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February 21, 2020
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Why Celebrating Your Small Wins In Life and Business Can Lead To Big Success

What’s up Heelers, Marina Simone here, I teach busy moms how to Slay Online Sales by leveraging their personal brands on social media. 👠


I also help identify your brand, your message, and your impact goal so you can monetize 💸social media without having a celebrity following.



Oh…and please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links.


If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale (no extra cost to you).


Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I ALWAYS have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


So let’s dive in!


Just the other day I was on a Mastermind Zoom with my Leader Lab clients and we were talking about celebrating our wins.


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It’s so funny because there was a time that I wasn’t celebrating myself on social media because I thought it was bragging.


I didn’t want to seem boastful or in your face. As we got into the topic deeper, I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt guilty 😞for celebrating my wins.

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In fact, when I had my first $100,000 income month, it was very uncomfortable for me to make that public.



Deep down I knew if I didn’t share my wins and I only shared my pain, it meant there was no inspiration attached to the story I was telling.



While I was talking with my Leader Lab clients about this, a really good question came up:



Why is it that we as women have such a hard time celebrating ourselves?🤷‍♀️


One of the main things that kept coming up was guilt. We as moms avoid celebrating ourselves because society has implanted in us that women are supposed to do things a certain way.


The main thing I want you to understand is that you are worthy of being celebrated 👑. You are worthy of celebrating yourself.👏


One of the most powerful things you can do on social media is to create social proof. Click To Tweet


This means showing your wins or showing those around you who are winning in the same industry.


This could also mean showing people who are winning by using your products or services.


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I want to empower and encourage you today to start celebrating yourself. If you can’t celebrate the small wins now, how are you going to be able to celebrate the bigger wins in the future?


I know it can feel uncomfortable and boastful, but I’m giving you permission 👐 today to celebrate yourself.


There are people that are impacted by your story and your pain, but there are also people who are impacted by your wins.


Don’t just share the pain, share your wins as well because there’s not enough positivity in this world as it is.


When you can shed light in the darkness, don’t hesitate boo boo.


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When someone feels connected to your real, raw, and relatable story, beautiful things can happen. You were meant to be where you are right in this moment.


There are people out there who are a day behind you, so celebrate your win TODAY.


💭So ask yourself: What’s holding me back today from celebrating myself and my wins?



Once you figure out what your obstacles are, you can overcome them. So celebrate yourself because you’re worthy Heeler! 💕


I hope you found this information valuable. Remember to celebrate your wins (no matter how small) on social media. Most importantly, celebrate yourself.


You deserve it babe.

Until next time Heeler,

Marina Simone xoxo


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  1. Tanya Munden says:

    This was for me! I have been struggling the past 3 days with celebrating my wins because I didn’t want to seem like I’m bragging😫But I worked hard dang it lol! Thank you for the confirmation🤗

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