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How to Get More Instagram™ Followers from Facebook™ Groups
April 26, 2020
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June 7, 2020

3 Ways to Create Engagement for Instagram™ Posts

As I'm sure you've heard, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms out right now. I mean, this platform has legit BOOMED 💥 over the past couple of years! We're talking over 1 billion active users! 👀 That is money making potential right there, Heeler!



We know growing your business on Instagram is a no brainer, but what’s the end goal here?


In this episode of The Slay Online Sales series, 👠 I'll dive into the 3 Ways You Can Create Engagement for Instagram Posts to grow your business.



The ultimate goal when using Instagram to grow your business or personal brand is to consistently create posts that capture the attention of your target audience. 📌 In order for Instagram to determine your content as engaging, your audience needs to hover over your posts for at least 3 seconds.



Instagram actually counts the seconds ⏳ that people are looking at your post before they scroll on to the next post.




Instagram also counts the number of seconds people are spending hovering over your profile, bio, and images as well! It ALL matters 🙌



If you’re thinking: “People don’t even like or comment on my post.” Don't worry! It's okay babe. If you can get these humans to hover over your content for 3 seconds or more, Instagram will count that as engagement on your profile and as a result, put your page in front on more users!




If people are lingering over your content for a few extra seconds, Instagram’s algorithm tells them that they're interested and want to see your content again 🎉 This is called an Impression and it’s one of the metrics Instagram uses to determine if your content is engaging.



So..are you ready for those 3 simple Instagram hacks to boost content engagement? Let's get to it! 👇



Engagement Hack #1. Use the Instagram Swipe Feature: You can now upload multiple images to your Instagram story and posts where users have the option to swipe right if they want to view more. If you’re posting multiple images by using the swipe option, people are probably going to be spending more than 3 seconds hovering over your post because of the extra time it took to swipe through your other images. How easy is that?! 🙌 This equals more impressions, which means a greater audience reach, yasssss booboo!


Engagement Hack #2. Add Videos to Your Instagram Feed: To make your content really pop, you can use video editing apps. I personally like to use InShot to create my videos. It's user-friendly and I can easily create a video that is 60 seconds or less (which is the max. time for a video post on Instagram). You can get creative and put captions and emojis on them as well.

You'll also need to create a captivating title because that itself can get people to stop and hover over your feed for a longer period of time.




Engagement Hack #3. Get Creative With Instagram Captions: One of the 1st things people notice when looking at your post is the caption. Before someone reads your entire post, they decide if the caption is worth reading or not. That 1st sentence is going to set the tone for the rest of the caption.


You can get as creative as you want with it! One great way to do this is by asking a question like “drop your thoughts below 👇” or asking them to share their experience on whatever topic your discussing. This gets people's brains turning 💭 and promotes better engagement. I also recommend making your title in bold. This will make your audience stop and read because not many other people are doing it so it sticks out.


You can even have a call to action at the end of your post to increase audience engagement. Alternate between these ideas and see what converts best for YOU. Ask yourself, what do you find your audience is responding better to? Once you've got that figured out, maximize it! 💪



I want to remind you of this one thing that a lot of Instagram users seem to forget: Getting likes and comments isn’t the only way to be successful on Instagram❗ A huge measure of success depends on whether Instagram's algorithm finds your page engaging or not. That's possible by getting your audience to stop and hover over your content for 3 seconds or more.


Your end game is to get your audience to stop, read, and engage.



I really hope you've found these 3 Ways to Create Post Engagement for Instagram Posts helpful for your online business and want to implement these hacks right away! 🤗


You've got this 💜


Unit next time, Heeler!


Marina Simone

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