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Instagram™ Marketing Myths: Brand Awareness VS Instafamous?

Being famous on Instagram is great, but if people are not aware of your brand it won't convert into money for your business.


If you stay consistent you will find your voice 🗣




Once you find your voice, you will start to figure out your mission. Once you have a CLEAR mission, you will identify the type of humans that need to hear from you.



Then it’s as simple as reaching out to those humans in an authentic way. This is the best process for building an incredible tribe that will help you make money AND bring you joy from the connections you build with them. 👯‍♀️



Identifying your brand mission needs to go deeper than just making money. Click To Tweet



Your mission statement should SPEAK to your target audience while creating a deeper connection with them. 🤝 Right now, you may be focused solely on making money, but your main goal should be serving your audience. When you’re truly serving your audience or community, the impact you make is so much BIGGER than just a paycheck. 🌟 You will find your tribe if you’re consistently serving your audience!



brand awareness on instagram



In this Episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I'll be sharing Instagram™ Marketing Myths: Brand Awareness VS Instafamous?


The truth is…



You can get more Instagram notifications and Instagram DM’s coming through just by setting aside only 20 minutes per day. It’s so easy to get stuck in the scroll hole on Instagram Stories and posts. Once you’re in that scroll hole, it’s extremely difficult to create income-producing activities. 😣



Understanding the many uses of Instagram is 🔑 to leveraging for your online business or personal brand.


Whether you’re expanding your reach using #HASHTAGS or building up anticipation for your product/service through your stories, there are tons of ways to utilize the platform in a way that serves your business AND your customers.



Ask yourself this: What is the number #1 fear I have when it comes to building my personal brand/online business on Instagram? Once you’re able to answer this question, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s holding you back. 



A common misconception of Instagram is that to make $$ you need to have a celebrity following. This is absolutely not true. 🙅‍♀️



This idea usually manifests when comparing yourself to others online. It’s wasn't helpful and it wasn’t productive.


Brand Awareness on Instagram


Being a top Instagram model with a big booty and TONS of followers will not attract people who want to build a business. It may attract men telling you you’re cute, but that’s usually as far as it goes. 🤚



Bottom line? Followers do not always equal money, especially if you don’t know how to convert those followers into dollars!



⚠ Posting on Instagram is not necessarily the same as posting on Facebook.



Long captions are great, but images that POP 🍾 are better. On Facebook, for example, people are reading before they see. With Instagram however, people see before they read. This means that you want to draw your audience in with an image that catches their attention.



You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this, but I do recommend brightening your photos because they will stand out more. If your images are too dark, people will scroll right past you.



There's a blueprint that you'll need to keep in mind when posting on Instagram for brand awareness which includes these 3 action steps



Action Step #1:  Assess your audience. What are the types of things you know your audience needs to learn? In other words, what are the pain points they’ve shared with you?


Once you’re able to answer this question, you can create specific content that your audience wants to see 👀 This is not about putting out information that you think will go viral. Viral content does not attract the kind of person that you want to work with. Posting content you think will go viral on social media may get you more followers, but it won’t convert to money.



You can get this information by asking questions 🤔 This could mean going live on your Instagram and asking questions. Even if only 1 person shows up to your live, ask that person questions. This could also mean direct messaging with people on social media that are following you.



You could also create a post or poll asking their opinion. Explain that you’re doing data research and ask them what their struggles are when it comes to ‘x'. You could also ask them what industry they’re in. More than likely, they will be happy to provide some answers for you.



Action Step #2: Show people that you’re raw, real, and relatable on social media. Being an Instagram model is great, but they’re attracting a majority of people, (mostly men) based on vanity. They may have more followers and likes than you, but they are not attracting real humans because they are not perceived as real, raw, and relatable. Perfection doesn’t exist and very few people can relate to perfection anyway 💯


Instagram Marketing


At the end of the day, you’re marketing yourself. The easiest way to gain traction on Instagram for business is by being 100% the REAL you. Humans appreciate honesty and will be more responsive to you when you’re sharing your authentic self. Just remember: it’s okay to be human and share the realness!



Action Step #3: Provide entertainment. This means having FUN 🎉 with your audience. Be silly. Show them how you have fun doing what you’re doing. TikTok is a great way to do this! By making videos on TikTok, (and have fun doing it), you can then repurpose that video for your Instagram Story. This will make you appear less salesy and more human. Who doesn’t love being amused by someone real, raw, and relatable?



If you’re teaching your audience what they need to learn, showing up for them as the real you, and letting them into your world, 🌎 the entertainment piece will come naturally.


Brand Awareness on Insta



To sum it up, you should be taking these 3 action steps into account before creating your content.



Show up on Instagram, share the problem that you’ve found through your data research, and share the solution you found. Your goal should be building true connections that you can build upon.



Show up as the REAL YOU and don’t be afraid to showcase your fun side 🤪 Creating eye contact and becoming unforgettable on Instagram is a must.


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In order for you to spend less than 20 minutes a day on Instagram you need to do the following:


Set a timer for 20 minutes – Get in and get out. If you have a clear objective going in, you’re less likely to get stuck in the “scroll hole”.


✅ Use my 3-3-3 method. Go to 10 people per day, comment on their posts, reply to their Instagram Stories, and compliment them in their DM for three days straight.


Rip off the bandaid 🩹 On the 3rd day, ask them if they’d be interested in taking a look at what you do. If you do this consistently with your existing followers and your new followers, it will draw more people to your profile. This creates eye contact and increases brand awareness.



I hope you found this information valuable and get out there and slay on Social Media!


Until Next Time Heeler 💋


Marina Simone


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