In 2012, I received THAT CALL. An old boyfriend from high school asked me if I was happy with my financial situation if I was happy at my job and I said NO! He asked if I understood residual income and asked if I kept my options open when it came to making money. Ummmmm yes!
For 2 years I grinded with this company! I gave it every bone in my body! This was it! I could taste my retirement! I could make tons of money and be home with my daughter!  UM yea no!
I didn’t make a $. I actually spent more than I was making. I grew resentful of the industry and felt like I was sold a dream!
Looking back, I NOW have gratitude. I have humbled myself to what that company gave me:

1. 2 years of free therapy!
2. Personal Growth
3. Work Ethic
4. Taught me “systems don’t fail – people fail systems”
5. Financial Freedom
6. Introduced me to network marketing
7. Rebuilt belief I lost in myself

I was on the prowl again. March 2014 I was approached again. This time I was READY. Nothing was getting in my way. This was my SHOT! My families SHOT at success and I made the choice to take this to the top.

In 4 short months, I became the top 12 income earner in my company!

Lessons in my story:

1. My past, my failures, my traditional up-bringing, my experiences all led me to today.
2. My belief didn’t let me quit.
3. My passion became my accountability.
4. My work ethic made it possible.

Your WHY will set your belief and passion. Your HOW will be the consistency. Your WHAT is your actions.

Why are you here? How are you going to do it? What are you going to do about it?