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August 4, 2020
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October 19, 2020

How to Create Curiosity on Social Media with Live Video and Posts!

Ever get stuck in that scroll hole on social media only to find yourself down + out, wishing that you could be more like this person or that one? Or doubting yourself because of all the things you don't have, like a huge following or tons of likes. Well don't feel bad Heeler because I promise you, we're all guilty of it!



Stop comparing yourself to the results of others out there on social media. Everyone has different moments! 


Listen, I started building my brand on social media back in 2012-2013, and looking back at my Instagram now…NO BUENO! Did I actually post that? LOL 😳



Not only was I in a bathroom trying to pose all ‘sexy' but I was also spamming!! YIKES (Now you are going to stalk my IG looking for this LOL – Do it! I want you to see where I came from and how far I have come today.)


I have evolved over time and guess what, so can you!👏


Understand this: You need time to build influence on social media in order to “perfect” your style and #findyourmojo.


I really don’t want you to think that you have to be like me, or like any other social media influencer for that matter.


Something really powerful happens when you find your voice.🗣


People recall 65% of visual content they view after 3 days in comparison to written content 


Use your story to create a deep emotional connection: Turn your brand into an EXPERIENCE


Your audience may forget what you say but they will not forget how you made them feel (which is important because emotions drive purchase more than logic)


When you're creating content, focus on what will make people curious or intrigued 80% of the time


Storytelling will not only increase your brand favorability in your audience's eyes, but it can also be up to 22x more memorable than facts




When you tell stories using images or videos on social media, it draws your audience in and has them feeling like they are apart of your journey. Your audience becomes addicted to YOU.


That’s just what social media has turned into.


In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I am going to show you 6 steps to story branding on Social media to create an emotional connection and build curiosity.


I’m just going to keep it raw + real with you. I was not always amazing at creating curiosity on social media. In fact, I freaking SUCKED! LOL


I was legit a spammer. 🤦‍♀️




Think about it….


Where was Justin Bieber found? On YouTube.


What about the Kardashians? In my opinion, if it weren’t for social media, I don’t think some of them would be where they are right now.


Yes, you can take advantage of social media, but you can’t forget about IMPACT, storytelling, and really connecting with your audience.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of Network Marketers and online business owners who are building on social media and are consistently trying to sell, sell, sell instead of finding their mojo, and just simply being a human.

I’ve had to hit the unfollow button on some of my FAVORITE people out there because all they were doing was spamming their products and company all over the place.


Bless + release 🙏 – avoid this same thing happening to you!


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Back in Episode 26, (Click HERE to read more), I talk about how you can tell a story with an image or selfie. Stories create an emotional connection and as humans, we actually crave this emotional connection.


You crave this from your spouse, your kids, your friends, and even your own parents. Stories fulfill this for us!


For example, I made this post on my personal profile on Facebook and Instagram; A picture of my daughter and I. I talked about what my Network Marketing team and I accomplished on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The engagement I received on that post was amazing! (you can see for yourself HERE )


Story Branding on Social Media



Brand Story Ideas for Online Business




Brands that tell stories



I didn’t just want to tell a story without having an image go with it. So, I found this image because I knew mothers were going to have an emotional connection with my daughter touching my belly, and the moment we were having together. 💗


In the post, I explained how grateful I was for my team.


It wasn’t a “come join my team,” “be a part of this team,” or “my team is better than yours!”


That is NOT going to work! 🚫


If that’s the type of “storytelling” you think you should be doing inside your post I want you to take notes from this blog and check out my Instagram at @marinaannsimone (Click Here to go straight there) or my Facebook profile (Click Here to go straight to Facebook) to see how I am telling stories and creating engagement.


Remember, it’s not about trying to recruit with every post that you make or every Facebook live stream that you do. It’s about creating an impact and story branding.



Every single brand out there has a story.



Nike has a story.

Coco-Cola has a story.

Amazon has a story.

My favorite AnnaLee dolls have a story. (Yes, I love collecting them!) 



There’s a story behind every brand. When you can figure out how to tell a story with your brand using an image or video on social media, I promise you, the results are going to change.


Stories Sell, FACTS Tell. Click To Tweet


Quick question, have you seen the movie “About Time” with Rachel McAdams? I love it! It's kind of like a remake to the Time Travelers wife. LOL, don’t judge me.


There were moments in this movie that I knew I HAD to share with you.


Brand story on social media


So, Rachel McAdams' husband in the movie, before they got married, was able to time travel. HE was able to go back in time and change some things. ⌚


The reason he went back in the first place was because he was trying to get Rachel McAdams to go on a date with him and fall in love with him. He kept doing this over and over again for this to happen.


What I thought was so powerful about this was that it only took one right moment.


All of the other times just weren't right. He legit said the same line each time they encountered.


What’s my point to all of this?


As social media marketers, we are always looking for the right moments on social. We're looking for the right stories to impact your target audience.


It’s not about the views of your video or the one post that takes you from 0 to hero.


Your smaller stories are going to make a bigger impact over time and those right moments are going to take you over and beyond!


🌠 Accept the concept.

🌠 Be consistent.

🌠 Strengthen that mindset and skill set.


People join your business and buy your products because of your story. Be the brand that tells stories!
It’s easier to sell a product for most people when you provide testimonial stories like before and after photos. A lot of people find it harder to tell the stories of the business.


Sell yourself, not the company! ☝


At the end of the day, the people that you recruited into the business wanted to work with Y O U! They have to work with you!


All of my following on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube has come from being vulnerable and sharing my story.


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Canva lets me create all the branded images for my business and is SO simple and easy to use, even for beginners. I mean, HELLLERR it's a no brainer. 

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So, let me ask you Heeler, are you ready to take action with your brand? 👇👇


Here are my 6 steps to story branding on Social media to create an emotional connection + create curiosity on social media.

Throughout this episode, I want you to keep these 2 things in mind:

1. What’s the problem?

2. What’s the benefit of my solution?


It’s all going to make sense at the very end, I promise! I come around full circle. 💫


When you are targeted with ads, do you ever feel like they are telling you a story?


This is called story selling and effective storytelling through posts, live videos, and even stories on Instagram can dramatically increase your sales conversions.



#1. You Need Brand Character


Ask yourself this: 

What is the point of your story?

Who was suffering?

What’s the pain point?

Who won?


I promise, once you can tell more stories about the product or business, it will create that connection with your audience and have them wanting more information. 🤝



#2. What’s The Problem?


Be specific and dig deep.


For example, my problem in my last post was, even though in my last company I was making multiple six-figures, I missed my daughters first day of Kindergarten, I was always on a plane, and was never around.


Now, I don’t have to do parties or have to drive 6 hours away for a meeting! 🙏


My pain point and problem in that post was Time Freedom.


It’s scary to be vulnerable, I know! But you have to do it so people can relate to you.



#3. What Solution Did You Find + What Has Changed?


I.e. I found that I no longer had to worry about constantly being on phone calls or hosting at home meetings. Now I can legit work straight from my computer or phone and create the life I always wanted for my family while helping my team do the same.



#4. What Does Life Look Like Now?


Are you traveling more?

Are you spending more time with your family?


For me, I was able to have another baby girl that’s never going to know what it was like for me to have that corporate job. I won’t miss her first day of kindergarten because everything I do now is online + from the comfort of my home.



#5. Verbiage

What are you writing? Is it enough?


People spend at least 15-30 minutes a day on Instagram alone. 🤳 Yes, we are addicted to social media! Why not leverage this?


People want to read and hear what you have to say. It’s actually evolved quite a bit because a few years back no one would read a lengthy post but now those are some of my BIGGEST engagement posts.


Heller! Emotional connection right here!


Here are a few popular phrases you can add to your posts that can draw those humans in.


“I remember when…..” And “There I was….”


I.e., “I remember when I wasn’t making any money in Network Marketing. I thought I always had to recruit to build a residual income. But what I found is so freaking amazing!”


Tailwind is the social media scheduling tool that gives you real results in less time. 

Brands that tell stories

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#6. Call to Action


This is really important because most of the time you don’t have a call to action with your posts, live videos, or stories. You just expect people to reach out to you and say,


OMG I am so inspired by you, send me more information about whatever it is you are doing! I can’t wait to help make you millions of dollars.”


No, just no!


The reason why this doesn’t work is because people are gaining miles on their thumbs, strolling, and trolling!


Believe it or not, people actually like to be told what to do!


I.e. “Don’t wait like I did! 


Try writing something like:

“C O M M E N T  below with your favorite emoji if you would like to learn a little bit more about my story.”



Just be careful when doing this on because it can be considered ‘engagement bait’ so when you are writing this try to space it out like this


D R O P  or  C O M M E N T


This helps so that Facebook can’t register the post as engagement bait. Now, I can’t promise that they won’t eventually pick up on this in the future so get creative! 👩‍🎨


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story branding on social media

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So with all that said…


I see a lot of  Network Marketers that aren’t taking this piece seriously. You know, maybe you had massive success and you’re like, “I’m good” or maybe you didn’t have success and you’re thinking the same thing.


Start thinking like a marketer when it comes to social media and remember ☝ these tips I gave you today, including the 6 Steps to Story Branding on Social Media needed to create an emotional connection + to create curiosity with your posts.



1. You need brand character

2. Identify the problem?

3. What solution did you find and what has changed?

4. What does your life look like now?

5. What is the verbiage you are using?

6. Call to Action ❗


Now, let’s get to the action and Slay Online Sales!



Marina Simone


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