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October 30, 2020
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February 11, 2021

How To Generate Leads With Instagram Reels

If you're in Network Marketing do Instagram Reels matter for you?

Can you actually use Instagram Reels to find new leads and connect ➡️ to new leads?

Should you be on Instagram Reels or should you be on TikTok?


Here's what I think, I think you should do both, of course, but if you are already growing an Instagram following, Instagram Reels is something you definitely want to dig into. 🙌


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Connecting to new leads is so much easier than it's ever been on Instagram and if you are stalling with Instagram growth right now, Instagram Reels is where it's at.


In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I am going to teach you how to generate leads with Instagram Reels. 


Now, I bet you're not sold on Instagram Reels just yet, so I want to throw some statistics at you that are going to really open your eyes.


In August, 50 countries launched with Instagram Reels, the United States being one of them.



Two thirds of the NBA franchises started posting one reel a day on their Instagram account into their profile feed.



With that, came crazy results. Their engagement increased 22%.


I'm not talking about 2%, 5%, not even 10%. I'm talking 22%. That's double digit growth, and you compare that to the posts that they were making in their Instagram stories we're talking lots of new people.


Louis Vuitton, seven million views on every single reel. So, I like to follow what other big companies that are succeeding do. I like to model it with my own flare, of course, so I'm going to do what they're doing.



So, I decided to go ahead and give Instagram Reels a solid try, and I've got to be honest with you my engagement has increased by 1500% personally, and I grew 600 followers from one Instagram Reels.


Now, if you're like, “Woo-hoo, she got new followers,those 600 followers are leads, and because they connected to me on an Instagram Reel that Instagram Reel is very specific to my ideal audience, to the type of person that I want to work with. 🎉


So guess what? Now, I don't have fake 600 followers, I have 600 mothers who loved my Instagram Reel. Hello? Winner winner, chicken dinner. 👏


So, what I want to do right now is give you some pro tips on Instagram Reels, how they can help you get more leads on your list for your Network Marketing business.



Pro Tip #1:

You want to be an early adopter. What does that mean? It means that if I'm telling you right now that Instagram Reels are giving insane growth 📈 and engagement to accounts wouldn't you want to be a part of that?


Instead of sitting back and watching all the Instagram Reels that are happening around you don't you want to be one of the first early adopters? Yeah. You said yes to your network marketing business because you see opportunity. I'm telling you, there's opportunity in Instagram Reels.



Are you a Network Marketer looking to spend less time texting that long list of customers or leads that come from your Instagram Reels? 


What if you could reach all those customers at the same time, with just the touch of a button?


Then you have to check out one of my all-time favorite apps, Project Broadcast.


It allows me to easily keep track of conversations, send out mass promotional texts, and so much more! 


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Pro Tip #2:

Teach something in your Instagram Reels. Yes. You heard me. I want you to teach something. 💡  You don't have to dance funny. You don't have to be a perfect editor.


I want you to teach something, because people are loving how in 15 to 30 seconds they can absorb information, and if you have some personality they're actually going to pay attention to you more, and go from that reel to your profile, hit the follow button, and probably DM you at some point.


Pro Tip #3:

I want you to post your actual reel to your profile feed. Why? It'll give you that option where it will have a little thing that says, “Post to your feed,” or click off so it doesn't post to your feed.


Post to your feed, don't post to your feed. You want it to post to your feed, because it'll give people more opportunity to see 👀 your Instagram Reel.


Now, here's some other spitfire little tips I'm going to give you.



🌟 If you're already doing TikToks repurpose them, and just post them onto your Instagram Reels.


🌟 Don't only use your audio, go ahead and find some other audios of other people using reels that have blown up, and use their audio on your audio.


And by the way, there's this thing called YouTube and Google that will teach you how to create an Instagram Reel. I promise you, really, really, simple.


You know what? We'll just go ahead, and we're going to put a tutorial of how to create your first reel down here somewhere. Yep. They'll be a link, so then you can find it somewhere over down there of how to create your first reel, so you don't even have to Google anywhere. I'm just going to give it to you.



Click Here to get your FREE Instagram Reel Guide

Let me tell you another little tip. Guess where Instagram Reels also show up, the Instagram Explore Page.


On the Explore Page it is specifically designed for the user based on what they like, what they click, what they touch, what they see, where they hover, Instagram says, “I know you're going to like this, Marina, so I'm going to put this in front of your face.” 😍


So, if your reel is from one of your followers what they probably might want to see Instagram's going to say, “Here you go,” and push your reel to the very front. I want you to have some fun.



Go create your first reel on Instagram. Teach something. I don't care if it's how to fold a fitted sheet, if it's how to cook something, a recipe, or maybe it's, I don't know, how to go viral on social media, or how to lose weight, or how to eat right, or how to blank. Whatever.


Go create a how-to reel. I want you to let me know in the comments below once you've done it, and go ahead and link your reel at the bottom down here, so I can go and check it out, and give it a “Hello.” Make sure you're following me on Instagram, so you can check out all of my crazy tutorials.


Don't forget, comment below, say Helllllerrrrrrrrr, and tell me your favorite tip from this week's episode.  

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