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February 10, 2023

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business

Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business



People are attracted to Posture, Boo. 😉


That’s all there is to it. 


You can be selling ish on a stick and they’ll buy it…IF they can FEEL YOUR CONFIDENCE when you sell it. 

This is actual New York City Garbage and sells anywhere from $50 – $100 for limited edition items. 😎

$50 to $100. 🤑


And they’ve been doing this since 2001. 😲









So don’t tell me CONFIDENCE doesn’t matter in your network marketing business when you have to constantly talk to people day in and day out,

building your direct selling business without sending spammy cold messages. 


As the CEO of Moms and Heels, Inc, a 7-figure brand, and the leader of a large team and network marketing business,

I can tell you…from my SOUL…that if you have CONFIDENCE, you can sell anything. 💥


But there are a lot of naysayers out there, especially when it comes to network marketing, social selling, or direct sales. 


And if you let that noise in your head, you’ll never have the confidence you need to lead your own 7-figure brand. 🚫


That’s why I want to teach you my 6 steps to being CONFIDENT AF in your network marketing business. ❤

Are you ready to DOMINATE Lead Generation from Social Media?

👉 Step One Learn a Skill To Improve Your Confidence In Your Network Marketing Business 👉  

A lack of confidence comes from a lack of skills. 


So, if you want to build confidence, start with building new skills…whether that’s the ATM Method, the 333 Method™,

how to create a curiosity post, how to reach out to someone, or how to talk niche-forward or brand-forward. You have to learn a new skill.  


👉 Step Two DO the Skill

Once you learn a new skill, you have to DO the skill. Don’t just learn it and tuck it away in a toolbox. That’s not what builds confidence. 


DOING the skill every day will help you get better at it and as you get better at it, your confidence grows. 🔝


👉 Step Three Screw Up the Skill

Here’s where everyone gets is wrong. 


They think they have to get the skill RIGHT, but I am giving you permission to screw it up.

The more you screw up…and keep doing it until you get it right…the stronger your sense of confidence will be. 😉


👉 Step Four RECOGNIZE the Skill

If you are measuring yourself by the sales, the recruits, or the rank advancements, you are measuring all wrong. 


You have to measure the skill by the smallest of wins: 

I got a Like 👍

I got a share ❤

Someone commented on my post 📰

Someone asked to check out my business 💰

Someone watched my Story  👀

I added someone to my ATM group 🤝


THOSE are the wins that say you’re getting BETTER at the skill you’re learning! 


THAT’S where your confidence should be coming from.

Because there are going to be months where you don’t get ANY sales or recruits.

And measuring by those standards will send your confidence into a tailspin.


Recognize ALL the wins from your new skills. 🔥


👉 Step Five Scale the Skill 

As you learn your new skills, INCREASE the ones that are working, that are getting you the wins you want. 


If you are getting great responses from your curiosity posts, KEEP DOING THEM. 

If you are adding people to your ATM group , KEEP doing what you’re doing to get them in there. 


Whatever you are doing that works? DO MORE of it. That’s how you scale the skills that matter in your network marketing business. ✨


👉 Step Six Master the Skill 

Now that you are doing MORE of the skill that is working, keep doing it until it’s natural.

Until you don’t have to think about it. That’s when you have mastered the skill. 




Don’t think that mastery means you’ll never need to do this work again. You will.

Because no matter who you are, how much you make, or what you do, your confidence can and will wane.

Especially if you’re not consistently working these six steps. 


Many people begin to EXPECT wins once they get to the Mastery Stage. That’s when EGO takes over. And when ego takes over, it lets fear and doubt in. 

Then you begin thinking…it’s easier if I don’t do anything. 


And before you know it, you’re back at the beginning…with little to no confidence…making no money, no sales, and no recruits. 


Let’s Talk About Posture In Your Network Marketing Business

When you are confident, it’s EASY to put on your Posture Panties.

It’s EASY to stand up straight, look viewers in the eye, and speak with assurance. 




On those days when you’re NOT feeling as confident AF, you need to be able to put on those Posture Panties ANYWAY. 


You need to be able to stand in that SAME energy, in that SAME physical stance as you did when you were feeling confident AF. 


And if you can’t see how to put yourself in that place, make it about THEM.

Realize that they are seeing and feeling your energy and give them what they are looking for. 


Don’t focus on how you are or are not feeling. 


Mkay, Boo Thang? 


I’ve given you a lot today. 


But it’s one of the MOST important lessons I can teach you. And it’s one of the MOST important lessons you can master at this time in your network marketing business. 


That said if you want to add 100 new leads USING THE EXACT METHOD I USE to STACK MY CONFIDENCE every single day

with unwavering consistency…no matter what is going on around me…



Click here to grab your ticket right now, Boo.

You are GOING TO LOVE adding 100 new leads to your business
AND learning how to POSTURE UP even when you don’t feel like it!

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