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How to Invite Your Leads to Learn More About Your Network Marketing Business

Are you hearing crickets after you have invited someone to learn more about your product or opportunity? 



There are 3 Mistakes you are making that are causing you to get crickets!

But first I want to ask you a question.


Why did this headline catch your attention? 


Think about it…I bet there are 2 reasons you stopped here to read this.

  1. You know its the life blood of our profession to INVITE INVITE INVITE!
  2. It emotionally hit something somewhere in your physical state to press play or to read.


Let me tell you why…


In this episode, I am going to go over the 3 Mistakes you are making when it comes to inviting your leads to learn more about your business or product in your network marketing business.

I am also going to tell you my simple process of how I personally invite for my prospect to learn more about my business or product.



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So here is WHY you were intrigued and got an emotional response.  You are curious and want to know HOW TO MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW and you know that the only way your business WILL grow is if you invite to it.


You feel stuck right now. Your business is at a standstill. You are looking for that secret sauce because you have a WHY that is so BIG you get emotional.


What’s my point?


People make emotional decisions, it is up to us to trigger a response and a reaction that comes from an emotional place.


How exactly do we do that?

We invite with some skill, some heart, and some passion!

If people make decisions based on emotion then we need to TAP into their feelings right?


Let’s first go over 3 things we need to avoid when it comes to inviting. I am going to be straight up with you all, if you are doing these things RIGHT NOW, do not expect to get results. You NEED to change up your style and stop doing the following:



1. Do NOT be lazy!

I know I know…we hear it ALL THE TIME. This business is a numbers game. I used to HATE IT when my upline would tell me this, but it is true! We absolutely need to get through the numbers and realize, we are in sales.

You will DEFINITELY get no’s. It will suck so much that you will feel discouraged and stuck.  Let me tell you the one thing I changed to move my business forward and stop feeling discouraged and hopeless. You have to marry the process and divorce the results! Just do it already! Tell yourself right this second and make that mindset shift so you can get through the numbers.  I can help you tighten up those skills but at the end of the day you have to talk to a lot of people.  I mean a lot…. In my first 90 days of my business I spoke to over 500 people!!!  YES YOU HEARD ME! Remember, the more people you talk to the more no’s you will get but the MORE YES’S you will hear!



2. Robotic scripted invites

Raise your hand if you have received one of these messages….you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. “Hey Marina, I am loving your page you will be AMAZING in my business. Check out this link below and join this up and coming company!”



Come on you guys!! Please be an excited human and not some robot that looks at everyone as a buck! In order to really find your tribe and connect with other humans you feel would be amazing in your business…you CANNOT do this! Instead, use exciting words and think of stories that you can tell to get your prospect excited to want to take a look!  Also, avoid word vomit too because no one likes to be ‘convinced” to do anything.  When you start to babble they tune you out and end up unfollowing and ignoring you.

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I have said this before. If you are spamming the crap out of people your WILL NOT GROW! Spamming and then forgetting about them and moving on to the next ‘victim’ is just a BIG NO NO. This drives me nuts.  Especially doing this on social media.  When people just post links, send spammy messages, and expect some amazing results.

Ummm heller…. Nope not going to work.

Spend time with people and find their need or pain point. You have to be able to connect with the new human you are interacting with. Also, make sure you know the types of people you are connecting with. Are they part of your cold market? Or are they in your warm and HOT market? There is a HUGE difference when it comes to these markets and you have to make sure you are connecting with them in a specific way.




DO NOT just invite someone and then give up when they say ‘no’ or don’t respond. Does this sound like you?

Here is sad but very true short story of mine…. It took my sponsor literally 12 times before I said yes! This was over a 2 year span. I said NO  12 times! Can you believe that? And now…I am one of his biggest legs and a top leader in our company.

Do you think it was worth the wait? I think so.  Some would say his follow up game was on point, I say it was his invite.


Now that we are talking about invite…. lets get into some of my favorite ways and tips to inviting like a stud…

#1 – Be excited and get them pumped ! (haha no pun intended)

Legit, every time I invite someone new I get so excited and get hyped! I want to transfer that excitement over to my prospect.  If I am boring, they will feel that energy and get bored and lose interest…and maybe even find something else MORE EXCITING!


#2 – Use voice messenger!

If you are inviting on Facebook messenger or text messaging, please make sure to use the voice messenger! This allows your prospect to hear the excitement in your voice. Let people feel you through the phone through the text through the message.  It actually builds a deeper relationship with the person you are connecting with and shows them you care and notice them.


#3 – Create value!

This is HUGE! Create value in what you are sharing with them. You don’t want to make the person feel like you are trying to “get them” and recruit them only. No one likes to feel this way!  Instead, you can share stories they can relate to. Share success stories that would get them to FEEL a certain way. For instance, if you are in a weights company, get excited and share a story about someones results that the person can relate to. If they want to lose 50lbs, share them that story! When you share stories they can relate to, they will get excited and stay connected and even say YES!

So I know this was A LOT of information to soak in, but I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes by someone I connected to because of the value she shared.





Maya Angelou says it best:

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”



  • Always ask questions and end up being the only one talking… that is super lame and selfish. If you don’t ask questions how will you know what they really need?
  • Always invite to team calls, training calls, product calls, or company calls.  You never know when a prospect hears something they can relate to and is inspired to say yes!!!!



Wash, Rinse, Repeat and keep on rockin’ to HEELERS!


Marina Simone

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