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How To Use Short-Form Video To Attract Your Niche As A Network Marketer

⬇️How To Use Short-Form Video To Attract Your Niche As A Network Marketer⬇️




When it comes to network marketing, I see a lot of people only talking about their products or talking about how they’re a Top Earner in their company. But if you want to succeed in network marketing, you need to become aware that talking only about shiz like this will actually get you scrolled past and ignored. 😶


The idea is to use social media to pull people in. 💡


And you need to develop your niche in order to do that. 


A niche is what you talk about and to who. 🤗


It’s not your product and it’s not your company rank. ❌


 I’m going to let you in on some secrets that I’ve never shared outside of my paid programs, but it’s time. 😉

Because I really need you to see how you can truly capitalize off of short-form video like Reels™, TikTok™, and Stories to make the money that you really want to make in your business. 😎

🔥Determine Your Niche🔥

When you are trying to determine your niche, you want to look for people LIKE YOU (before you had access to your product). 👭


It’s a whole thought process that you want to go through to nail who you should be talking to on your videos. 

So, let’s say I sell a weight loss product. I’m going to ask myself, “Who is like me that needs this product?” 🤔


Who am I? I’m a mom of two beautiful girls I love very much. But who also makes me a little overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition. So much so that I end up just snacking on pizza or chicken nuggets (because God forbid anybody eats a veggie, amirite??), instead of making something healthy and good for me. 


That tells me that there are women out there, like me, who are busy taking care of their families and leaving themselves the leftovers. 😲


They do that because they are tired, frustrated, and just done❗️


So, now that I realize that I am talking to busy moms who don’t have the time to take care of their own nutritional needs, I’m going to look for those people on Instagram.🕵️‍♀️


Apply what I just did to YOUR product and see who you come up with as your niche‼️

🔎Where To Find Your People🔍

Now that you know WHO your people are, now you can go LOOK for them. 👀


I want you to go to Reels and search up some #’s relating to the person you just determined you need to talk to. Sticking to my own example, when I search through Reels, I see that there are fewer #exhaustedmom Reels than there are #mommyfatigue Reels. 


Using that 411, I know I need to make content that is related to that #. Now I can decide what kind of content to make by looking at what’s already being made in that niche. 🤯

 💥The Secret Short-Form Video Sauce💥

Now that you’ve made and posted your Reel, I want you to do some real Master Skill SHiZ!


I want you to IMMEDIATELY go search the #’s you just used on your own content and:👇👇👇

  • Visit the first 9 videos in the list (you can totally do more, but in a pinch, it’s okay to stick with the top 9 – they’ll be the ones with the most engagement, anyway
  • Heart each one of those Reels or TikToks or Stories
  • Comment on each one with a relevant comment (don’t just leave an emoji and bolt!)



The platform is going to see you engaging with each other and begin to show more of your content to those people! 👏


THIS is where your growth comes from. THIS is how you use short-form videos like Reels, TikTok, and Stories to explode your niche, just like I did. 😁


When you utilize this strategy, you develop a true niche that consistently feeds your business leads, whereas always talking about your product or your rank will just get you ignored. 😬


You got this! Now, get out there and blow up your social with this exclusive and powerful strategy!💥👠



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