Get Social The Right Way – 3 Ways To Be Unforgettable on Social
June 1, 2018
How to Attract MORE VIEWS, MORE ENGAGEMENT, and GET MORE LEADS using Facebook Live titles that POP!
June 18, 2018

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid So You Can Generate Leads with Facebook Groups/Events

Happy Monday Heelers!


  • Have you ever invited someone to a Facebook event and they didn’t respond ?
  • Maybe they didn’t show up?
  • What about adding someone to a group and then you realize they removed themselves?
  • Have you ever came across either one of these before ?


I know I used to !


What I came to realize was that I was actually annoying my Facebook Friends….

                                                                 ……and then some of them even deleted me !


I even received messages asking me to STOP

OMG you guys, I was SO EMBARRASSED !


Well listen here, I figured out a way to use Facebook Groups and Events in the right way that helped our group grow and I mean… grow FAST!!!


First, I want you to think of your Facebook Group as sales funnel, where people can come and gain free value, free information, and within that process you can sell them on a product or a service.

Your Facebook Group is going to build community and culture just like I have done with my Facebook Group, Moms and Heels.

Your Facebook Group is going to allow people to stalk and decide if they want to be a part of your tribe.  IF they want to stay, and IF they want to buy at some point.


In this Episode, I will explain what to AVOID and 3 Simple Steps you can implement to achieve AMAZING RESULTS in your Facebook groups.




To get the RIGHT results, you MUST avoid doing this:

  • No SPAMMING. Don’t just send them the group link without them knowing what it is all about. Educate them briefly about the group and make it a priority for them to be in it.
  • Don’t add without permission. You want to create a niche group and if you are just throwing people in there, how do you know if they are a good fit for you and vice versa?  Make sure they are interested in what you have to offer.
  • Don’t be lazy BOO BOO!!! People want to feel IMPORTANT. Stop being impersonal and get them excited to join the group.


You have to get creative…


What is different about your Facebook group?

Are you giving something away ?

What will someone get out of this group ?

Why should someone pay attention to your group instead of someone else?


Show the value of what they are going to get from being in the group!


Utilize these 3 Simple Steps below to attract more leads and add to your funnel

  1. Raffles – People LOVE free.  Find a way to Grab their attention with free product!
  2. Free Contests or Campaigns – Free again! People can feel a part of a challenge!
  3. Facebook posts/Stories/Lives– Keep your audience engaged by consistently giving them NEW content weekly!



This has helped hundreds in our organization alone… and many more outside of our organization.


Whether you are just getting started in your business or already have a team…I know if you take action with everything you learn in this training.. and I mean put in SERIOUS action, you will have the success.




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