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January 13, 2018
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June 8, 2018

Get Social The Right Way – 3 Ways To Be Unforgettable on Social

In this Episode, we are going to break down the 3 Steps to becoming unforgettable on Social media.

Let's be clear… Being human is super important…

You have to connect with your lead and or prospect.  When I mean connect, I mean on an emotional level.  Not just a “hi, how are you, want to buy my stuff” connect….

Emotionally connect by learning about your lead or your prospect.

Who is it you are talking to?

What are you saying to them?

Where are you leading your prospects?

Don’t just treat them like another sale. Get to know who you are talking to.

People can feel when you are being ‘salesy’. People can feel when you have a motive.

Press Play Below To Learn The 3 Ways to Becoming Unforgettable On Social Media…


There are some facts you should know about the percentages of those people who you are going to interact with:

* The 2 – 3% who buy right away

o This is your family and close friends

o Your Mom, Sister, Aunt, Best Friend LOL

* The 10% who never buy

o No matter what you do or say they just don’t DO IT

There is just no convincing these guys and listen, don’t stress out about it!

Remember there are 2.19 BILLION users on Facebook. There are plenty of people out there that are ready to connect with you and eventually buy from you or join you!

* The 80% who need to know you.

People have to get to know who you are in order to TRUST you and LEARN something from you!

That's why the fortune is in the follow-up!

Now your asking… what If people aren't looking for your content on social media

HELLEEEEEER ….you just aren't marketing right.

What you say to your followers will determine if they will continue to follow you. It’s that simple.

I want you to think about five people you stalk on Facebook.

What draws you to them?

What value are you getting from them?

You're either Learning from them, Entertained by them, Or Interested in what they do, right?

…and listen, its so important that you Start teaching and stop pitching!

What you say will make or break the relationship.

I know you have heard about those uplines that are giving copy and paste script (insert eye roll here). I will tell you this; these scripts are leading you in the WRONG direction!

That ish is DEAD in marketing. It actually pushes people away from you and messes with your algorithm.

* Stop posting “join my biz” and “want to make some money”!

* Stop messaging people and BEGGING to have them purchase so you can hit your rank

Remember, you want to Give and not always think about what you are getting…..

Let’s face it, I know you want to attract so many leads that you don't have time to get to all of them! Facebook lives and master attraction is how you teach your way to six-figures!

ALWAYS remember on Social Media you have to

* Be credible – Give me facts I must know.

* Be personal – Tell me stories I can relate to.

* Be excited – Don't put me to sleep!

* Don't change your true self to match others! Just multiple your energy by 10!

* What does your audience want to know about you?

Simply Ask them. #homeworkassignment

* Make a post “If I could teach you one thing, what would it be?”

* “Five things you think of when you hear my name…”

With branding, we call it your Avatar.

To find your Avatar, answer to these questions.

What do you like? What do you wear? What are your hobbies? What books do you like to read? What are your favorite shows? Where do you shop? Do you have kids? Do you work out? What food do you like?

Yep. It's kind of like a science.

Keep talking about same things and you’ll keep attracting the SAME results.

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  1. Rocking tips! Being personal and engaging folks helped me heaps in the social media department. Talk to folks. Be genuine. Stand out. Fabulous post here!


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