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February 11, 2021
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April 2, 2021

How To Make Money Faster In Your Network Marketing Business in 2021


✨Time for you to make money faster in 2021. Are you ready?✨


What's going on Heeler? You came to this week's episode because you're ready to change your income and your network marketing business. 🤑


Now you might be at a place right now where you're comfortable and you're making an extra $500 to $1,000 a month. You also might be in a place right where you need that extra $500 or $1,000 a month.


Or maybe you're a leader and you're like, “I'm making that five or $10,000 a month and I'm ready to double it in 2021.💵


This strategy that I'm about to show you will work for not only you but also people in your organization. This is one of the key strategies that has helped my organization grow to over 60,000 in less than two years all on social media.


If you want to make money faster in 2021, trust me you're gonna want to pay attention to this‼️


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     Did you know…   

The industry has grown by 1.7% globally

50% of the people who start a Network Marketing enterprise abandoned it in the first year. 



  👉  This is exactly why I want to share my strategy with you today.  👈 


Now, one of the things that I see that happens a lot is in Network Marketing, that the number one mistake is not having a game plan of how much money you actually want to make.🤔


So what happens is, is people are excited about making money. Maybe your brand new enrollment is excited about making money and getting rich, right⁉️


But the problem is, they don't know the actual steps to make to even get to that first $500 a month. So I like to play a little game called Reverse Engineer, how much money you actually want to make.


So I'm gonna use examples based on companies that I've worked with or companies that I've been in, or with top leaders that I've worked with, how I taught them to turn around and duplicate this for their teams as well.🤝


Example #1:

So, number one, we need to know how much… money we want to make… per month. We need to know this. This is the first step. If you don't know exactly how much you want to make, how are you gonna know what to run for?🤷‍♀️


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How are you gonna even know anything? Nothing. You're literally gonna be throwing your business up against the wall like spaghetti 🍝 and hoping it sticks. And if you're doing that, mm-mm, no Bueno, okay. Al dente. It should not stick to the wall.


I'm just gonna kind of put that out from a real Italian. 🇮🇹


All right. So how much money do you actually want to make per month? Now, let's for giggles… let's stick with the $500 a month. All right. So we're gonna stick with that $500 a month. So if we know how much we want to make, that's number one.


Example #2:

Number two, what's the rank? 🏅What is that rank that you have to get to that's gonna make you that $500 a month? But also in number two, the rank we also need to know what volume that is, right or sales.📈


We also need to know what are your personal sales, but what are the team's sales? So for some of you, you don't even need to look at the team sales. You can look at just what your personal sales need to be to make that $500 a month.


So now we know we need to decide how much money do we want to make? We said $500 a month.


  • What's that rank?
  • Which means how much volume do we need?
  • How many impersonal sales do you need? What are the team's sales?
  • What does that need to be?
  • But ready for this part?


If you don't have a team you're gonna look at your personal sales only. We're gonna look at the number of recruits or the number of customers.


If you do have a team, I'm gonna change the color, because this is important. We need to know the number of recruits… total in your whole organization that month and we also need to know the number of customers.


But we want to know how many personal recruits and the team recruits and team customers.


Now, some of you are like, “Wow, I've never had this broken down before.” You're like, “Oh, I like this.” Yes, you're welcome.😘


This is something that I do every single month with our clients, with our team. Why? Because if you don't know where you're going how are the heck are you gonna get there?




All right. So here we go. A number of recruits, number of customers. Now, the reason you're gonna look at this is that when you usually bring in a new business partner, they usually come in with what?


They usually come in with a pack, right? So when you enroll in a certain pack, for example, we push a $399 pack. So our $399 pack for a new recruit gives us 500 points.


So, our pack is a $399 pack, so it's 500 points. So I know that. I also know that if I bring in this pack, I make $120. So if my goal is to make $500 a month, and that's to do it without my team I know I basically can bring in one, two, three, four of the $399 packs, right?


Now for customers you're gonna do the same thing, but here's what I want you to know with customers. We're gonna bring the customers… down over here. Make a little more sense?💡


Okay. So for the customers, I want you to think about what is that flagship product, system, or pack? So here we go.


Most weight loss companies or nutrition companies, don't just sell one product, they sell a pack of products, right?


It's called an up-sell.😲


So instead of selling that one pill that helps you to stop eating like crap, they'll probably sell you three products where it'll help you kill the belly fat. It'll help suppress your appetite and it'll cleanse ya, right?


So that pack is 100 points let's just say. And I would love for you guys to find the packs for your customers that are around 100 points, 'cause it'll make this all make a lot more sense and break down a lot easier for you.


So I know if I do this, it's 100 points. And let's just say for giggles…That, I don't know let's just say 20 bucks that you make on each one of those packs.


Okay. So now you're like, “Wow. If I want to make $500 and I don't want to recruit anyone, then that means I have to sell,” do the math there. What is that? Five times five so that's 25, right? Oh my gosh, I can't even do the math. I'm probably wrong, but whatever.😬


We're gonna say, 25 packs. So that all means in order for you to make $500 you would sell 25 packs to get to that 500 bucks.☑️


Now you're clear. So you're going into the month, right?


You're going into the month knowing, I want to make 500 bucks. I'm not doing it with the team, I'm just gonna do it personally.💪


I know that I either have to bring in four… of the 500 point packs and recruit people, or I can sell 25 of these 100 point packs and that'll make me that $500.


Now some of you are like, “Okay, so basically if I want to make 10 grand, wow, I have to come over here and I have to figure that all out.” No. Now I'm gonna bring you to the team side of things.


Okay, Now, before you go over to the team side, screenshot this and get super clear. 📸


We're gonna have a little worksheet for you that we'll send you via email, all right where you can kind of plug in the circles for the team part.


All right. I think we have a little sheet somewhere that we'll give you.


Maybe we'll put it down below somewhere. We'll figure it out. Anyway, screenshot this worst-case scenario.


You're gonna base everything around here. Now you're like, “All right, I want to make money faster.” Now all you have to do is 10 X this with people in your organization.


So any time you enroll a new person, here's New-New, right?🙋‍♀️


New-New comes in. New-New needs to know how much money they want to make. But guess what? We're gonna point them to this $500 a month.


Why? Because this is the starting area for most.


The average person that comes into Network Marketing is only looking to make anywhere from $250 to $500 a month.


That means the more people you can help get to this level right here, the bigger your check as a leader can become because we need a lot of people doing a little bit.


See, one of the things that I think held me back, well actually I know is that I would look at the amount of volume you had to have and the number of sales and the number of people on your team and it would overwhelm me in order to get to six figures.


Even to get to $5,000 a month, it overwhelmed the crap out of me, to be honest.😅


But when I look at the way that I broke it down in order for me to make that $500 and I went and I duplicated that within my organization, the team started to have fire come up from the bottom all the way up to the top.


And what did that create?


It created excitement, momentum, duplication, but the biggest part was simplicity.🙌


Yes. We want everyone that comes in to make a bazillion dollars a month. Of course, we do, but that's just not gonna happen for everyone.


So this is how you're gonna make money faster in 2021. 💰


Figure out the quickest way to $500 a month for yourself, do it, then turn around and teach it to the new people that come in.


So now you're like, all right, I know that if I want to get to $1,000 a month, residually on average, you're gonna have to have somewhere around five people.


I'll say five to 10, depending on your comp plan making $500 a month. So everybody's different.


So I'm gonna say five to 10. So that's $1,000 a month.


Okay. I want to make $2,000 a month. We're probably gonna double that to 20 to 40 people making $500 a month… For that 2k. Okay?


Okay, so let's say for 5k, probably gonna have to look somewhere around, anywhere from, let's say… probably say about 60 to a hundred people making $500 a month.


Do you see how simple this can be? Now, let me show you.👀


I'm not even gonna go higher than this 'cause I think you get the point here and if we know that we need 60 to 100 people making $500 a month, you now need to… go fill in the blanks.


Oh, I just recruited Sally. Sally is ready and she's committed. And she wants to make 500 a month. Every month.


Find out from the people in your organization what are their goals.


Do they want to make $500? Do they want to make $1,000? What do they want to make? So you can go and show them what $500 looks like. They want to make $1,000 double the numbers here.


That's very simple. Just double these numbers and come over here and put them on your little sheet where you're keeping track of them.


Sally says she wants to make $500. Well I know if Sally says she wants to make $500, I've checked off one of the five people. But you talked to Jane and Jane's like, “I want to make $2,000.”


All right, Jane, well, if you want to make $2,000 and you don't want to do it alone, just on personal recruits and sales, you want to do it on team volume, you're looking at helping 20 to 40 people make $500 a month.


So we need to go and get recruiting. Now here's the piece. You guys are like, “Well I don't have 20 to 40 people underneath me.” I'm talking here.


  • This is the team residual. This is the, I do nothing and I get paid.
  • That's what this is. This is how you make money faster in 2021.
  • You're gonna be doing your recruiting. You're getting new customers.


Then you're gonna help them to do the same thing. And then a 90 day period, these 10 people can duplicate into 20. And now you're looking at making 2k a month because you brought them in on this process.


All right. So now we got Jane that wants to make $2,000. Then we've got, I don't know, Chris. And he wants to make $500.


Break down those names of the people that come in, know what they wanna make, and simply plug them into this simple strategy.


This strategy here has helped create some serious, and when I say a fire, fire from the bottom up.🔥


Some of you might have… I'm not gonna say some of you. You probably have a dead leader.😬


When I say a dead leader. I mean someone who hasn't done anything, sitting on top of people that are working and isn't doing anything.


And you're like, “Ah, the leader just doesn't do anything.” Who cares?


Go down, ask Sally, Jane, Chris, and John, and all these other people that are underneath that leader, what is it, how much they want to make? Map the simple process out for them.



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