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April 27, 2022
Have More Conversations Without Relying On Curiosity Posts In Your Network Marketing Business
Have More Conversations Without Relying On Curiosity Posts In Your Network Marketing Business
May 12, 2022

How To Avoid Bad Leadership In Network Marketing

How to Avoid Bad Leadship in Network Marketing

How To Avoid Bad Leadership In Network Marketing


One of the most effective ways to grow your network marketing business, Boo Boo, is to be a good leader. 🏆


But… ✋


So many people start out in this business doing and being the opposite. 


No, seriously, it’s okay. 👌 


I know the truth of who I was as a leader.


And I can freely admit it now because I’ve done a lifetime of growing to move out of the kind of leadership.😁


I displayed and into one that helped me grow my business (and me!). 📈


Below, you’re going to find a list of 4 things I used to do and what you SHOULD do if you don’t want to be a crappy leader like I was: 👇


Drive-By Enrolling 🤩

Know anyone who enrolls people and then ghosts them??😯


Yeah, we’ve all had someone ghost us or someone we’ve ghosted.


But that’s top on my list of crappy leader traits.😬

Don’t do it.

You think, “Oh, I had to figure it out…they’ll figure it out, too.


Besides, I’m here if they call.”  That’s not how it works.

Not when I did it, not now.😶

Instead: Ask what they want. What are they taking this journey with you for?😯


Guide them through the launch and follow up every 72 hrs.🤝


Give them a strong start and they’ll be a strong team member.💪


Money-Only Focus 💵

Marina isn’t the point of network marketing to make money??

That’s not the ONLY focus, though, Boo. 👀

But it’s possible that your people are interested in more. That the “money-only” conversation turns people off bc they are not into it.

“Make money from your phone!” is no longer a thing, mkay? 📱

Instead: Talk about what makes your program different or unique.💥


Give people the emotional connection they crave. 😋


Be the leader who is not willing to attract the “money-only” people who are looking for easy money and are not willing to do the work to grow your team.


Unrealistic Expectations Or Support (Getting Or Giving)

Now, when I say “unrealistic expectations or support”, understand that I mean FOR ME. 


They didn’t work for me..and some may find different systems work for them.🤷‍♀️

When I leveled up in my business as a 6-figure earner, I had unrealistic expectations for others to come in and do what I did. 😅

In my mind, I thought, “Well, I did it…you can, too.” And if they didn’t step up, I would secretly judge them. Whew…SOOOO glad I’ve since learned how to be a true leader thanks to the masterminds I became a part of.🤩

Sidenote: A fun fact about me is that I always try to be the lowest earner in the room. If you’re the lowest earner in the room, it will be no time before you have to change rooms!

And if you’re ready to change the room you’re in, check out the ONLY on-demand support and coaching program in the industry here! ⬇️

With your Network Marketing On Demand Coaching year-long membership, you get 12-months of:

  • Real-time coaching, 2 different hours/day via Zoom with 6 different Heeler Coaches
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  • Done-for-you social media branding kit that includes: Logo, Branding Color Pallet, Done-for-you Canva Templates: Instagram Highlights, Instagram Carousel Template (For Those Who Pay In Full)
  • Access to the VIP Facebook Group to ask unlimited questions 24/7
  • Role-play opportunities every month to close more over the phone

Instead: Find out what your leads want, then do what you need to do to create an environment that makes them feel safe, no matter what they want. That’s what a true leader does (now 😉 ).👍


Production-Only-Focused Leaders

“We want duplication!”👥
“We want high sales!”📈
“We want to hit quadruple Diamond in like 5s!” 🤯

So it’s very easy to get caught up in only celebrating the top enrollers, the top recruiters…then we forget about the behaviors that we should be celebrating because we’re so production-focused.🥳

We also come off as intimidating to others who don't have the same desires.

Instead: Celebrate every single person who is taking a step forward in their businesses – whether it's financially, emotionally, aha moments, etc…like a true leader.🤔


No matter what, I want to celebrate the behaviors that move people forward.


Now, are you developing yourself at a higher level?😁


If you’re not developing yourself into becoming a better leader, you’re probably doing these things that make crappy leaders.👎


And it’s time to step up…even if you don’t have a team yet.

Start now by creating the right culture where leaders can develop and develop themselves, as well.

Celebrate other people’s wins. Put other people on the pedestal – instead of trying to be the top, the one with the recognition.🍾

Remember, this isn’t a “you” business, this is a “we” business 😄


And it’s time to get back to the basics, Boo Boo so you can be the leader who leads and grows with the team..🤗


Prospect with integrity.✨


Mentor in conversations on social media.🤳👠


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