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June 24, 2018
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Building your Network Marketing Business: Instagram™ or Facebook?™

Building your network marketing business with Facebook and Instagram

Are you struggling to understand which platform is best when it comes to building your network marketing business??

Will Facebook™ crash and not work anymore now that IGTV for Instagram™ is out?

Will everyone from Facebook leave and run over to Instagram?

Hey there Heelers! Yes, it is true.

Instagram is now the fastest growing Social Media Platform app!

They just hit 1 BILLION active monthly users and now with the new IGTV video, Instagram is creating a HUGE hysteria the Network Marketing business.


In this Episode, we are going to talk about the pros and cons to Instagram and Facebook and which platform to start with based on who YOUR target audience is for social media.




I know you are asking me right now… “Marina, you have been telling us to use Facebook this whole time, what do we do now?!”


You can build a business on BOTH Facebook and Instagram platforms! Deep breath Heeler!


I’ve built a multiple six-figure Brand and Network Marketing Business using Facebook Business. I have 15k plus followers on Instagram and I have recruited from Instagram into my Network Marketing Business before. So I promise you I am qualified to teach you this information. LOL


So let's get to the goodies!!



Is Facebook or Instagram better to grow my business? 

Facebook has more overall users, however their growth has stalled to 3.4%

Instagram is growing faster at 5% quarter to quarter.


However, I want you to understand something KEY on social media marketing trends:


When something new is launched on a social media platform, what happens? It sky rockets right away, but don’t think that you have to forget all about using Facebook for business, drop it, and replace it by marketing your business on Instagram.

All this means is  there is a new gadget you can now use to leverage your following on Instagram.  It’s a good thing!!

Remember SnapChat? (LOL I’m actually waiting for it to be a RIP moment like Periscope… but I will just leave that there.)


Well, a lot of users are now switching to Instagram because of the Instagram Stories. These stories are now catching more attention because of the features they have and my favorite, the Swipe UpSwipe up is when you can take someone off the Instagram platform and on to your Blog, Facebook Live, and so many other awesome gifs, stickers etc.

Yes, SnapChat has the swipe up method but that platform is just not as large as Instagram’s, so that’s why users are moving over to Instagram.

Even the Celebrities are moving over and repurposing their content!



Now, let’s get into the 3 things I've learned from Network Marketing based on my experience 

1.  What’s your system for exposure? 

I personally like to use the ATM (add, tag, message) system in my Facebook groups when building my Network Marketing Business. Why? It’s because Facebook groups are HUGE and it’s the easiest way to expose someone QUICKLY.

So I want you to think about this, if you are using Facebook groups to grow your Business, you’re going to have to grab people on Instagram, find them on Facebook, add them to your friends list in Facebook, and then get them into your Facebook group.  You will also have to start sending them links, then you should follow up with them. With Facebook groups, you are capturing them.

There is no ATM process on Instagram.



2. Who is your Target Audience for Social Media?

If you target audience is 30 or younger, Instagram will be awesome! There are a lot of millennials on Instagram and it’s a great way to promote your product.

You can also cross promote, where you get people from your Instagram to go to your Facebook page.

3. Do you need to drop one social media platform to build the other?

NO. You don’t have to do this, you can repurpose your content. You can have a different message on each platform. For example, I use my Instagram business page as a ‘behind the scenes’ look and have tons of fun on there.

Not everything you put on your Facebook business page HAS to be on your Instagram page. You will be able to reach more people if you provide a different message to each of your target audiences!


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Let’s Slay Online Sales!!

Marina Simone


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