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We're going to talk about that phrase that we hear all the time. Or maybe we say all the time, and it's I don't have time to …


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Let's get right into it.

  A lot of times we think we don't have time, when we do and believe it or not time is something that's very valuable.

We're all trying to get that back in our network marketing business, right? Or in our home-based business.

We're trying to make extra income to make more time.

But if you don't have the time to work your business, then it's like you're just spinning your wheels and you're on that hamster wheel. 🔄

Okay, so I want to teach you guys how to stretch those 24 hours.

I  want to give you guys a little breakdown of my day today.🙋‍♀️

Woke up, started meal prepping because yesterday I did not have time to meal prep. 

So I woke up this morning, had to make 12 meals for myself, 18 meals for my Honey Bunches of Oats.❤️

Then I had to make another 12 meals for my father-in-law. 😁

Then while I was cooking, I was getting my content ready for this week.

I had the stuff to do for my branding. I have a new client for coaching. So I had to get stuff going with her.

I also did three calls for my team, as well as making a post on Facebook, also had to go school shopping for my Honey Bunches of Oats.

Then I came home. I also made dinner. And then I prepared myself for this Facebook Live. 👏

How the heck did I do this?🤯

And FYI, I didn't wake up till 9:30 am. Since it's summer,  I'm letting myself sleep in a little bit.

But how did I get all of that done without going cray cray

I'm a mom, right? I'm the woman of the house. I run two businesses like, how do I get this all done?

It's all in my mind. And I'm going to tell you why. First of all, have you ever heard from a team member or somebody in your team?

“I just don't have time to go to the event” or “I don't have time to get on the training call”?

How many times have we heard that?

 🔥  I don't have time to be active on Facebook to build my business. I don't have time. I don't have time to exercise.🔥

Have you heard that before? 👆👆👆

I've been there. I did that for two and a half years of my business. I used to make that excuse.

I was working a full-time job, working literally 60 hours a week.

I was a single mom at that time. And I was like, how am I gonna spend time with my family and build my business.🤔

What I realized was, the things that were important to me, I made sure I got done.

The things that were not important to me, were not on my priority list.

  My business was not a priority.❌

I wanted to make six figures for my first two and a half years in network marketing.

I wanted to be the top leader, wanted to make money,  wanted to have this big team.

But it was not a priority for me.

So if something is a priority to you, and you want it that bad, I guarantee you will get it done with the same 24 hours. 

So we've heard that before we know that they're excuses.

  I hate to say that because I used to be one of those people that used to get so mad when my upline said to me “Marina, you can't be on the training call because why?

And I would say because I'm putting my daughter down, and my upline would reply with, “okay, you're putting your daughter to sleep, you can't be on the phone and just listen. It's not like you have to talk.”

So I was not making it a priority.

I was just using excuses.

  I want you to take those excuses, and I want you to kick them out of your system now.✌️

You do have time, you just have to prioritize. 

 So when something is a priority, you're going to get it done. 

What are you going to do? You're going to procrastinate. Procrastination is a disease. This was me to the T.💯

Have you guys ever done this before where you're like, I'm going to clean my whole house today? 

I'm going to scrub the floors, clean the oven, and the microwave, then I'm going to sweep. 

I'm gonna do all the laundry, clean out my drawers at the spring cleaning even though it's summer, even though it might be winter. 

 We're going to get all this stuff done. All of a sudden we start cleaning, we started a little area, and then ADD  kicks in. 😯

Have you ever done that before? Yeah, that's me too.  And all of a sudden, I realized instead of cleaning,

I've made a bigger mess than what I've actually started.

And let me tell you why that happens.

There's a whole psychology behind it, believe it or not, Tony Robbins talks about it.

And he talks about mastering your time.

And he says that your time has an emotion connected to it. 

So when I'm going to clean the house, I get anxious.

I might get a little bit excited because I think I'm going to do it. But then I think about the process. I think about the process behind cleaning my house.

And I start thinking about cleaning the toilets, and it grosses me out, then I start thinking about laundry.

I don't mind putting the stuff in the washer, and then into the dryer, but folding and actually putting stuff away, the process of it is giving me anxiety.😣

So my emotion attached to cleaning the house, I get overwhelmed.

Have you guys ever felt overwhelmed before because you have so much to do, you say you're going to do it? But then when you actually get in the action of doing it, you start to freak out and you're like, I'm not doing this.😐

And the emotion that is attached to that task is something that's crappy. It's either anxiety or fear, whatever. It is different for everyone.

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Now think of it in context to your business.

You think about the process of what it's going to take you to build a big business, or even build a couple of $1,000 a month of all the work that you're going to have to do.💸

And instead of you focusing on the end goal and the small little tasks and putting an emotion of excitement and belief behind it, you're putting the emotion of overwhelming anxiety and fear behind it, and you're not doing anything in your business.🙅‍♀️

So let's say you only had one hour a day to actually build your business, what is that emotion connected to building your business?

Because I'll tell you right now if you are given the opportunity to quit your job and build your business full time if your emotion behind working your business is crap.

If your business emotion is crap, and there is no belief in yourself, there's no belief in your business model. 

You're still going to not have time because your emotion that's connected to it is crap.👎

So here's the deal when I first started making six figures over three and a half years ago in network marketing, and I sold my business and I wasn't working in corporate America anymore.

I was like, Whoa, this is super, super exciting.😆

Because now that I have all day while my daughter's in school and I have nobody bothering me and I don't have a boss that's over my shoulder. And I don't have deadlines.

I'm gonna rock this business and take it to seven figures three and a half years ago.

This is what I was thinking in my head.🤔

Well, the first day I was like, I don't really have time today because I need to do X, Y, and Z. And then the next I would say I was gonna do it tomorrow.

Then I kind of did a little bit but I didn't go ham.

Then before I knew it, five months was passed of still making six figures.😲

But I stopped and I looked at my business and I was like, wait a minute.

I haven't been doing as much as I could’ve been doing because my emotion behind the time was crap.

And my belief in getting my business to seven figures was crap, and I was using the excuse of tomorrow.

So the same excuses you have now?

If you were home able to work your business 24 hours a day, you're still gonna have the same excuse.

Are you guys getting this? Do you understand how emotion is connected to time?  It's seriously a big deal.

Let's think of it from our prospects' sides.

We're talking to our best friends, or we're talking to a business owner, we're talking to those busy people, right?

So those busy people just don't have time to build an at-home business.

They're not telling you that they don't have time, because they really believe they don't have time.

They're telling you they don't have time because of the emotion and the thought of having to build a home-based business when they think they barely have time to breathe.

It's giving them anxiety.

And so that's why they're not stopping and taking a look.

Do you understand this?

They think they don't have the time. But they absolutely do.

The same way that you do, you have the same 24 hours in a day that I do.

And let me just tell you, I get more done in three hours than I do in 24.💥

Because it's where I'm focusing my energy on in those three hours.

I know that if I have three hours to accomplish X, Y, and Z, I better be super focused.

I better have it like, specific, I better not overwhelm myself. I got to stick to the basics. 

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I’ve got five key things that I want you to implement. 🖐

So here's the deal.

You need to master your time. How are you going to master your time? It's simple, what is a priority to you?👌

If building your business is a need, or a want, with no belief behind it, that emotion that's connected to the time that you're going to it's not time-specific.

There's no time stamp on it, you're going to actually work your business in desperation.📉

So a new emotion is actually going to be created from you not having time. Stop overwhelming yourself.

 Ever relate to this, we hear from people, I don't have time to exercise.

So how many of you know that it is super, super important to add some kind of exercise into your week?

How many of you know that it's important to absolutely exercise at least a couple of times a week?

 It's going to get your endorphins up and it's great for weight loss. We know all this stuff.💪

What do you think the main excuse is why people are not exercising?

It's because they don't have time or they think they don't have time.⏳

Most people do not exercise not because they don't have time.

It's the emotion behind the exercise.

I know because I'm one of those people. 

I get anxious when I think about working out or going to a gym.

That's why I work out at home.

I still get it and I have to force myself. I can do it tomorrow. We always say that. And then tomorrow comes and we don't do it.🙍‍♀️

But it's the anxiety around the process of working out.

Now we're not focusing just on the process, we're focusing on.  

So we're focusing on the anxiety of the work that has to be done.

And so we in our minds are saying it's because we don't have time, it's a fact of we are creating an emotion around it.😯

Yeah, are we having some aha moments right now?

So time is an emotion

If you don't believe in yourself that you can have success.

If you don't take the actions, the small actions to have success, you are going to create an emotion around your business that is not great.

You want to avoid this emotion with your business.

You have to be connected to your business, you have to feel your business.

That's why you're here. 

Because if your “why”puts you in desperation mode 😰

But your emotion connected to your business isn't powerful, isn't empowering, isn't inspiring. 

You get anxious when you think about building your business.

Of course, you're not gonna have time, it's not a priority. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So you got to make that shift.

Instead, you need to build your belief in yourself, personal development every single day.

I don't have time for personal development. Listen, if you drive in a car, you’ve got plenty of time.

Bob Heilig has a podcast, Simon Chan has a podcast, there are lots of podcasts you can listen to as you drive.

There's always time for personal development

So build up the belief in yourself, build up the belief in the industry, build up the belief in your company, build the belief up in your business model.📈

Because when your belief is there, you have that confidence, you're gonna make it a priority.

You're gonna feel good when you're working your business and you're gonna have fun. 

Did you know? That when you over chunk, okay, this is what Tony Robbins calls it.

He calls it over chunking. When you over-chunk your goals when you over-chunk things that you want to get done in your business.

You're creating an emotion of negativity connected to your business, so stop over-chunking things.

The worst part is that you're breaking promises to yourself‼️

Because we feel better when we sit down and we make a to-do list right? I do this all the time.

I sit down, I have a whiteboard the size of Timbuktu in my kitchen, you guys and I make that to-do list, I make my follow-up list.

I write down my prospects. I write down the things I'm going to get done. It feels great.😊

But then a week goes by and I go back to that to-do list. And I realized that I didn't do ish.

And guess what happens? I broke a promise to myself, then I'm frustrated.

Now I start beating up on myself.

Now I create the emotion of not believing in myself even more.

I can't even do a to-do list.

How am I going to build a successful business and network marketing?

It's all connected.

Do you see what I'm saying? So what you start thinking about is where you're going to focus, “The Law of Attraction”, y'all.

What you think about is where you're going to focus, what you're focusing on is a priority, and your emotion is connected to all of it.

So we have to control the emotion we put with the time.

Time is an emotion. That priority is gonna make it happen.

So here's an example. My daughter had to read X amount of books before she goes back to school.

Now, I know that as a mom, I will be labeled as a bad mom, if my kid goes back to school and she hasn't read all those books.

But my daughter doesn't want to read books. Instead, she wants to play, it's summer.

So she doesn't have time. Seven years old. “I don't have time mom, I'm busy.”

Because she has a schedule in the summer it's hilarious.😂

Of course, she doesn't have time. It's not a priority for her. But it's a priority for me.

So I make sure I grab her by the ponytail, her daddy and I make her sit down and read those books.

It's a priority. Make it a Priority.

 So the last thing I'm going to share with you guys is Tony Robbins talks about change is actually not the ability. 

It's motivation or drive.

So making a change,

which is what I have tattooed on my arm because that's something that I have struggled with my whole life.

At 19 years old I actually got this tattoo.

Because my mom always said change is really hard for you.

I said to myself, if I have this on my wrist, I can remind myself that when I'm going through change, or when change happens, I don't need to freak out like it was a reminder for me.

So when I think back now to like where I come from 19 to 33 years old with change, motivation and drive have got me to where I am in my life.

All areas, and especially in my network marketing business.

So I created an emotion around the time of what I was willing to do to get to where I want it to be without working in desperation mode.

And I realized that my drive, my “why”, and my motivation, is what helps me with the change.

So it's not like a skill or an ability.

It was my mindset of the shift that I made of what was valuable to me and what was a priority. 

 You need to know what you want and know how you're going to get there.

I know you guys were like, wait a minute, where were those 24-hour tips.

Where can I squish the three hours of time into the 24 hours?

This is it, but I got something else for you.😉

You need to know what you want. If I didn't know where I was going with my branding, how am I going to get there? Like, how do I know like, I got to know what I want?

I got to know how I'm going to get there. And I have to focus on the basic steps to get me there.

Because otherwise, I'm going to not have any time. I'm going to over-chunk everything.

I'm going to be exhausted.😴

I'm going to get so agita, an Italian word for anxiety if you're wondering, I'm gonna get so agita that I'm not going to do ish, right? We all do this.

So here's the deal.

You need to create a checklist number one, number two, you need to start completing small tasks.

And number three, you need to change the emotions that are connected to your business.

I am going to have checklists uploaded into my training group, my moms and heels group.

If you're a dude, you could be in there.

I just named it moms and heels because I love my heels.

And that's my brand. So in my group, I'm gonna have some checklists, I'm gonna have some Facebook checklists.

I'm gonna have a lot of great stuff that's coming up.❤️

So listen, stop overwhelming yourself, change the emotion around your business, and just know that you do have time for whatever it is that you're building.

Bye, guys.



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