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In 2012, I received THAT CALL. An old boyfriend from high school asked me if I was happy with my financial situation if I was happy at my job and I said NO! He asked if I understood residual income and asked if I kept my options open when it came to making money. Ummmmm yes!
For 2 years I grinded with this company! I gave it every bone in my body! This was it! I could taste my retirement! I could make tons of money and be home with my daughter!  UM yea no!

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Marina's Blog

August 19, 2022
3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster

3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster

As a network marketer, you probably know all too well how long it can take to recruit new followers from Instagram. 🙋‍♀️ But I have a […]
February 19, 2023
Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business     People are attracted to Posture, Boo. 😉   That’s all there is to […]
February 10, 2023
Top Earners’ Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout Blog

Top Earner Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout

Top Earner Secrets: How to Build Momentum While Avoiding Burnout w/ Brynn Lang & Rob Sperry   Press Play Below    My BOO Thang, Brynn Lang […]
February 3, 2023




  • This Master Class was absolutely amazing! I took so many notes and can't wait to apply everything I learned! Everything about recruiting my cold market and what to say to get them interested in my product and business finally clicked after watching this training!
  • OMG, I’ve always been told to make a list, but have never had it expired in this way!! That’s how to build a business from your list!! Wow, wow, wow!!!
  • From the simple strategies Marina taught in this training I added 48 NEW people into my Facebook Group with 1 post!
  • Because of Marina’s training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!
  • I’m building a relationship with every single view, like and comment I receive and following through is the key to my long-term success in my network marketing business. There are a TON more, but that’s my biggest takeaway. Plus my engagement and views are WAY up!

  • NO MORE SCROLL & TROLL!!!!! LOL... I'm online & on all my social media accounts with time limits and deeeeep purpose. I have honestly been able to get more accomplished in all my businesses (and personal life) these past 2 months then I have my entire 4 years in network marketing and 20 years in cosmetology!!!! Thanks so much Marina Simone.
  • Finding my brand and branching out in that! It actually has become way more fun!! Instead of pushing product, Instead of pushing product. I’m finding incredible people I click with!!!
  • Connecting with more people in meaningful ways, being more purposeful, focusing on personal branding... this list goes on!!!!
  • I’m becoming more confident in using messenger and also how I put captions and working in my live videos.
  • I am finally getting shares on my live videos! 2-4 shares where before it was 0! My live views and replay views have increased too! I’m so excited! If I can do this anyone can!
  • Growing my connections and planning my time better.... DMO & SOS baby all the way.
  • Consistently getting incredible engagement on every post I make...500+ views and some shares on lives...stories making connections. Saturating then with value and the most genuine me and loving the response!
  • Discovering my brand and flourish as a leader. Through your teachings I have learned to believe in myself and believe the network marketing profession is also for me. You are the best Marina Simone.
  • I’ve recruited my first team member, ranked up, really developed a brand to a point where a marketing company that a friend works with reached out to me to freelance with them, engagement is way up and I’m excited about what I do and excited to work!
  • I have approached people about the business that I otherwise would not have- and guess what? 2 out of 3 are interested in learning more! Hopefully will join me. I'm excited!
  • " excited to get some amazing training by the one and Marina Simone today...this woman is a total rockstar!"
    - Betsy Savage Croney
  • “If you want what they got you have to be willing to do what they do. According to the DSA women in Network Marketing top off at 84%. Women dominate this industry. Ever since I sneaked into her Private Facebook Group Moms and Heels/MLM Training I have been blown away. Even though moms dominate there are a few of us dads who believe and can truly benefit from the lives, lessons, action steps and strategy in this group.”
    - Michael Ray Chavez
  • I so love the Moms and Heels group because of the live trainings of Marina Simone. It is very useful because we are in the multi level marketing business. I love her lives <3 she is so true and pure and organic!! Don't be tired to make lives for us hahaha
    Maria Espiritu
  • This free generic training group 🌟Moms And Heels/ MLM Training 🌟 IS AMAZING!!!❤Last night’s webinar was terrific and I learned so much from this group!
    Barb Murphy
  • I've had the pleasure of working with Marina as a client over the last year, and have been absolutely blown away by what I've seen her accomplish.  What I love the most about her is she truly comes from a place of wanting to help the people that she works with, and positively impact their lives.  She has created an incredible personal brand on social media, and added tons of value teaching others to do the same thing.  If you're considering having Marina personally mentor you in your business, I highly recommend you take the plunge.  She is on her way to making a huge impact in this world.
    Bob Heilig
    Founder, Your Virtual Upline
  • “Double Ranking in a day…. I think that counts as 3 reasons!!!!”
    - Erin Murphy
  • “Real, raw, and right to the point!!”
    - Donna Paggi
  • Marina, you are a Facebook Genius! Thank you so much for all you put into your SOS program. I'm truly blown away with the content and also the results I'm already seeing! You've helped me Slay my fear of going live and my inbox is exploding with new prospects and friends! My visibility land views of my posts are quadruple what they were earlier this year! Best of all -- people are coming to me, wanting to join my team! With your Facebook training, in 3 short month, I'm already almost at "Elite" status in my company!
    Diana Fahmie
  • I just wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge and love that you've given me since I've joined Moms and Heels! First, as a newbie to the MLM world, you've shown me how to connect with people in several ways. One is trying out new groups, one is connecting with people you already have as friends and people who may be local entrepreneurs in a different field. You have taught me how to keep track if these friends through organization on Facebook in news feeds, as well as tracking in notebooks or excel sheets. You have explained why Lives are important! Why they matter! How to give content and how to attract people to those lives! You are an encouraging and powerful leader that is selfless in her ability to educate and enlighten. I feel so grateful to have found you to guide me with grace through my journey with this MLM!
    Kara Walker
  • I can’t speak highly enough about this program and what it has done for my Facebook Lives.  Not only am I getting more views after I started following the tips provided, but I am getting a TON more interaction.  So many more people are commenting on and even private messaging me after seeing my lives.  I really appreciate the time and thought Marina has put into this program.  It is simple to follow and utilize right away.  I have recently moved up several ranks in my company and built an incredible team in a very short amount of time.  I owe a lot of that to Marina and her program.  It has helped me build confidence and posture so that I am now able to help many more people than ever before!  Thank you for giving me the tools I needed to FINALLY be successful in network marketing!!! :)
    Erin Murphy
  • I thought I had my act together, UNTIL I started to use Marina’s SOS tracker! Seriously, once I sat down and saw, on paper my plan for social marketing verses her plan… it was a no brainer! Marina’s SOS guide helped me to SEE where I was on over kill and where I was lacking. Not only that, now I‘m organized! No more flying by the seat of my pants, waiting till the last minute to think of posts or live video content! The structure of this guide was EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you Marina Simone for creating this AMAZING guide!
    Tina Jo Stephens