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April 26, 2021
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June 11, 2021

How To Effectively Use Testimonials To Generate More Sales

Generate Leads with Testimonials

Do you really read amazon reviews? Do you read testimonials before you buy a product? Are you looking at other people's experiences before you buy something you never bought before? My guess is yes!


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Here are some crazy statistics for you.

👉 92% of consumers actually read reviews. 88% of them trust those reviews just as if their BFF referred them to a product.👈


72% of consumers say that positive reviews build trust in the brand and in the product. Having 50 or more reviews increase the conversation rate by 5.6%.  So, what does all this mean? Testimonials are powerful. People's reviews are powerful. It can increase the conversation rate, build trust in a brand and help retention.

So why a network marketing or for your coaching business or for your online brand would you not share testimonials?

Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Does your company have dedicated fans? Let their voices be heard and share their thoughts on your social media.

I want to share with you the testimonial formula that I’ve used inside of my coaching business, my networking marketing business, my network marketing team, and even for my company that has helped us increase our sales by 10% plus every single month.


So it’s time! Let's pre-plant some positive reviews to help increase your team’s conversation rate as well as increase your sales.

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I’ve got five key things that I want you to implement. 🖐


Here’s the testimonial formula that I highly suggest you get your teams to use and ask these questions to your customers as well. You should be a story collector of testimonials for your business. Yes! We would love to have them inside of Facebook groups but you also want to able to share them on your stories, on your posts, even in TikTok. Social proof is powerful. Reviews are powerful. This means we need to be sharing more of that.


I’m gonna encourage you to share every single week a new testimonial on your social media. And I’m not talking about yours. I’m talking about other customers that you collect, other distributors that you collect, or clients of yours that you collect. It can't just always be about you.


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Reminder: You are your brand. Show up every single day for your audience on social media.


Here’s a little tip: I loved to hop on calls to get client feedback whenever they’ve had success with the product or didn’t have success with the product. And here are 5 questions that I ask:



What was the problem that you had or what were the main obstacles that you had that made you start looking for this product or this service? This question is very specific because I want to know what problem they had. And so when I can share the problem they had, every problem is gonna be different for every different type of person. A postpartum mom might have a different obstacle than a single working guy, right? Of what they decided to use the products.

We need to get inside of their brains, we need to be able to create content around what worked, why it worked, and what was the main problem that we wanted to solve for them. 


 What made my product or service stand out versus the rest? What made us different? This is important, because if you can use this verbiage again in your content, in your emails, in your verbiage when you’re talking to a prospect. 


What were your goals before using this product or service in the beginning? It is important to know what they were expecting and what the expectations were.


  What were your results? We want to know where the goals met. 


And the final question is.

People, sell people with their stories. So why wouldn’t we want to leave them into selling our customers for us? Especially, if we know that conversations go up when people re-positive feedback reviews. 


Here is another great question.

What would you say to other customers that are struggling with the same obstacle you did that are thinking about trying the product or service?


Ask your audience a multiple choice question

See, sometimes we try to sell so much we forget that people can sell people, reviews are powerful, testimonials are powerful, it social proof for your business. So, you can stop selling so hard and instead point to testimonials that one of your prospects will relate to. 


3 things happen when you have a consumer that actually interacts or reacts to a review or testimonial.

They're 58% more likely to convert, they're 62% more likely to repurchase again, and they are more likely to increase the amount they spend by 3%. 


So here’s a little activity for you. I want you to go and collect 5 testimonials from customers using my testimonial formula and go and get them inside your Facebook groups, start sharing them on your stories because I guarantee you, it's gonna open start opening-up conversations for you with people you never thought were interested in what you had to offer. 


Alright heeler, we’ll see you next week! 👠❤️



Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest. 👠❤️


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