3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business
3 Things To Overcome So You Can Sell And Close More In Your Network Marketing Business
August 26, 2022

Dear Network Marketer, THIS Is How You Print Money From Instagram™

Dear Network Marketer, THIS Is How You Print Money From Instagram™

Listen, I know you’ve been following all those “gurus” who talk about branding for increased sales, etc. 🧞


But there’s one tiny problem with all of that. 😬


They are not network marketers


They can’t help you set up your branding for YOUR best audience so you can recruit and make more sales on the ‘Gram. 😱


I can. 


Because that’s what I do, Boo. 


I teach network marketers how to create an influx of growth and sales by showing up and building a brand you love on the ‘Gram. 📈


And speaking of printing money. 


Let’s talk about how YOU can start by printing money from Instagram right now! 💸


I’ve been doing this since 2012, mkay, Boo Thang? 


And I was doing what I saw everyone else doing…


Having my picture taken in front of jets









Throwing money around like it meant nothing to me











Turns out?? 


I was wrong. 👎


Boy, was that a relief because that was just not my thing.  😮‍💨


So I hired an Instagram™ coach in 2014 so I could FINALLY learn how to recruit and make more sales…while building a brand I was proud of on the Gram! 


Fast forward to 2022… ⏩


And while I’ve grown to over 50K followers and am printing 7-figure dolla dolla billz, y’all, I actually started really making money way before I even had 20K followers!  

This Is Something I KNOW YOU CAN DO In Your Network Marketing Business, TOO 😮


You don’t want just views. Or likes.  


You don’t even want just followers. 👥

That’s not where the money comes in. 


The money comes in when you have an active and engaged following who are highly targeted to YOUR BRAND AND YOUR NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS ❗️❗️


That’s why it’s so important that your info come from someone who is IN YOUR INDUSTRY. 


That’s why not all branding “gurus” will work for you. 


The good news is, Boo Boo, I have a FREE event coming up on September 28, 2022, where you’ll learn how to: 

  • How to be a Magnet  Money Maker 🧲
  • ​How to Attract More Followers that actually WANT to join you and/or buy from you 👤
  • How To ​Sell More of Your Products through Stories 💲
  • How To ​Build Brand Authority you've been craving to have as a Micro Influencer 🙌
  • So you can print your own IG BUCKS™! 🖨




IGbucks event

Click here to register ⬆️⬆️⬆️


You’ll even get access to my 14-Day Gram Guide to keep you on track when the event is over.


Join me for this LIVE training and you’ll get 24-hour access to the replays to help you really dig in and create the foundation you need. 🤩


When this event is over, though, we’re going to pull this down, clean it up, and sell it for $197 or more. So you’re getting FREE access to a paid training while we have it up! 🤔


Listen, building a brand that you’re proud of, that people recognize, that makes you more sales and helps you recruit more people is easier than you know. 


And I’m going to share everything I have done and do to make 7-figures from Instagram™ in my business, as well as what I’ve taught to my teams so they DUPLICATE it on Instagram for themselves, too! 🤯


All you have to do is register below and if you can’t make it live, you’ll at least have 24 hour access to the replay to watch before it goes on sales for $197 or more.👇👇👇



Click the picture above to grab a spot now!!! ⬆️

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