3-Steps To Turn Your Mess Into a Message That Builds Community
3-Steps To Turn Your Mess Into a Message That Builds Community
January 27, 2023
Top Earners’ Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout Blog
Top Earner Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout
February 10, 2023






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BOO THANG!! OMG! Guess who I got to sit down with the other day!! 🤩


The one.  🔥🔥🔥

Elena Cardone! 👑


I wanted to sit down with this BILLIONAIRE MOM and get her thoughts on business and family because we could ALL use some of that advice! 


As you probably know, Elena is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, investor, competitive sharp shooter, and trained MMA fighter… 

to say she is a force to be reckoned with is really the understatement of the year! ✨


She’s more than just an entrepreneur. She’s a phenomenal mom and an inspiration, so I asked her: 


What can moms do about mom-guilt? 


I mean,

we all suffer from it on some level.

Mine used to be WAY worse, but I’ve learned to connect with my girls in meaningful ways so that they always know that, even if I’m not there, I’m always there for them. ❤


The Solution Is Clear

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Elena’s solution for mom guilt was finding her purpose.


Once she realized her purpose(S!), she was able to create a balance that allowed her to serve both of them!


And for Elena, one of her main purposes is being a mom.

While society has long diminished our roles in the world as moms, she recognized early on that it will be us women who change the world,

and with that power comes the responsibility of raising aware, responsible, and contributing members of society. 


With motherhood being her purpose, first and foremost, she knew there was more to Elena Cardone. 


Her secondary mission is to bring back the family and give women the power to own their voices so they can influence their children’s lives, their spouse’s lives, and their communities. 


By discovering her purposes, Elena is able to clearly and confidently manage her time between the two. 


So, if you’re struggling to find that place that feels good, that is void of the MOM GUILT that keeps you from acting bolder and taking more action,

then put your heart and soul into finding your purpose, BOO!


That kind of clarity? Creates FREEDOM for you. So do that work.

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The Second Pillar Of Success

Back in 2008, Elena and Grant were on the verge of losing everything. And I mean everything. 


She had no support for her kids at that time. There was no Chanel. No nanny or family assistant. 


There were no dinners out. Nothing. 😔


Elena and Grant were all about investing in themselves and their businesses so they could create their dreams. 


But once they had invested all they could in themselves: they had done the speaking courses, the mentorship, all the things, you know?…


Once they had done that, they began investing in PEOPLE. 🤝


They’d get someone to help take care of the kids a couple of days per week. They’d get a housekeeper as often as they could, etc. 


Because people are NOT an expense. 


They are an investment because they help YOU do MORE. 💥


So, Elena’s next piece of advice after finding your purpose is to begin investing in the support you need to do more of the things you need to do. 😊


Don’t waste your time cleaning your house if that’s not part of your purpose.

Get someone to come to do it, even if you can only manage to get that help once a month. 


Get a nanny if you need help with the kids, even if it’s only a couple of days per week. 👌


What If…

What if you have NO one to depend on and you HAVE to work and you can’t spend on anything outside of what you bring in? 


That means at this moment, THAT’S your purpose. You’re providing hot meals and a roof for your kids and that’s HUGE.

Don’t diminish what you’re doing.

In the meantime, do what you can, when you can. 


Elena is the GOAT, mkay?? She does SO much outside of being a mom. And she serves her purposes with confidence and conviction. 


If you want to reach that level of success, find YOUR purpose(s?) and invest in the support you need to reach those dreams. 




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