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Sales Secrets to Build Up Your Know, Like + Trust Factor
June 25, 2021
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August 8, 2021

6 Instagram Story Ideas That Create Instant Engagement

What's up Heeler! 👠Marina Simone here! CEO and founder of Moms and Heels™.


In this episode of the Slay Online Sales Series, 👠 we're going to talk about Instagram, and six-story ideas that I've been using that has created instant engagement.


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And by the way, you can also use this on Facebook stories and anywhere else that gives you LinkedIn stories, I think stories now YouTube, whatever, wherever you have the things that I'm going to share with you that create engagement with different stickers and polls and options.


Here's the deal, we want our audience to engage with us, if our audience is not engaging with us, then they're going to forget about us. The last thing we want is for our audience to forget about us because when you're taking them through a process of trying to see if this follower is going to turn into a sale, or turn into a recruit or turn into something for you if they're not engaging with you, they really don't feel a connection to you.



By the way, I've been hashtag guilty of this before, where I've talked at my audience versus talking to my audience and with my audience. They want to know more about you, they want to engage with you.



I'm going to share with you the six top ways that I have gotten instant engagement that has helped build the know like and trust factor with my audience.


Number #1


This or that. I actually did this, because I'm getting my nails done later today. And I decided to take pictures of nails that I liked. And I put them in my stories and I said “This one or that one”. And I did it with four different ones. And then I shared the results with my audience of this is the one that you guys chose. Stay tuned, because I'll show you which ones, I decided to get and what that does is that keeps your audience around.

Share behind the scenes

Show off


So, you can do that with all kinds of things this or that. Another way this or thoughts are really good is to actually get pain points from your audience. Are you struggling to lose weight because you eat too much? Or because you hate working out? Or is the frickin boss because Hello, that's me.


Number #2

Ask for advice. People love giving their opinions even when you don't frickin want them. Right? Yeah, exactly. So, ask for advice. And I would ask for advice around your niche because then it's going to show you who's following you that's interested in the products you have to offer.

Number #3

Quiz! Okay, so now there's a quiz option that's really cool inside the Instagram stickers, where you can actually choose to write like a quiz, like, okay, what's my dog's name, and then give four different names, and then make it to where they can actually see which one was right or wrong? Well, I have a quick tutorial somewhere down there is a link to how you can do that.



Use the question sticker


But basically, this is awesome, because then it lets them into your world. And then you can see how many people already know you. And how many people are brand new that are following you that are trying to engage with you and don't know the answers. This is powerful because I will actually go and message the people that have participated in a quiz and thank them for participating and start up a conversation. Because engagement is important. Your audience needs to feel like you give you know what about them.



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I’ve got five key things that I want you to implement. 🖐



Number #4

Are brain teasers. These are hilarious, especially on Facebook, honestly. But have you ever seen like an apple plus an orange equals a banana? And then it tells you like what each number is and what the value is?



Anyway, long story short, people love brain teasers. Maybe you've seen like a word search inside of like a What do you call it like the word search thing? And it says what are the first three words that you see, this creates instant engagement, and it's going to, again, get these people in your DM because of the engagement.


Number #5

You're seriously leaving a lot of money on the table if you're not using memes whether you're an Instagram, Facebook, I don't care where you are, memes are funny people laugh. And when you can find one that makes sense for your niche and make someone laugh. It creates an emotional reaction. And then it's going to create engagement.



Number #6

Is a little bit dangerous… Because it's asking me anything, there's actually a little question box that you can use. And you can literally have them ask you anything. Or you can ask questions for certain shows that that are out there. What's a favorite movie of yours? There's a whole bunch of things you can do with that.




Ask questions


But again, it creates engagement. Now I need to say something and I'm going to say it and I'm going to look you straight in the eye. Okay? If you don't get any responses, that doesn't mean you suck. It doesn't mean people aren't interested in you. People are moving really fast in the stories.


So I want you to not judge yourself or judge your content right away. When you start using these types of things.


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Give this a good 60 to 90 days, and you'll see that your audience will feel more comfortable engaging with you.


Not everybody is like oh my gosh, I just want to hit the heart button hit the LIKE and comment. People are scared on social media believe it or not, and so they need to feel more comfortable with you. So, this will help you build a like know and trust factor with your audience and create more sales.


Don’t forget – Like and subscribe and turn the notification bells on so you never miss a free training. Comment below. Tell me which one of these are you going to do first bye Heeler. 👠

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