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June 11, 2021
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Sales Secrets to Build Up Your Know, Like + Trust Factor

Sales Secrets: The Know Like and Trust Factor

In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I will tell you Sales Secrets to Build Up Your Know, Like + Trust Factor


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What's up Heeler 👠Kimberly Olson in the house also known as the “Gold Digger Girl” And I'm so pumped to be here, no pun intended and so thankful that Marina let me come into this awesome community. ❤


I've been a Heeler since 2017, proudly, I might say, and have learned so much from Marina.  She has been my coach and mentor for the longest.


She's the one that taught me social media, and taught me how to build my personal brand, and to have a voice, and offers value in all the things so you guys are in the right place.

And we are going to talk about some fun stuff today.


When it comes to sales secrets to specifically build up your know, like, and trust factor.


We've all heard it right people buy from those they know, like, and trust. But then when you get into it, a lot of times people don't know what that means, right? Like there they tell me how to do that exactly. What does that look like? And that's what I'm going to break down for you today during this training.


When it comes to sales secrets to build up your know, like, and trust factor.


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I’ve got five key things that I want you to implement. 🖐

I want you to start thinking about how this works for you and your business.  Most importantly, I want you to pay attention to how it feels.


When I first got onto social media and I was messaging people it didn't feel good, it felt icky. I wasn't doing it right. I was like, “Oh, this is not for me.” And thank the Lord. I actually did a prayer for Marina because she was like, Oh no, bro, you don't have to cold message people. Let me teach you how to do this. 


And when I started implementing this, guess what happened? I went from not enrolling team members. I was the customer girl to becoming a top recruiter, I personally enrolled over 250 people direct to me.


And I was recognized as the number two recruiter globally last year at my level, and I share that with you not to impress you or anything but to impress upon you that this stuff works.

This stuff works today, not 10 years ago.


And let's get into the five sales secrets right now.

Number #1

You've heard this before, but let's talk about this and break it down. Number one, you want to be personal, vulnerable, and you want to share.  When I do social media audits, I look at people's profiles.


And I'm like, okay, you're sharing your stories from you know how memories pop up on Facebook. You're sharing stuff from last year, CNN, like what's going on in your world girl. People come to your profile because they want to know about you.


And we have such a fear about people seeing us, airing our dirty laundry, what will my husband think I can't share that we're in debt or, you know, I use my network marketing money to pay for a credit card debt or I was so excited to take my family out to a nice dinner.


No, share that stuff. Be real.


People want to see real, they want to connect. Did you guys know? Right now, on online social media, people are creating connections now more than ever. Because of the pandemic, the isolation because of people not literally being ripped from their families, and not being able to see friends and just go to have a meal together. People are feeling very isolated.


They're coming to social media to connect.

And guess what? You can connect with people right through your phone.

Every time you post, I want to challenge you guys on this. Every single time you post this is how you bring them into your world. 


 I want you to ask yourself. How can I share what's going on with me? What's going on with my family? What's on my heart, what struggles I have the successes I have? How can you share that your content? And invite them to come to be a part of a conversation?


So, it looks something like this?

“Oh! My goodness! The girls are home. The girls are home from school right now.

We're on summer break. We're on day two.

And I remember a couple of years ago, this time every year I get a pit in my stomach.

Because I didn't know how I was going to pay for daycare.


 I had a job I had to go to and they obviously can't come with me. And this year. My girls are home with me all summer.”

Actually, it makes me emotional just thinking about it.

They ran into my office. 

But seriously, they pop into my lives all the time and pop on the podcasts.

They're always in my office.


Those are memories I'm going to have for the rest of my life.

Even if people don't comment, they can relate to that. They're going “Yes, like, I feel you, man!” Like, I don't want to put my kids in camps all summer. It's expensive. I want to be home with my kids.


 So every time you post, I want to give you guys a challenge:

  • Flip it
  • Ask them a question
  • Invite them into the conversation
  • It takes it's an art, it takes a little bit of skill.


But once you get it down and be like, Oh my gosh, it's working. People are commenting,

So if you're like, I post things and people are commenting. We got to work harder at it. We have to become better marketers. And we have to tell ourselves, we can do this. I'm coachable, I've got this.  We don't want to say oh, I just can't figure it out. Everything can be figured out.


Number one – what you want to do is be personal,  vulnerable, and share, as soon as you are about to hit the Post button, and you're feeling a little shaky and your stomach's a little nauseous, just know that you are onto something.


The best posts that I've ever done are the ones where I feel like “I don't want to do this. Jesus takes the wheel like I don't want to post this” right.


And when I hit that Post button and the comments start rolling in, it's not about the likes, it's about the engagement.


It's about other people saying Me too. That was me or thank you for posting. I needed to hear that today.

The nervousness that you have is your guidance system. It's telling you you're moving forward, you're feeling the fear and feeling it anyway. And it's putting you on the right path and we need to be more vulnerable. Share what's going on in here. People can sense that.


Number #2

I want you to become a master in messenger.

What I want you to do is I want you to get really good at connecting with everyone.


So, it's really crazy when you think about the words “Network Marketing”,


That's at the root of this of what we do, networking. But if you're not in messenger, you're not like “Hey, how's it been? Susie? I haven't talked to you in months” or “Hey, I've been seeing your content lately, NAME, how's it going? How's summer treating you?”


Yeah, it's a little bit of chitchat. But could you turn it into:

Oh, by the way, NAME, hey, we've got this fun challenge going on. We're eating the colors of the rainbow you want to come hang out with us? I'm all my mom friends are doing and I thought it would be fun to invite you. Let's eat some fruits and vegetables this summer.” ☺


So, can you engage with people in Messenger? Can you connect with them? Can you go back and forth and ask them some questions?


You know, my favorite thing to do you guys is when I meet somebody new on Facebook Messenger or on Instagram or Tiktok.

I like to ask them about them first.

I'll look at their profile. It's a little bit harder on Tiktok, but I'll open their profile.

And I'll see what can I glean from that. I'll look at their bio, you know, somewhere they worked where they're from kids on their pictures.


I try to pull something from there that we have in common or something I'm interested in.

 “Oh well, it looks like you know you've been to Europe a lot. Are you from there? Do you travel there a lot with your family? I've been there a few times. I really want to take my kids back. You're so interesting.


I love to get to know you better tell me but tell me a bit more about yourself.

When we start to ask them about them. It's different.


They go “Oh wow! She wants to know about me.” I mean people love talking about themselves, but they also feel seen. They see that you see them. You took a minute to go look at their profile and get to know them. Most people don't do that.


Last night I was going through messenger. And this girl This is all our exchange ever been. I told her “Happy Birthday” a few months ago. She said thank you. And then the next message was  a zoom link. It said a special guest can… somebody I did not know who it was. It wasn't like special guest Oprah like it was like some dude I never heard of.


And then it said the five Steps too like it was very script-like cryptic. I didn't know what it was. And then it had that long zoom link, you know how you can invite people? I was like, Hey, I'm a little confused. Have we chatted before about this? I'm just not seeing, you know, any conversation around this and messenger, do we? Were we talking somewhere else? And then I'm missing and she's like, oh, sorry about that. Just getting the word out.


I'm like, nobody wants that. Okay? Nobody wants that.

But we want to become a master messenger.

Actually what I do is I work with moms, other moms helping them build businesses, right from their cell phones on social media.


 Still connect with them, still get to know them. Because some will, some won't. So what and some will do it later, some will join you later. Because you were kind, you didn't just like ghost them after that. That's like the worst. Like if they go oh, I'm not interested in you just don't respond. Don't do that. Okay, let's level up here a little bit.


Number #3

You are going to serve and mentor. It's the law of reciprocity. When you serve and you mentor somebody, they naturally want to do it back.


What does this look like? Well, today, I posted on my wall about this book, my friend, Erin King, just wrote another book. And she's an amazing speaker. I heard her speak a couple of times at conferences. Her other book was awesome is called “Digital Persuasion”. 


When she came out with the new book, and she asked me to help promote it. So, on my wall, I said, “Oh, my goodness, guys, this brand-new book just came out. Who needs to get a copy?”

And people said, me, me, me, me, me. Do you know what I did? I found the Amazon link, I put it in the comments and I tagged each and every person.


Why did I do that?

Because I want to serve! I want to give them that resource. I want them to have that book.


They click the button, they order it and then it comes to their house, and like, I'm so glad Kimberly recommended this book. That is how you serve. That is how you mentor.


If you see somebody is you know, commenting on your wall and your stories. And there's any inkling that they need help with something. Maybe you say something like maybe they comment on something and they go “Oh man, parenting is no joke. This baby. I just hadn't slept in three months. This new baby. She's up every you know, hour.”


Now my babies are five and seven. My first one was awful. Like you read all the books. And that's just a bunch of BS. You get the baby at home and you're like, it's not doing what the book said. Right?


So, I found this amazing woman named Dina Oberman. And she's a sleep specialist. And she saved my life. I bought her program. I watched every YouTube she had, and it was life-changing.


So if a mom is commenting on my feed about never sleeping, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go find Dana's landing page with her free guide or whatever. I'm going to go into messenger. And I'm going to say, “Hey, friends, I remember feeling that way about my baby, I promise you, it gets better. They both sleep through the night now, you will get there and this is what helped me check her out. You're going to love her.”


Do you think that's going to transform your relationships, transform the energy, the presence, the confidence that you have in the posture you develop by going around trying to make other people's lives better?

Yes. 😍


And you might be sitting here going well, how do you recruit doing that? Last year when I hit like 100 you know, I enrolled 100 people direct and I was like that's I have a seven-figure coaching business. So this is part-time my network marketing is part-time for me. And I was like, how did I do that?


Well obviously learning for Marina and having systems in place. But I was really curious. So I went back to every single person, all 100. And I looked in messenger at our conversations, before they asked me, hey, I want to know more about getting on your team, or are you still working with people that you enroll?


You know what I did, I looked and I had mentored all of them in some way, popped on their lives, watched their lives for them, popped into their online event popped in their Facebook groups. I looked for ways to mentor and they noticed that, and they paid attention to that. And I stood out by doing that.


When you start to think about trying to close people, I'm going to serve. When you start to think about, I'm going to make social media better, I'm going to make it where people may interact with me, I put a smile on their face, they want to come to check out my content.


When you become that person, people will be magnetized by you, they will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame.


Number #4

Be consistent.

The reason why we need to be consistent, and this really does drive into the know like and trust factor. The reason why and by the way, 


But I really want to talk about being consistent. Lack of consistency is just a lack of commitment. I know that's tough, but I know you get the tough love for a Marina. So, I can definitely go there with you.


We all have the same amount of time in a day. It's just how bad you want it. 

And if you're telling yourself some story like Well, yeah, I'm so exhausted, and I deserve to sit in front of the TV and drink a glass of wine.


Wash your face, because you want this you're here because you want this, you can post and then go set Netflix and drink your wine. 


With consistency why this is so important. It's all psychological. So our subconscious mind you guys, our brain is running the show. You don't even realize what I'm about to tell you.


When you show up every day, your audience starts to trust you. And when you fall off the wagon, psychologically, just deep in there, they don't trust you anymore. It's kind of like the Bachelor. Like, what if it just suddenly was gone? You'd be like, I'm not watching this anymore. Like you watch it because you know, it's going to be aired every Monday and you can go all the way to the end, right?


With your audience. You have to be trustworthy. People only buy from those they know, like, and trust. There are 1000s of people who do what you do. Why are they going to buy from you?


Because you are paying attention to them. You care about all the things we talked about. But also, you are trustworthy, you show up and listen.


When you get in that prime real estate spot at the top of their feed and top of their stories. Don't lose that spot. We want to get them into the habit. Okay, Megan posts every morning I'm like, oh, what's Megan doing? I go to Megan's stories? Oh, Michelle's next, Jasmine's next. And then the next day, guess who pops up at the top, those three ladies.


If I go in there is the user, the prospect. They're going to show up the next day. And the next day, they grabbed that prime real estate. You fall off the wagon, you're like, oh, I'm so busy, being facetious.


But you just tell yourself these stories that aren't serving you, and you lose that spot, you're out. Okay, you gotta get back in there, it's gonna take you some time if ever, So really important.


Number #5

Get organized with a real follow-up system.

You want to get organized with a real follow-up system. We are not naturally organized, I admit it.  I have trained myself to have a system and a routine for everything. When I get a new prospect, I put them on my Trello board and they go into my funnel.


So with your follow up less than a third of leads are ever followed up on and then those ones are followed up on it's like it's crazy, like and this is what's very interesting.

We think when we reach out to the person for that first time I'm chatting with Jasmine we're going back and forth and she's like no I'm not really interested in doing anything new right now that you know kids summer you know, not right now.


Most people go, Oh man, I failed. Jasmine didn't sign up.  The average person needs three to five follow-ups.   I needed more than my upline follow-up with me eight times. Because I had a lot of stuff going on. Personally, I was not in a good headspace. Thank the Lord that she kept going because I wouldn't be here right now. Crazy if you think about it.


When you're connecting with people, let go of the outcome to close them. Focus on service and tell yourself, don't be so organized. Your follow-up system is a direct reflection of the results of your business.


if you don't have the money you want right now in your bank account, and you're not getting the volume, and the sales and all the things, I bet you any money, your follow-up system needs some help and some TLC.


This is what I want you guys to do.

I want you to schedule a working zoom with your teammates, schedule it within the next week. Make it 30 minutes an hour. Everyone comes to the zoom, put some music on make sure it's well known if it's I'm doing it's fine. I know Facebook, it's weird with copyrights. So if you haven't on zoom, it's fine. Put some music on I just type in workout instrumental motivation.


I have music going on in the background. And then everyone can they can ask questions in the chat if they want. I'll feel the questions. But we're all quite working. And it's so helpful. It's helped me so much. And my biggest recruiting month is always when I was diligent about my follow-up. And when the last thing I'll say in the follow-up is don't just follow up like so making you ready to join. “Hey, Megan, you ready to join?” “Hey, Megan, what's up again?”


You want to have a reason to follow up. “Hey, Megan, I know we talked at some point about you doing the business. I know you said not right now. But I did want to invite you to our next upcoming team meeting, we're going to be talking all about, you know how we're using stories to build our businesses. And I thought it'd be great for you to be a fly on the wall. So you can come to listen and see what it's about. Let me know if I can get you an invite.”


If Megan comes, she's joining because Megan's gonna be like, “What? I love this team. I love the vibe like these people are like really doing it.”


You come up with different ways to follow up. If you followed up with on the business. Could you follow up on the process on the products?

“Hey, Michelle, I know we talked about the business.” But you know what, even though you're not getting started with that, right now, it makes sense for you to get a product that way. If you love You know, when you get started, you already have a story, we want to make sure you love the product, obviously, would you like to go ahead and become a customer?

That could be a follow-up.


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I do have a list of examples of follow-up ideas.

Number 1 so we want to be personal, vulnerable, and share.

Number 2, we want to become a master and messenger.

Number 3, we want to serve and we want to mentor.

Number 4, we want to be consistent.

Number 5, we want to get organized with our follow-up.


We're just like crushing it, we're owning it right, we got it going on. That's the kind of intensity you want to bring to this even if you're doing this part-time, be efficient, be organized, how the system gets out, and then you can enjoy the rest of your day and run a very successful business.


I hope these sales secrets were helpful.


Thank you so much for Marina for having me in all of you that we're able to come and watch the replay. Thank you so much. You can find me just about anywhere at the gold digger girl, GOAL and I'll see you on social media until next time, good luck in your business, and set your soul on fire. ❤

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