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April 26, 2021
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How Attending Live Events Exploded My Online Business

In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I will tell you the importance of Live events for your business and talk about the slay online sales summit.


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Hey! Heelers 👠Sue Henry here.

I wanted to share something with you, you know,

Marina has this event coming up the end of July,


Importance of Attending Live Events


I want to kind of help you understand the importance of attending live events. 


You probably don't know who I am outside of being the community manager, or the organic dairy farmer.


But I'm a semi-retired international speaker, I have had the privilege and the opportunity to speak to so many people.


And I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, But it didn't happen by accident.🤝


 That was my dream, just like you have a dream, I had a dream.


 I knew that I needed to go to live events in order to talk to the right people.


 Talk to the speakers to find out how it all went, how it all worked, you know, the internet wasn't like it is now. But the problem was that there was so much misinformation or a lot of the information that was out there. 😦


It was all where they were trying to sell you something, there was no guarantee that these people even had a clue it ever stepped on the stage with hundreds or 1000s of people.


So I didn't trust them.

Because I was I wanted this so bad that I wasn't willing to leave it to chance.


So as a mom of six kids and wife of a dairy farmer with my business. I went ahead and I plunked down the money. I went to my first event, and I made myself. I'm a situational extrovert, so in a situation like that, where I don't know very many people.😥


My thing is where I want to just run and kind of be by myself, or go up in my room and pretend like I'm working, when in fact I'm hiding.

That wasn't going to cut it.👎


You make great connections

You meet experts and influencers, face-to-face


And so I started talking to people. The Atmosphere Motivates You.😁

 I looked around and I found tables where people were talking shop and I sat down and I asked if it was okay if I sat down.


And I listened to the conversation and I got to know people I was introduced to people. It was interesting that some of the same people went to events on a regular basis. It didn't take that long because I stayed in touch because I asked good questions.🤗


I also had some things to give that I was willing to share, and I'm not talking about spammy kind of, “Hey, you buy my stuff”, nothing like that.


We're just talking about experiences.


You pick up new ideas

You make new friends


All of a sudden, I started getting invited to speak on smaller stages.🤩


I did a good job there, they would introduce me to people who planned events for bigger stages and bigger stages. And it ended up where I had the opportunity. Maybe you'll recognize some of these names,👇👇👇


I had the opportunity to share the stage with Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Lisa Nichols of “The Secret”, Bob Berg – “The Go-Giver”, Stephen M.R. Covey – “Speed of Trust”, Keith Barozzi – “Never Eat Alone”, on and on and on.


I mean, tons, tons of people, I can't even list them off the top of my head.

Here's the thing, it all started because I went to an event.

I was willing to make a fool out of myself.🤷‍♀️

See, I was afraid of making a fool out of myself.



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But I was more afraid of failing, I was afraid of,  not being able to build the business in my dream and bring in the money,  and all the opportunities for our family and our kids


And personally, if I didn't step out of my comfort zone, Oh my gosh! I took a huge leap of faith. And it paid off now, Are there some conversations that I flubbed up? Absolutely! But you know what, we all were there before. And we've all got to do it again. And so we just laugh about it and you move on, you get out of your own way. 🤣


So here's what I'd like to share with you.

If you are looking to really grow your business, you will never have an opportunity like Marina's live event, at the end of the month of July in Florida.🔥


Here's why we're not talking about 1000s of people being there. And the speakers being off of the stage and not being able to access. We're talking about a small, intimate event. Where you're going to be able to ask questions, answer questions, get collaboration, build that personal relationship, hear their stories, talk to them, human to human not just as an attendee.🤯


When they're doing their training you will never have an opportunity like that these opportunities where you get to know these people and stay in touch with them.


Now, that's where true collaboration can happen to partnerships, joint ventures, that you would have never had the ability to do before you could as a result of this event.👀


So I've talked to Marina and she's given me the okay to post this, but she's also given me the okay to offer that when we get closer to the event.

I'm going to do a 10-minute training on how to effectively network at a live event. This is going to be training that you can take and can apply to any event. 💥


Whether you're going to your own company events, local chambers of commerce, whatever it is, you're going to be able to apply this with success and start making and building those relationships with the people.👥


This is going to help you build your career. But you're going to also be able to help them in other ways, too.


So I hope that if there's any way that you can make it, you will figure it out, whether it's your PayPal credit, or whatever you have to do, I promise you, it's going to be so worth your time, my career, my life might think balance changed as a result of going to live events.


I believe that if you have a dream in your heart, it's because God put it there.


Maybe this event is the opportunity that you're going to have to meet with some of the people and get ideas that are just on the stage that all of a sudden,

can change and pivot your business like that, and make the difference that you've been searching for.🤔


Because, that my friend, is the power of live events.


When you look at the lineup that Marina has put together, and who Marina is herself, you know, she and I met at a live event, as a matter of fact, but it's powerful.


It's important. And it's one more tool you can have in your arsenal so that you can grow your business faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible.😎


So go ahead, reach out, ask questions about how to get your ticket to the event. Talk to me, let's brainstorm ideas of how you can get there. Because truly my friend, it is that important. So I look forward to hearing your comments below. 🎟


Alright heeler, we’ll see you next week! 👠❤️

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