How to Run Successful Power Hours In Your Network Marketing Business
How to Run Successful Power Hours In Your Network Marketing Business
September 23, 2022
A Network Marketing Business Hack For Selling MORE Products
A Network Marketing Business Hack For Selling MORE Products
October 7, 2022

How to Get 8000 Leads From Social Media To A SMS Text List

How to Get 8000 Leads From Social Media To A SMS Text List

How to Get 8000 Leads From Social Media To A SMS Text List

How to Get 8000 Leads From Social Media To A SMS Text List

Hey, Network Marketer, do I have a surprise for YOU today! 🎊


I have a great friend and client who is KILLING it in her network marketing business…so much so that she was able to retire from teaching and pursue her business full-time! 


Her specialty is getting people from social media and the NOISE of it to your text list so you can explode your business by talking “one-on-one”. I’ll let her tell you more about that and how YOU can do it…without staying TIED to your phone. 


Please help me welcome Karrie Augustine Boyle to the blog, boo! 😉



From Karrie: 

How I collected 8000 leads from social media and got them to my back office


So, we all know how nosy social media is and how hard it is to get people’s attention. 


And we know that, while amazing, email is also being ignored the majority of the time, thanks to most industry averages being way less than 30%.


But did you know that TEXTS gets a 90% open rate?? 📱


It’s true. 


Texts are more personal and immediate. So, when I saw my colleague sit down to send a text to 1000 people, then put her phone down to spend time with her family, my mind exploded! 💥


“How can I make this work for ME??”  🙋‍♀️


Well, I came up with a way that has brought me 8000 leads in very little time. And it’s still working today to bring in new leads and new business as we speak. 


Now, this process I use is applicable, no matter what business you’re in. 


Whether you’re in a brick & mortar business or network marketing, you can get high volumes of well-qualified prospects to your text list so you can begin to cultivate the relationships that sales are built on. 🥰



Let’s get into the process that I used and still use!


Step 1: Freebie 📧

You need a freebie (aka opt-in, lead magnet, carrot, whatever you want to call it) to get people off of social media and onto your text list. 


That freebie can be anything:

   👠 A list of weekly meals to make meal prep simpler

   👠 A shopping list to make grocery shopping faster

   👠 A live video training that solves a big problem your customer has


Anything…as long as it solves a real problem for them. 👌


Step 2: Content 📝

Now, you need to create content that will lead them to that freebie. This content should always have the call-to-action of “Text me X to # to get yours!” Something that lets them know they have to text you to get the freebie. 


This content can be anything: 

🎯 Blogs

🎯 Vlogs

🎯 TikTok™

🎯 Reels™

🎯 Live videos

🎯 IG posts 

🎯 Facebook posts

🎯 Stories

🎯 YouTube Shorts™

🎯 LinkedIn™

🎯 Ads

🎯 Guest posts

And more!


Just make sure to add that call-to-action everywhere you’re posting to drive all that social content back to your text messaging platform!


Step 3: Value  ✨

This step is critical. Because if you have them text you to get this freebie, then you only send “Buy my ish” texts, and they’re going to stop opening and unsubscribe. 


So deliver VALUE. 


If they sign up for your Keto Chocolate Pancakes Recipe, message them to see if they made it yet and open the conversation!


If they sign up for the meal plan, check in with them to see what dishes they loved the most.


Then, continue sending them value to keep them open to receiving your offers when you do have them. 




It’s not rocket science…it’s just being human. ❤


For more on getting leads off social media and into your back office, join me for my brand new Text To Sales Training Camp

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Karrie Augustine Boyle is a thought leader in the network marketing industry. She has built great success around the text to sales arena and helps others achieve the same level of success. She’s a former teacher-turned-full-time-network marketer who loves helping people free themselves from the grind of the 9-5. 👑

Karrie Augustine Boyle

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