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Learn to Use Effective Keywords on Pinterest™ to Attract Hot Leads

Hey Heelers! 👠  So pumped to share with you #workwifey Marisa's tips on how to use effective keywords on Pinterest. I want to start off first by asking you this:


Are you currently leveraging your business on Pinterest? 🤔


Today I’m going to talk to you specifically about how to create effective key words on Pinterest to attract hot leads for your online business.


Before we share more, if you're new here, HELLLLERRRRR and please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links.


If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale (no extra cost to you). Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I ALWAYS have my Heelers best interest at 💗




Whether you’re active on Pinterest or just a beginner trying to get a better understanding, I’m here to break some of it down for you today. 👊


Specifically,  I will teach you how to perform key word research on Pinterest so you can target specific words to attract more people to your boards, pins, and profile. 📌


This can be done by using the free Pinterest Keyword tool.


Some of you may be wondering:


What the heck are Pinterest Keywords?


Pinterest Keywording is a way to add specific words to your pins, your boards, and even your profile that allows Pinterest users to find the content they are looking for.

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If you decide that your living room needs an update for example, you can search on Pinterest with effective keywords like “Pinterest living room ideas”, “decor”, and “modern”.


This will bring you to a page where images related to your search come up. The reason there are specific Pinterest images and blog posts popping up is because users are using these useful keywords to drive people to their profile.



It’s super important that the keywords you use are very specific. Make sure not to use keywords that are too broad.


The goal is to narrow it down as much as possible. You can think of it like hashtags #️⃣ on Instagram.


The main goal of Pinterest keyword marketing is to include words that people are actually searching for! 🔍


You can include keywords in the title, description, and on the image to visually attract someone who is searching for similar content.


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There are a couple of ways you can learn to use keywords for your Pinterest boards.


The first way is a very basic way similar to when you’re googling something. If you’re a blogger 💻 for example, you would first type something like “blog tips” into the search bar.


Next, go ahead and click one of the pins (you want to choose one that’s more specific than a general “blog tips” pin).


Finally, take a look at the image, the description, and the keywords that are being used.


Remember, the more specific you are, the more likely you will drive people to your Pinterest profile!



The second way is advanced keyword research. For this type of research, you need a business Pinterest account.


First, you would click on “Create an Ad”. Then you’re going to go to “Targeting”. Next, scroll down to where it says “keywords”.



Go to where it says “Find a related keyword”. Once you type the topic in, similar keywords will come up as well as the number of monthly searches.


The keywords with high monthly searches are what you’re going to want to stick to if you’re new to marketing on Pinterest.


You’re going to use these specific keywords in your description of your pin.


Make sure not to list keywords one after the other in your description because it can confuse people. 😰



Make sure it flows enough to be easily understood and the keywords are placed at the end of the Pinterest description.


Hashtags can be used as well. You can use up to three hashtags on Pinterest. 


You should use the keywords you narrowed down for at least one of your hashtags.


As far as the image that you’re using when it comes to keywords, you want to choose an image that’s at the top of the landing page because it’s rated highest on Pinterest.


If the pin you use is highly rated, you’re going to want to model the same design but tweak it to make it your own.




After you’ve done your keyword research, you’re going to use these (very specific) keywords as much as possible.


You can use these keywords on Pinterest in your profile, in your name, on your board and board titles, pin images, titles, and in the description on your pins.


I recommend that you use them in all of the above. If you have a blog, you can also include these keywords within your blog and it will pull it onto Pinterest.


To sum it up:


These are 2 ways to effectively learn how to do keyword research on Pinterest.


The first way is by:

Step 1:

Perform a basic Pinterest search and a drop down menu will appear. This drop down menu shows other searches that frequent users are trying to on Pinterest.


You can then use that drop down menu to get ideas on how to narrow down your topic even further.


Step 2:

After you select from the dropdown, the results page will come up. Right above the results are more keywords that are even more specific.


From left to right the keywords are in order from most popular to least popular. This can give you an idea of popular keywords you can use.


Step 3:

Select a pin 📌 that narrows the topic down. If you searched for “makeup looks” for example, you would want to choose a pin that niches it down even further.


Something like “makeup looks on pinterest” or “makeup tips for beginners”.



The more specific the better!



After you’ve done this, pay attention to the image, description box, and the Pinterest keywords being used.


The second way is by:


Using advanced keyword research. You will need a business page to do this.


▪️ Click on “Create an Ad”


▪️ Click on “Targeting”


▪️ Scroll down to “Find A Related Keyword” and type in a keyword/ topic (Keep it as specific as possible!)


You will be shown popular keywords related to your search. Use the specific keywords you found!


This is a simple process that will help you flow with new effective keywords every week.


Pinterest keywording is a great way to attract people looking for your content while growing your business at the same time!



Much Love Heelers!👠
Marina Simone  xoxox



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