Proven Strategies For Growing Your Brand & Your Network Marketing Business
Proven Strategies For Growing Your Brand & Your Network Marketing Business
August 6, 2022
3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster
3 Steps To Recruit Your Next Instagram Follower Faster
August 19, 2022

How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business

How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business

How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business

When you attract Superfans, you increase your level of retention in your network marketing business. 👌




You cannot attract Superfans if you are posting the same things all the other network marketers are posting. ❌


If you are constantly posting product posts and asking for the sale, you cannot, you will not…create Superfans. 


They are only born out of emotional connection. 


That’s why you MUST MUST MUST create a NICHE for yourself. 🥰


And before you tell me, Boo, that you don’t know how to do that?

Listen up…

I’m going to break it down for you now! 


How To Find Your Niche As A Network Marketer 🎯

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In order to create engagement, increase conversions, and extend

the life of your customer journey from one sale to hundreds, you have to stand out on social media. 🔥


You do that by BEING YOURSELF. 


YOU are the niche. 


YOU are the one they are buying from. 


So, let’s look at how to BE YOU and get them to pay attention…

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1. Who are YOU? 🤩 

Know who you are and begin talking to the YOU of yesterday.

Not the you of when you got started or 12 years ago. Talk to YOU of yesterday. 😉

Because if you talk to the you of years back

you’ll attract those people and you want to attract the Superfans that are just a step behind you. 


2. Talk WITH Them. 🔉

Understand their struggles, but don’t talk AT them to teach…talk WITH them. 

When you can teach and lead them through change by talking WITH them

you create an emotional bond that is really hard to break. 🤝

They see themselves in you and they relate to you in ways that they will never relate to other network marketers

and brands who just talk talk talk and never feel any warmth or connection to them. 😉


3. Create Content That They Immediately Resonate With. ✨

By asking yourself a few key questions and creating a Superfan profile

(I like to call these Bettys, but that’s a story for another day!)

that you can use to guide your daily content by so they’ll be hooked for life! 


Ask yourself about Betty’s: 🤔

  • Personal info
  • Goals
  • Where are they
  • Negative you don’t want to attract about them
  • Values/Fears
  • Professional info

Then, ask yourself what are the 3 problems they have with:😶

  • Fam
  • Finances
  • Future
  • Health
  • Confidence
  • Business


And chart all of these details out because, next, you’re going to…👇👇


Create a short story about your Betty!

This story will be based on the answers you gave above and will help you really get to know your Betty

so that you’re creating content your Betty resonates with so that she wants to actually share all the amazing content you’re putting out! ❤


And if you are getting to this point in your marketing, yet you’re getting stuck after engagement…

There’s A Solution That Will Help You Unlock That Stuckness In Your Network Marketing Business 


It’s called Network Marketing On Demand and it’s the hottest program in network marketing today if I do say so myself! 💥


In Network Marketing On Demand, you get: 

  • The daily on-demand coaching you need to get real-time answers to questions that normally you would have to wait weeks to get
  • Done-For-You content so you don’t have to worry about what to post or when 
  • Monthly Coaching Calls to keep you pushing for your next level, get your questions answered by me, and get training on the latest trends so you can attract your Superfans, EASILY and almost effortlessly! 


The Network Marketing On Demand coaching program is helped hundreds of network marketers become

powerhouse brands that have the best retention rates in the industry,

sales that shoot through the roof every month, and Top Earners. 


If you’re serious about exploding your network marketing business in the next few months, you cannot MISS this opportunity. 


Simply, click here to apply for the Network Marketing On Demand now. 


Your results…real results…are closer than you think when you decide to go brand-forward and get the support you need.

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