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June 8, 2018
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June 24, 2018

How to Attract MORE VIEWS, MORE ENGAGEMENT, and GET MORE LEADS using Facebook Live titles that POP!

You’re asking me…

Marina, how the heck did you transform your  Facebook live from having hundreds of views to THOUSANDS ??



It’s because my titles POP!


The problem is that is if your title does not catch their attention…

….They will scroll right on past you.

We have to put our creative HEELS on and think about what will make you stop and press play to read the title ?


In this Episode, we are going to go over the 7 Facebook Live Title Tricks that will help get people to STOP and LISTEN to you.




I want to ask you a question Heeler.


Are you just straight up being lazy and dropping a few sentences in the title?

or my favorite …..

Are you not using any titles at all, how the heck do we know what you are talking about ???


Say it with me,

“The days are over using these titles ! I am going to stop putting”

  • Hey, look at what I am doing over here…
  • Hey, check this out….
  • Join me live….
  • We’re going to talk about something cool…



You need to outperform the other people going live  !


Let’s go over these 7 tricks quickly to get you into ACTION with the proper titles!


1. The Surprise Trick.

People make emotional decisions so we want to stimulate the mind. Most of the time when we do a surprise title it will give that person an amazing feeling or an unpleasant feeling, in a good or bad way.

Either way, if they are excited or unsure they will still click that play button.


2. The Question Trick.  Here you want to make your audience stop and ask themselves the very same question you have in the title and press play to find the answer.

You have to give enough information that it teases your potential viewer. 


3. The Curiosity Trick. Most people do not like it if they do not know the answer to something.


People feel like they are missing out and emotionally it will trigger your audience to react and press play.


4. The Negative Trick. You want your audience to question if they are doing something wrong and they need to know what to do to …

…..avoid it

…stop doing it

Use negative words that will trigger them to click play.



5. The How to Trick. People want to learn everything!!!  I mean come on, we Google things everyday or look things up daily up on Facebook.

If something works for you Share it! Your secrets become their new strategies or obsessions to help them WIN.


6. The Number Trick. People don’t like to feel uncertain or overwhelmed. Numbers will set an expectation of what they can learn from watching your Facebook Live.


7. The Reference Trick. Using ‘YOU’ in the title is powerful. Your audience feels like you are speaking directly to them and you want to make sure to use pain points to help connect with them.

There is a psychology behind why people watch a certain type of video and watching what you are doing or not doing.


Think about this…


If your titles are the first thing that people are seeing  besides your face then we need to make sure we are using the psychology behind the emotion to get people to react and click that play button.

  • Your content can be on point.
  • Your appearance can be on point.
  • Your delivery can be SPECTACULAR.

… and they still won’t click play because your title was not appealing.

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