Why Celebrating Your Small Wins In Life and Business Can Lead To Big Success
February 27, 2020
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March 9, 2020

How to Build a Successful Online Business Through Influence: One Day Ahead Success

What’s up Heeler! Marina Simone here. I teach busy moms how to Slay Online Sales by leveraging their personal brands on social media.


I also help them identify their brand 👠, mission statement, message, and the impact they want to make.


Your personal brand will not only help you 10x your sales, but it will also help you with the connection and impact that you want to make on the world 🌎.



Once you find your tribe, you’re going to create this amazing connection to humans that need to hear your story in order to make an impact themselves.


Oh…and please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links.


If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale (no extra cost to you).


Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I ALWAYS have my Heelers best interest at 💗.



Today I want to talk to you about “One Day Ahead Success”. What does this mean? I’ll start by telling you guys a quick story.


The other day, I was talking to one of my Platinum Coaching Clients and I asked her,


What does success mean to you? 💭


She associated success with living in a big house, driving a certain type of car, private school for her kids, and six-figures.


I then asked her how much she makes now. She told me she makes $50,000 per year. I told her that WAS success and I’ll explain why.


When I was in a cubicle, I was working 8-11 hour days. Not only that, I was missing my daughter’s major moments and milestones because I had to work just to keep the lights on💡.


I was making $35,000 per year. Then I told her that $50,000 in that moment for me WAS success.



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She told me that she didn’t think of herself as successful considering the industry she’s in.


If you are going to define your success by an industry you just got started in, you are always going to fail because your version of success is in the millions.


If you can’t see the small wins and successes that you’re having everyday in your business by taking steps forward, you’re a far way off from achieving major success.


If you can’t absorb those successes as real wins, how are you ever going to get to the big win?


If you’re not celebrating your small wins every day, you’re sabotaging yourself over and over again. Click To Tweet


When you keep running for the big daddy success, but don’t hit the small goals that will get you there, it’s just not going to happen.


Picture a ladder. On that ladder is every obstacle that you’re going to have when it comes to building an online business. At the very top is that big success 👏 that you’re striving for.



Ask yourself what those small wins are that you need need to achieve (outside of the obstacles) to get to the top. And guess what?


The ladder NEVER ends!


The height always raises because you as a human will always grow. There is no end game when it comes to building your business.


When it comes to “One Day Success”, you have success one day ahead of someone else. That’s called influence. So you need to find the people that you have one day success ahead of in order to help them on their journey.


Whether you’re helping them on their journey or helping them with their health and wellness 💪, find those humans you’re one day ahead of.



You never know, I could be one day ahead of you! We tend to look so far in advance, we don’t realize that we already have influence over a certain type of person. This is also called your target audience.


So ask yourself these questions Heeler:

What does success mean to you?

Do you even know?

What’s that big idea of success that you have?

What are your small wins going to be on the steps of the ladder on your way up?



Remember, each small win is another step closer to the top.


In conclusion, identifying your mission and impact goal will help you build a deeper connection ✨with your audience which in turn will 10x your sales.


Remember that success for you may have a different meaning to someone else. In someone else’s eyes, you’re already successful, so acknowledge the success you have now even if it is those little wins. 👏


Finally, don’t look so far in advance that you miss the influence you already have right now.


I want to encourage you to watch a previous episode I did on celebrating your small wins. It’s so important to the growth of your online business.


I hope this was super helpful and you got lots of value from this.

Keep rocking your business Heeler!

Until next time,

Marina Simone xoxo



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  1. Caitlin says:

    How powerful!!!! This really puts into perspective who we want to look for as we build our ideal organization. Keeping the concept of one day ahead success in mind, we’ll truly be able to impact and enhance others lives everyday while confidently building our empire. Awesome information Marina.

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