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April 2, 2021
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April 26, 2021

How To Use Instagram Reels For Network Marketing

What kind of Instagram reels should I be posting as a network marketer to get leads and to get more sales?🤔


I don't want you to forget that leads are actually people. Instagram reels are being pushed in the front on the Instagram platform.


So it's giving you an opportunity to be able to get in front of leads for free, new people. 🤯


If you are not using Instagram to generate leads… you are leaving money on the table.


(At the end of this episode you'll see the recommended times to post Reels! Keep on reading…)


In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 I am going to teach you  what kind of Instagram reels to post as a Network Marketer for generating new leads + to make more sales.


Press Play Below ⤵️


Here's what I can tell you, you should not be selling your product or recruiting from your reels.


If you are  like, “What is she talking about? Isn't that what you do on social media?”


🙅‍♀️ NO, listen to me for a minute.


There are two types of things you can do. ✌️


  1. You can do Instagram reels to get in front of new people
  2. You can add Instagram reels that are talking to your existing audience.


We're going to talk a little bit about both today.



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You need to make sure in your reels you know which audience you’re talking to. I don't want you selling in your stories. ❌


I need you to think like a marketer. ✔️


If you are marketing in your reels, what you're really selling is YOU.


You're marketing your mission, why you do what you do, and the behind-the-scenes.


Your whole idea is to create engagement so you can create a conversation that builds a relationship so you can build the trust factor.🤝


When you're building like that, selling becomes simple. I'm not going to say easy because nothing is easy in life.


🔑 The key that I've found in Instagram Reels is   creating the conversation.  


So if I'm creating conversation in the Instagram reels I can create a relationship and sell in my stories.


Some of you are like, “Oh, it's just easy to get in front of new people so I'm going to sell all the time in my Instagram reels.”


You might get one or two sales doing that or you might get a lot of sales doing that, but then the reorders are going to be hard because all you're doing is selling.


  All roads in your marketing on Instagram need to lead to the DM's.  


Any time there's a high ticket sale or any time somebody's bought something where I've recruited, it's come from the DM's


I want you to think of the Instagram Reels as an opportunity to get in front of new people and to give them a 15 to 30-second trailer of what it would mean to be around you.


When somebody comes to my Instagram reel, if it's super professional, and it's super on point with editing, somebody might be intimidated by that and that's not really who I am.


I just did an Instagram Reel where Marisa's throwing money on me, she's literally making it rain on me and I'm dancing and I'm a hot mess.


Here, I will share it below for you to watch:



But when someone sees that they're going to be like, “Oh dude, she's so funny like me.” And others are going to be like, “Dude, she's a nut job like me.”


That's what you're creating.


You find other weirdos that love you as a weirdo.🤪


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Anyway, you’ve got to be you. You got to show these people who you are. You've got to keep it 💯


If you're not who you are at the end of the day.


It just won’t work. 


When you post about your product I want you to think about posting about the benefits, stories around it, reviews, myths, and the how-to's when it comes to your products.


How-To's are great because people are like, “Oh, she's actually using the product.”


When you think about posting about your product, think of the benefits, testimonials and stories, myths that you can hit, reviews that you can do.


I just gave you 4-5 reels that you could do right there. #You'reWelcome 😉



When you post about your lifestyle I want you to think about who are you, introducing yourself, because you're getting in front of new people.


So you can maybe do story-time where you tell them something you did over the weekend in a Reel.


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People are interested in that kind of stuff.


  • When you post about your lifestyle what are some real struggles or obstacles that you have or that you have had?
  • What are some common questions that messy moms ask or messy humans ask? 
  • What are some trending things happening in your niche?


Do you know that I got 15 new customers on my product from that TikTok/Reels that had nothing to do with my product?


But I'm talking about my lifestyle I'm showing who I am and that was something that was trending and I made it a trend for the OG moms who don't have perfect skin.


I'm talking to those people, so I need you to stop selling and start marketing who you are.


What does it look like to be a part of you?


That's what these people want to be a part of. That's what these leads, want to connect to you.


What are the recommended times to post on Instagram Reels?





Now it's your turn Heeler!👠


What is holding you back from making Instagram reels?


I want to get back to you and answer your questions.



Marina Simone



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