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How to Build a Brand and Influence Online Utilizing Attraction Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

You are posting everyday on Social Media, you are being consistent, you are engaging with others.But they're still not finding you and you are not building an audience that is converting into sales and reps for your business. Fortunately, there's marketing tricks you might not even know you have up your sleeve: the power of your voice and message. As an influencer there are 3 ways to grow an audience and do it FAST. My new Heels Up Academy is designed to help you stand out even in the most crowded space of Social Media.

  • I have approached people about the business that I otherwise would not have- and guess what? 2 out of 3 are interested in learning more! Hopefully will join me. I'm excited!
  • I’ve recruited my first team member, ranked up, really developed a brand to a point where a marketing company that a friend works with reached out to me to freelance with them, engagement is way up and I’m excited about what I do and excited to work!
  • Discovering my brand and flourish as a leader. Through your teachings I have learned to believe in myself and believe the network marketing profession is also for me. You are the best Marina Simone.
  • Consistently getting incredible engagement on every post I make...500+ views and some shares on lives...stories making connections. Saturating then with value and the most genuine me and loving the response!
  • Growing my connections and planning my time better.... DMO & SOS baby all the way.
  • " excited to get some amazing training by the one and Marina Simone today...this woman is a total rockstar!"
    - Betsy Savage Croney
  • “If you want what they got you have to be willing to do what they do. According to the DSA women in Network Marketing top off at 84%. Women dominate this industry. Ever since I sneaked into her Private Facebook Group Moms and Heels/MLM Training I have been blown away. Even though moms dominate there are a few of us dads who believe and can truly benefit from the lives, lessons, action steps and strategy in this group.”
    - Michael Ray Chavez
  • “Double Ranking in a day…. I think that counts as 3 reasons!!!!”
    - Erin Murphy
  • “Real, raw, and right to the point!!”
    - Donna Paggi