5 Ways For Network Marketers To Find New Leads On Social Media
5 Ways For Network Marketers To Find New Leads On Social Media
June 24, 2022
Increase Your Customer Retention In Your Network Marketing Business
Increase Your Customer Retention In Your Network Marketing Business
July 18, 2022

How To Have More Balance (& Success!) In Your Network Marketing Business

How To Have More Balance & Success In Your Network Marketing Business

How To Have More Balance & Success In Your Network Marketing Business

When you are in network marketing, running a home, and managing the family’s activities,

it can feel like you have literally no time to get all the things that need to be done. 😩

Trying to get sales can feel like it comes last in your world because you’ll likely feel like you have ZERO time in a day to get it all done.


But, if you’re not MAKING the time to network, market, to grow, your business will never get off the ground. 


You have to be able to create content, connect with others, and sell. 😉

And I get it…

we also have to be Moms! ❤

So, I asked Mel to share how she does it, and how she thrives in all areas while maintaining balance. ⚖


Melinda, one of our concierge trainers in the Network Marketing On-Demand group,

did a group training on how she, as a mum and a network marketer

get more done each week so that she stays on top of her business growth and sales.

Melinda Kuszelyk


She uses two tools and a 5-step process

to keep her organized and running her home, family, and business on a path to thrive. ⚡✨

The Tools That Bring Balance To Network Marketing and Life


  • Google Calendar 📅

Google Calendar is accessible across all devices, whether you are Apple or Android.

So using it over your primary device calendar allows you to access it, no matter where you are.


  • A To-Do List 📃

While Mel uses a To-Do List book, she also uses Google Tasks, especially when traveling.

But a To-Do List combined with Google Calendar is a boost that many people don’t think about.

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How to Prioritize So You Get More Done and Make More Sales In Network Marketing 📍

Set aside 30 mins to 1 hour each week to plan the next week.

Mel likes to take Sundays to plan because it’s a slower-paced day

and with all the time available with the family,

there’s ample time to sneak off for 30mins to an hour to work on her upcoming week’s plans.

But you can pick any day that works for you…and keep it constant.


     🎯 Blank Canvas

       Having a blank canvas means you get to think clearly about what’s coming up and you’re not trying to plan around anything else first.


     🎯 Add-In Non-Negotiables

      Add in your non-negotiables like kids’ activities, weekly team training, and family time.                                                                                                                                                                           

      Anything that you know you cannot and do not want to miss. 

     🎯 Add-In Activities You Want To Get Done

      Add in your business-building activities like your 333, following your tracker, doing follow-ups, etc.


     🎯  Cross It Off

       Many times, we just barrel through our tasks and to-do’s and don’t actually cross them off,

       but crossing them off is a signal to your brain that you did great work!

      🎯 Praise Yourself

      When you do tick things off your list, literally VERBALLY, OUT LOUD

      tell yourself you did a great job because we do not celebrate enough. 👠👠

      But adding the celebration creates a dopamine hit so your brain begins to associate getting things with good emotions!


 The caveat: You MUST dedicate yourself to creating a foundation of living by your calendar or else it won’t work.

 If you get constant notifications about changing activities, but you ignore them, you’ll be throwing a wrench in a perfectly

 a  good machine that is designed and streamlined to help you find that balance you are looking for.


 in the end, if you don’t schedule the business-building activities that you need to be doing each day,

 you will lose track of time and feel like you never get anything done. 


 Balance is possible. You just need to focus on making it a priority. 


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