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February 19, 2021
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April 9, 2021

Get New People On Instagram To Respond To Your Direct Messages (DMs)

In this week's episode,

You will get new people on Instagram to respond to your DMs


I know you are prospecting, especially on Instagram and you're not getting responses.


I just want you to know that that's normal, but there are ways that we can change that.🤔


Press Play Below ⤵️

There are ways that you can get better responses and ways that you can connect more with people.


I just want to make sure these basic things you are doing.


Have you ever had someone say that they were interested, like on one of your posts, or reply back to one of your stories, they were interested in what you had then you send the info to them and they don't respond?


Has that ever happened to any of you before?


This legit used to drive me bonkers because I couldn't comprehend. 😠



“You asked me for the info dude then I go and send you the information and then you ghost me.” Who does that?


And so, I started to get super annoyed by it.🙎‍♀️


And I was like, I do not want to spend all this time messaging people for them not to respond to me.


Here's one little hack/trick that has legit got me more responses.👇


When someone says they're interested, this is what happens.


They get totally squirreled on what they are looking at, “Oh, this is a great post. I'm interested in that,” then they swipe up and they're in a rabbit hole of shopping.🛍


Now they're going to shop till they drop.


They forgot they even said they were interested in whatever you had.


Instead of just sending the information, sending a link, sending a Facebook group, sending a before and after, or sending that video, don't be doing that right away.


Instead of doing that, we have got to build value.


Hear me out, we've got to build the value and what they said they wanted to take a look at.


Have you literally been interested in something, but then you saw the price and you were like, no, it's not for me?


I do it all the time.


Add it to a cart and then you say forget it.


The reason is there wasn't enough value created for what you put in the cart.


You didn't have a real need for it, even though you might have, you didn't feel like you were going to die without it.🤷‍♀️


I know that sounds horrible.


But you didn't feel like without it, you would fail.


So, when you come to these people that are like, oh, I'm interested or send me info or give me the four-one-one, especially on TikTok.


I have like over 500 comments in one of my TikTok's, 500 people didn't order right away.


I mean, I've probably got a good hundred people that ordered right away, but that just because they're interested, which is a small percentage you've got to build the value for them.🤝


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Once you send them the information, make sure to build value in the conversation.


Remind them, they commented on this post because they said that they were interested in this, and you would love to know more about them.👀


❌❌❌ What NOT To Do In The DMs:❌ ❌❌

  • Don't pitch first
  • no links first
  • no just responding to people with emojis
  • no voice messages first
  • No more paragraphs.
  • Never correct someone
  • No “You should do X” instead use “Have you tried?”



✅✅✅What To Do In The DMs:✅✅✅

  • You want to be engaging in the DMs.
  • Have a real conversation.
  • Ask questions, because you truly need to know who these people are and whether you really want to work with them.
  • Compliment randomly. I'll give random compliments to people.
  • I like sharing quotes. It's building a common denominator with each other.
  • Be you and message as if you are texting your bestie.


On Instagram when you send someone a DM for the first time, if they're not following you, you're going to end up in their filtered box.


But that's not a bad thing because you can actually see how many filtered messages there are in your actual DM's.


So, if you go into your DM's, you'll see primary, general, and then requests.



The requests are where your filter messages are.

I have 25 requests.

That means that I have 25 people that I'm not following, that are requesting to message me.

So when you send somebody a message and you're not following each other, you're going to end up in their request box.


This is why I really highly suggest you perform the 333 method™.


If you don't know what that is, go to or you can click here.


Heeler Hack 👠

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Summary of this episode🤩


This is what I want you to remember the next time you DM someone


1. People are going to reject your conversation.

They won't even want to talk to you or even open your message If you are sales in the beginning.

If someone hasn't shown a need, your chances of getting through to someone are very small.

The 333 method™ breaks down the brick wall and makes it to so you don't have to cold message.


2.Your DM style is making someone uncomfortable. Remember the helpful tips on what not to do, Don't pitch first

No links first

No just responding to people with emojis

No voice messages first

No more paragraphs.

Never correct someone

No “You should do X” instead use “Have you tried?”


Now it's your turn Heeler!❤️

What you struggle with the most when it comes to prospecting on Instagram?

I want to get back to you and answer your questions.


Marina Simone

Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest. 👠❤️


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