How to Invite Your Leads to Learn More About Your Network Marketing Business
July 14, 2018
How to Close Your Prospects in Messenger Leveraging my 4 C Rule!
July 27, 2018

How to Create Curiosity on Social Media with My 5 Proven Posts!

Learn the simple tricks behind Attraction Marketing and Creating Curiosity on ALL  Social Media Platforms. 

Attract leads instantly with my 5 proven posts!


If you are wondering how Attraction Marketing works…First off, I want you to do this ONE THING IMMEDIATELY.


Hit the rewind and reset button for being a SPAMAHOLIC….

Our job is to create curiosity and pique interest without telling the ending to the movie.


Where most NEW Network Marketers make their first mistakes is … word vomit.



You know, word vomit like this…listing out all of the facts, breaking down the science, compensation plan, culture, and legit all your lead asked you is what’s up…LOL


In this episode, I am going to give you tips on how I use Attraction Marketing for Social Media and how creating curiosity can attract the leads you have always wanted.


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5 Proven Posts that will Create Engagement 


What’s our goal with ATTRACTION MARKETING? 

  • Have leads reach out to us
  • Create enough interest they ask us “what do you do”
  • Connect with new leads
  • Turn a lead into a prospect
  • Create a sale
  • Get a new team member


Do you remember the 4 C Rule? If not let's go over it quickly. The 4 C Rule is to…

  • Create Curiosity
  • Connect
  • Compliment
  • Close

..…and Repeat!  


If you do this all day everyday your inbox will be full of leads, full of conversations, and it’s up to you to expose and close!


So are you ready to learn how to attract leads and flood your notifications on social media by using my “Eye Contact” Strategies?


Something that took me years to figure out was how to create that “eye contact”. I was #guilty of posting company flyers, naming my company, and my favorite, #spamaholic phrase, “Join me today!”.  I really thought they were all just going to sign up! I now know, after building a team of 20,000 humans all from Facebook, that this was not true!


I found that people were attracted to my story and my pain, believe it or not.


When I began to share more stories I began to create A LOT of curiosity which led to “what do you do?” and “what product is it?”.

Once you start to create curiosity and avoid SPAMMING it:


Builds interest in you 

Builds trust in you 

They begin to follow 

They begin to stalk 

They use your advice 

You become credible 


But it all starts with creating curiosity and making eye contact. How do you create eye contact from behind a computer or phone?

Let’s talk ideas behind posts about the business, lifestyle, and products to create curiosity.

#1- Success Stories

  • Who is winning on your team?
  • Did you rank up?
  • What did you do with your check? Did you pay your car payment? Pay your kids school?
  • Pictures of you speaking at an event?


People Need to relate to something or someone to be inspired to make a decision.


Show your Social Media following what COULD BE for them. If something inspires them, believe me, they will reach out to you! (One of my favorite resources is the training I did on How to Leverage Your Story, CLICK HERE to watch the replay)



#2- Free Challenges/Giveaways/Contests

→ You can leverage a free product raffle or giveaway for current customers.

→ You can leverage a free challenge to load up your Facebook Group.

I break this down in my 30 Day Launch Plan Course, which specifically maps out HOW to Launch your and your team’s MLM Business on Facebook to create massive momentum and duplication with my 3 Step Launch Plan all online.

Simply, click here  to learn more about it!


#3- Engagement Posts

These have been some of the more genius ways I have connected with those humans that were watching me but I never knew!

You know, the ones that tell you when they bump into you at the store they saw you're video and loved it! LOL Listen, people are scared and don’t believe in themselves.

We, as Network Marketers, have a duty to empower. Remember that!

Anyways, back to the posts.


I have a question for you Heeler.

Have you ever seen someone ask a question or ask for a recommendation on Facebook and they get 10s, 20s sometimes hundreds of comments?

I did a simple post of nail collages asking my Facebook friends to pick for me and I received 200 Comments. I know what you are thinking… “Marina what does this have to do with your business?”

The answer is, NOTHING.


If I don’t know who is watching me, how do I know who to connect with? How do I know who to prospect that is now a warm lead and invite like we talked about in last weeks episode


Do you remember our goals? 

CREATE CURIOSITYso we can CONNECT and show them we care by giving a COMPLIMENT then shoot a Facebook Group invite so you can CLOSE.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Is this all starting to make sense? (I did a really great training on How to Turn a Lead into a Prospect and it’s on sale for $27. Simply click here to check it out! 

Here are some more Quick Tips:

  • Make the post public
  • Always use a single image
  • Great Quality
  • Photos make someone stop scrolling and creates eye contact
  • Too many photos causes confusion LOL
  • Use emoji’s in your posts
  • ‘Heart’ your own post to activate your post in the algorithm




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YES, these posts can also work on Instagram and LinkedIN as well, make sure your post is ‘PUBLIC’ so I can see it!

Give them a try and follow the 333 training and watch your business make a shift!




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