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July 20, 2018
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August 3, 2018

How to Close Your Prospects in Messenger Leveraging my 4 C Rule!


Hi Heeler-

My name is Marina Simone and I used to send copy and paste messages and spam my friends list!

O.M.G!! That felt so great to get that out of my system! HA!


When I look back and I think of why I sent these messages, it was because I was mostly scared of rejection, scared of getting ignored, and terrified of looking like an idiot to people, so….Copy and paste to close peeps just sounded EASIER!


In this Episode, I am going to help you feel more confident when its time to close your prospects.


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Let's just keep it 100 right now…

“Easy doesn’t pay the bills.” 

I want you to remember this, the person who has the most conversations wins! Is that you?

In 2012, when I first joined Network Marketing, I was excited and ready to make millions! But, I was also brand new and had fear and no idea what I was doing.  So I decided to create a message that I could send on Facebook Messenger with the video link to my Top 100 friends.

This is what I thought was going to happen:

» I was going to be rich!

» Everyone was going to want in!

» At the time, my Sponsor had been in the business for legit 2 weeks so he was all for it and did the same thing!


How do you think that went?

Yup…you’re right. I got blocked, deleted, and crickets! I quickly felt defeated and wanted my $500 back from joining the business. Thank goodness I didn’t! LOL


I want to show you the simple process I learned and created for my team that has helped me up to today, enroll 1,000 customers and distributors from messenger.


◊ The 4 C Rule ◊


In today’s world, text messages and Facebook messenger have become the thing. Very impersonal if you ask me, but I too have fallen into this trap.

AVOID the trap and be personal in the messenger box, OKURRRR? Let’s Get Noticed! Yes!?


Here are some things I want you to AVOID. Believe me, I’ve done it all and I want you to avoid the rejection I got!

What to avoid:

  • Responding with ‘k’ or the thumbs up emoji/icon
  • No more copy & paste spam (NO LINKS!!!)
  • Don’t throw people on chats (i.e., 30 people in one chat) to expose them to the business. Stop being lazy!

It you don’t want it done to you, let’s not do it to them, right?  Now, let’s dive into my 4 C’s of Closing….


C #1- Connecting

You exposed them to a

  • Product
  • Presentation
  • Story
  • Call
  • Facebook Group

Now, reconnect in the 1st hour of exposure! So many times we expose and forget to follow up! You don’t want to miss this step, it’s so important! We want to reconnect while they are hot! Also, connect them to what you loved about what you’ve shown them.

“Marisa, I loved the part where ‘X’ happened in the video, did you?”

This will get them excited about the video and also remind them, if they haven't already, to go ahead and watch the video.


C #2- Compliment

After you have exposed and connected, now you can draw out a characteristic about them that would be great for the business!

Here is an example,

“Marisa, I have to tell you one thing that really stood out to me is how vibrant you are on Social Media and I see you have over 1,000 friends! Just like I did when I first started. I bet 10 people would love to do this with you!”

When someone can relate their own personality and see how they can duplicate the same way as you did, it drives them to ask more questions and piques their curiosity.


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C #3-Control the Conversation

Make sure you avoid asking a reciprocal question. This is a generic question where someone is just going to answer back very blah and super simple like,

“Hey, how was your day today?”

Response: “Great, yours?”

You need to ask questions to dig deeper to find their pain points! When you find their pain points you can leverage them to close, our last C in my 4 C rule.


C #4-The Close

Listen, sometimes you just aren’t enough to close your prospect and this is where you need that 3rd party validation with an upline or sideline. We utilize 3 way chats or 3 way calls because it gives your prospect a different point of view.

It’s so important to remember when you are in a 3 way chat to edify for upline/sponsor and introduce both parties to each other. By doing this, as crazy as it sounds, people actually trust the 3rd party more than they may trust you, especially if they are a close friend of family member.


What I do is →   Find the pain point so you can find the story! 


I look for a story that my prospect can relate to and connect them with that person (usually someone on my team) then, ask the magic question, “Are you ready to get started?”

If the answer is no, ask them “On a scale from 1-10, 10 being I am ready to get started, where are you at?” This helps you to identify what info they need to get to a 10!

I even ask that exact question, “What info do you think you need, Marisa, to get to a 10?”  Make sure you connect them to the upline or next piece of information to help them make a decision.

Have you ever heard, “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person and vice versa?” What if I told you there is always the right time?


Imagine this….

You find someone amazing for your business but it’s just not the right time for them. You’ve done every part of the 4 C, right but it’s just not the time yet. (FYI, Don’t try to convince your prospect to join or you will convince them to work the business too)




So how do we stay connected when it’s just not the right time?


Check this out-

“Marisa, check this out, I’ve got you all the info and it sounds to me like it is a perfect fit for you because you can work this online from home like you were excited about. Are you ready to rock this with me and lock arms and crush it?”

When they respond, “No, I am not ready.”

You simply reply, “Marisa, it’s okay no worries! It sounds like it might not be the right time. It’s not for everyone but I think so highly of you and would love to work with you in the future. How about I reconnect with you in 30 days and update you on what’s new? Sound good?”

Marisa won’t say no twice and  she will be amazed when I follow up with her…and then it might be the right time!


You always have your sales funnel full to utilize The 4 C Rule! Remember, the person who has the most conversations wins!



Marina Simone


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