions we make as humans are emotional decisions.



When people are buy your product or service, the decision is typically based on some kind of an emotion. Our job as marketers is to make an emotional connection with them through social media.


This means you need to create “me too” moments with these people.


Let’s say you have a prospect that ghosted you and you want to drive them back to Messenger…..


On Day 1️⃣, give them a nickname. This will send your prospect a notification that you’ve given them a nickname. Why do I do this? I wanted her to get a notification.




Day 2️⃣, if you still don’t hear anything after this, I will change the color of the chat and give her an emoji. This will give her two notifications of the changes I just made. 🔔





It may feel like you’re being a little creepy but that’s OK! Have some fun with it boo boo. This is when you let your personality shine.




Remember, the goal is to create or sustain that emotional connection.



Day 3️⃣, pop back into their messenger with a funny or powerful quote. Here is an example of one below👇: 



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Day 4️⃣, there are still crickets, send a gif. You can get as creative as you want with this, but I typically send a Heller?? or Where you at? gif.



Day 5️⃣, ask a question.

For example, “Hey girl, saw your post on x and it reminded me to catch up with you. Did you still have interest in y that could give you z?”



Day 6️⃣, you're going to 3-3-3 them.


My 3-3-3 method is to like 3 of their posts, comment on 3 of their posts or stories, then follow up with them in 3 days. Simple as that.

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For example, Marisa (my work wifey) and I have an emotional connection when it comes to besos 😘 (kisses in spanish). So I could send her a gif about besos and say, “I saw this and thought of you😂”.




This shows her I’m thinking of her and builds on our emotional connection even more.



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If you want to avoid getting ghosted you could click on their profile pic in messenger and set a reminder to follow up at a certain time and date. This sends the person a reminder as well, like this below. 




These are simple ways that you can drive people back to you 👋. You don’t have to have a script or certain verbiage to do this. You can drive people back by creating a legit connection with them.


This is so much better than just messaging every few days about buying your product or service. NOBODY 🙅likes Spammy Tammy’s. I promise you this will open doors you never knew you could open!


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In conclusion, people typically make decisions and purchases based on some kind of emotion. Nobody wants to see their messenger flooded with “Buy this” or “Join that”. It’s super important that you create an emotional connection with someone before even going there.


Keep it light and fun with your prospects in messenger. You can get as creative as you want with it. If you’re having a brain fart on how to create an emotional connection, remember my 6 day system for messenger.


Day 1: Give them a nickname. This will send them a notification and remind them that you're thinking of them.


Day 2: Change the color of the chat and give them a nickname. This will send them another notification. Sometimes, this will lead to a conversation.


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Day 3: Poke into their messenger with a funny quote or powerful quote that reminds you of that person. This lets you build an emotional connection with them

Still haven't heard anything yet?


Day 4: If a prospect feels iffy, send them a giffy! Send them a funny gif. You could hit up their messenger with something like Hey girl, saw this funny gif. Thought of you. This lets them know you're thinking of them as a person instead of a dollar sign.


 Day 5: Ask a question. After you've started a conversation in messenger, ask them a question. For example, Hey, saw your post on x and it reminded me to catch up with you. Still interested in y? I know it will help you get to z and wanted to see if I could help you with that.



Day 6: Use the 3-3-3 method. You're going to like 3 of their posts, comment on 3 of their posts or stories, then follow up with them in 3 days. This method has turned prospects into leads for many of my clients.



The best way to drive people to you is by forming an emotional connection with them. Use my 6 Day System above to create a relationship and get a conversation going. People want to join or buy from people that they trust.


This 6 Day System will get you past the awkward 😜 hellos in messenger and keep you from getting ghosted. So jump into messenger and start implementing this system!


I can't wait to hear about your results.



Marina Simone xoxo


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