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August 8, 2021
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March 4, 2022

3 MUST DOs to sell your product on TikTok Live

✨How to sell your products on TikTok Live.✨



What's up Heelers! 👠 👋


 One of my favorite topics recently to chat about is How to Sell Your Products.


So how many of you are building a business on TikTok or you're like, I want to sell some stuff over there? 🙋‍♀️


We're going to talk about the three things that you must do in order to sell your products Live on TikTok.


I highly suggest you share that with your teams Because of Chalene Johnson as our keynote speaker.🔥

We have recordings from Brock Johnson of training.

I'm going to be training brand forward “It's Too Jam-Packed Days” on how to sell your products on social media.

From TikTok to clubhouse to Facebook, Facebook parties, Facebook groups branding all the things.  🤩

TikTok is an app that has made a name for itself as the platform to go to for short, live videos.

For brands and businesses looking to sell their products, TikTok can be an excellent tool.

TikTok Live lets you share your product in real-time with potential customers.🤯


So how do you use TikTok Live?🤔

It’s really not hard at all. You just need to have an account on the app and log in, then start a live video from your phone or any other device with a camera.

So let's talk about TikTok Live.

I know there's a little bit of a strategy that you can use, that can help you stand out. This can really help with selling right now.

Number one

 🔥Just got to do the damn thing.🔥


Like, I hear so many people that are like:

I wish I could sell on TikTok like you are, I hope one day I'll be able to do this, or I'm praying for this you can't hope to wish or pray yourself to be better.


Like you actually have to do it.

It's the consistency because a lot of times,  you feel like someone came in and they purchase from you. You might think that was the first time they saw. They don't have to be following you.

You would never necessarily know.🤷‍♀️

I have people that come and they'll say, “I've been watching your video for months and I finally decided to do it.”


It's the consistency, so if you want to get better at something.

You have to keep doing it and you have to keep working at it. 


And then the next time you're a little less horrible.

 Just keep doing it.

You have to be willing to fail.😳

Like I know so many of us, we have that fear.

That was why I uninstalled it the first time because I didn't know how to do it.😞

And a lot of times a confused mind will do nothing,

  If you don't know how to do something, then you just shut down and you just don't do it.

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I’ve got five key things that I want you to implement. 🖐

 It transcends so many different things, I'm a huge perfectionist. And so it was like I couldn't do it perfectly, which is why I uninstalled the first time, so I was like I'm not going to do it at all.


But I had to learn that I'm not going to be perfect at a lot of different things.

And I just have to screw it up first and not be afraid to screw it up.

So that's why I say consistency because people are what they're following.  They're looking to see you have video after, video, after video. 

And when they see this they will be like, “Oh, okay, she's not this one-hit wonder”, and people are going to buy from who they know, like, and trust. Right? And so if they don't see your consistency, why would they trust you?🤔

Number two

          ➡️You have to be willing to be vulnerable and share your story⬅️

I've done that on both sides, I've done that with respect to recruiting, and I share some of my stories.


There are so many people who take a long time to tell my story because of the shame and embarrassment that was there. A lot of times, we don't realize how powerful our story is, and how it can impact someone else.🤕


So once I learned that I could impact someone else's life with my story, I wanted to give them something to relate to. I wanted them to know that they can get through these dark days, and become something great. Showing them that if I could do it, they can too.


So I think that you know, just being vulnerable is good from time to time.

When I'm selling, I'm sharing stories about using the products. I'm going live on TikTok with my iPad, and I have my phone in my hand. Showing pictures of the product and talking about it as well, everybody that stumbles onto my live didn't necessarily see my videos.


And so some of the videos, I do have some pictures, but I can't assume that they've all seen it.

So I want to make sure that they know what I'm sharing a little more on the live.  Many of them, they're like, “Oh, my gosh, I have that same, or I've gone through that.


If the point of this is for me to show you I have a solution to this pain point. I want them to be able to relate to me and tell them this is the pain. These are the pain points that I have. And these are the solutions that I've used to help me with them.


The purpose is not just for me to make $$, the purpose is for me to impact lives.  If that's in the forefront of my mind, “impacting lives” then there's some amount of selflessness that has to take over.🙏

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Number three

💥Providing value.💥


I'm selling, but I'm also educating,  sharing information. It's one thing for, people going online and ordering whatever.  We're so used to it. But we're not used to having that human element.👩‍🏫


We're not used to having somebody that can sit and chat, that can explain things to us that can help answer those questions. And there's a lot of times I've gone online and wanted to buy something in wish that I could ask a question.

You know, I wish that I could get more information about this particular thing that I'm about to purchase.


And so I think the biggest thing is,

 Some of the folks that follow me purchase or decide to partner with me are because I spend time.

You have to genuinely care about helping people.

So if you're there, you're spending time you're providing value, up there consistently, you have so many people that will come back and I recognize the names.

  I acknowledge the names and they feel welcome, they feel special because I remember them.


Whatever it is that you're selling. And I don't mean the ingredients right, But I mean specifically sharing stories. I tell stories because facts tell the story sell.🧠


So I tell stories about friends that, are using the products and what is done for them. I have pictures on my phone, and I'm sharing those pictures.

Then I give more information about whatever industry you're in.

Sharing information about that to not just particularly the product.

But you know, for instance, like if you're in the travel industry,  you sell travel packages, but you can also talk about the travel industry.🛩

What's happening with the industry with everything that's going on with the pandemic and how things are changing. 

People want to know it all.

What happens if you have no one asking questions? What to do?



So here's a couple of things. So if you have a group or a chat with your team, we, always my team. We text, you know, post in there when we're getting ready to go live.


Because one thing that happens is, the more people you have watching, the more they push it out to other people.

So we try to support each other when we can, but I just stay on.

Really you need to be on a good hour.

You don't have to do four or five hours necessarily, but you need to be on for plan to be on for about an hour to really have to get some momentum and have people coming on.


Because there have been times like the first 15-20 minutes, I might have like one or two people back and forth.  Next thing you know, I have 40 people talking to me


 How often do you go live a week? 

To really get gained traction, if possible, you want to go live every day. Sometimes I go live a couple of times a day. 

Especially, around a sale or promo. You want to post a video and then within like 30 minutes, go live.


When you go live after putting a video up, it's going to push people back to all of your videos. Next thing you know, my project broadcast is blowing up. Because people have seen my videos. It's pushed it out to more people again.


So it is basically cross-promoting for you. Because people are going to be like, Oh, I saw her and I liked her lipstick.

I'm just gonna go look at her profile. That's how people's brains work. Oh, I liked her shirt, let me go see her profile that they're looking for a reason to like you. I love it.😂

How many videos do you post a day on TikTok?

       🔥 2 to 3 videos a day.🔥

If you can do it, then the great thing is that you can take the weekend and crank out some videos and save them in your drafts.

 If you're somebody who's really busy during the week, try just taking a day that you know that you're off.

The more you do, the faster you're going to get your captions done and all that sort of stuff.

Do you go to other people's videos and comment to get more followers?

 I don't heart everybody's videos because it saves it right like in your favorites.  But I do go to other people's videos and comment. If they see mine, then a lot of times people insincere comments, 


Like when you do sincere engagement on other people's stuff.  You'll see that coming back to you.😁


 Can they be goofy and talk about their products and give them value?

Absolutely! You wanna be you! Your vibe is going to attract your tribe.


The one thing that I hear from people a lot is that they resonated with me, they felt my sincerity. They love my jokes. They love the fact that I was you know that I felt free. It didn't feel fake or forced or phony.


And I do, I'll get on and there are a couple of videos that my husband just looks at, he just shakes his head.


What do you title your live videos?

So if it's, you know, you want something that's going to grab folks, right? So, um, like, if you want to stop that scroll, and so it could say like something about the sale $20 off,  weight loss, or a Q&A if that's what you’re going to be doing. 


But if you were scrolling, what is it that would stop you?


Have you found any problems with sending links in the DMS?


Yes! it's not clickable links, so they have to copy.

I do try to get people over to another platform, if possible.

So like, I'll try to get them over to Facebook  I'm trying to get them over a lot of times to another platform because it's just easier.


They're on TikTok, and they can see some of my videos or whatever. But if they're on Facebook, they're getting those notifications every time I post,  and so I want them to be able to follow me and really get to know me, so I try to have them whether it's Facebook or Instagram I try to bring them over.👥

Did you feel overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to edit and like all those things inside the app?

I did at first.  This is what happened to me in the past, I will sit in my mind and obsess and feel overwhelmed. I haven't even started the task yet. 

But then when I actually forced myself to sit down and do it, it's like, Damn, this wasn't as bad as I thought.


And so what my suggestion would be: Don't overthink it. Just sit down and say I'm gonna take 30 minutes. I'm going to sit down and I'm actually going to do it. And if you have questions about certain things, I mean YouTube videos, you have so many videos on TikTok and you know how to do this?


Do you repurpose your videos onto Instagram?

Yes, and so there are some apps where you can if you can remember before you actually put your captions on to your video, then save your video to your phone because then when you upload to Instagram you can use Instagram’s captions as opposed.


Most of us have started screen recording so we started screen recording like when it's in the preview stage with our phone will screen record it so then we can use Instagram reels features.

You can share straight to your story from TikTok. So if you're just like me, you don't want to do Instagram reels. Then you can just share it straight from there.




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