How to Introduce Yourself Inside Facebook™ Groups to Get More Leads
April 13, 2020
3 Ways to Create Engagement for Instagram™ Posts
May 24, 2020

How to Get More Instagram™ Followers from Facebook™ Groups

How to Get More Instagram Followers From Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a FANTASTIC tool for growing your network marketing business and a great way to increase brand awareness online! On top of that, they can also be used to gain more followers for Instagram. This means more exposure, and more eyes on your business.


Yasss! Keep more coming 🤑


By simply connecting with people inside of these Facebook groups, you can find those ideal clients (hot leads), and drive them straight to your Instagram page, which will eventually lead to more organic Instagram followers. 🤳



This is such a great strategy mainly because it’s completely authentic, and I think we can all agree that authenticity = attraction + is the new currency these days, right? When you connect with people in a genuine way, they FEEL it! As soon as they establish that connection with your message, I promise you those humans will be more than happy to follow you across all your social media platforms.  In fact, they will stalk ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES TO FOLLOW YOU. 


In this episode of The Slay Online Sales series, 👠 I'll be sharing 5 effective HACKS on how YOU can get more Instagram Followers from Facebook Groups.


How about we start by addressing one huge struggle people experience when building their network marketing  business and brand.




You first have to ask yourself: WHO do I want to sell my products or services to? Once you've figured the who, move on to the where. WHERE do I find these potential customers? 

See, Heeler, this is where it's all going to make sense. 👀



Today, I'm here to make sure that you're using these Facebook Groups to your advantage by not only finding those ideal customers/clients, but also effectively being able to bring them over to platforms like Instagram, and increase your following across the board. 🙌



Advantages of Using Facebook Groups for Business:


  • Direct Access to Your Target Market

What's so amazing about Facebook is that they've essentially done the work for you! If you're selling a weight loss program, look up fitness groups. Pet products? Try searching for something general, like “pet lovers”. What came up? I guarantee you there was a LIST for you to choose from, right??

Facebook Group Pages


  • Free Way to Connect with Your Ideal Customer:

One of the best things about Facebook groups is that they're available to you for FREE.

Facebook has allowed other humans to create these specialized groups where users can come together based on similar interests.

You literally have these groups at your fingertips and a perfect opportunity to grow your biz.

Here's your chance to promote your brand or business in a group of thousands of people who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.


  • Business/Brand Recognition:

When you make a point to show up in Facebook groups (whether commenting or posting), they get curious. This curiosity usually drives people directly to your Facebook profile.

The key here is to link your Facebook to your Instagram profile so they can check you out. This alone translates to increased brand visibility which means more eyes on your business. 📢


  • Amazing Way To Network for Your Business:

Adding value or engaging in a Facebook group pages not only gives you exclusive access to people looking for your product or service, it’s also a great way to NETWORK!

Brands are always looking for influencers or people to work with inside of Facebook groups because they're all accessible in one place.



So, are you ready to bring over those Facebook group members to your Instagram??


Perfect! Because I'm beyond excited to share these 5 hacks with you that will help you leverage Facebook Groups to GROW your following. 📈


👇 Here are 5 hacks to turning Facebook groups into Instagram followers:


#1. Do me a favor, Heeler. Go ahead and grab a pen and paper (this will only take a few minutes – promise). Remember when I asked you earlier who your target audience was? OK, well take that audience and ask yourself what kind of groups would these people would most likely be apart of? Go ahead and write down a list of as many as you can think of (I recommend at least 20!) 


Now go and find 3 groups to join for each one of those 20 groups on your list. I know that it may seem like a lot but it’s going to take some time to find the right groups that promote a sense of community within them. The goal is to find a group that has people communicating and engaging with one another. This translates to more people actively engaged in the group and more eyeballs on your business. It definitely takes a bit of work in the beginning, but the payoff is well worth it in the end. 💞



#2. Join the groups! Scope out the groups and do your best to avoid those that have little to no engagement. This usually means people are leaving as fast as their joining because the group is not adding any real value. 🚫


Watch out for “spammy” groups, too. Nobody wants their feed spammed all day long. Chances are, a lot of their members will get fed-up and leave. Weed them out – this is where your list of options (from your 20) will come in handy when finding the perfect groups for your business. 



#3. Introduce yourself inside the groups. This is an important step and your delivery has to be on point to really stand out! – see my blog “How to Introduce Yourself Inside Facebook™ Groups to Get More Leads” where I go into more detail on this.

When done right, introductions allow you to build authority, puts a face to your name/brand, and helps build a meaningful connection. In doing so, you'll drive attention to your profile and more attention on your Facebook profile translates to more Instagram followers 👏



#4. Optimize for Facebook groups. Once people see your introductions, they’re going to click on your profile. Your cover photo should include your other social media handles so people know how to connect with you across all social media platforms.

If people are loving the engagement you’re contributing along with the content you’re providing, they WILL follow you. Also, if you have a mission statement, you should include that on your cover photo as well. The end goal is to drive more followers to other platforms by cross connecting your profiles.



#5. Here's where you engage in those Facebook groups. In doing so, the other group members will familiarize themselves with you AND your brand! I recommend engaging in the Facebook groups for at least 20- 30 minutes per day. The goal is to find and join Facebook group pages with culture and communication and then apply my 3-3-3 method.


This method includes:

⭐ Liking 3 posts

⭐ Commenting on 3 posts

⭐ Reacting or replying to 3 Stories


If you apply this method to the people already engaging in the group with you, you'll see the number of your followers begin to GROW. 🌱



Now with all that in mind, can you see now how joining Facebook groups related to your industry gives you DIRECT access to your ideal customers?


It's simple!


Once you’ve identified your target customer, you can then figure out the type of Facebook groups you need to join in order to make that connection with those people and drive MORE followers! 📌 Remember, this doesn’t have to mean joining every group and sounding too salesy.


The key is to create and share valuable content with other humans based on the topic of that Facebook group. This will draw them in and eventually bring them to your business page across all social media platforms.


By the way, if you're looking to make some amazing graphics… Check out my FAV website where I create all my content, CANVA!

Canva lets me create all the branded images for my business and is SO simple and easy to use, even for beginners. I mean, HELLLERR it's a no brainer. 

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And don't forget! ☝

You need to make sure your profiles are cross connected so these people know where to find you or your business.


It’s an opportunity for humans to get to know YOU without having to use the “look at me” or check out my page” lingo in every post. In the end, the best way to build a following that will STICK is by being genuine


I hope you've found these tips and tricks useful and are excited to try them out! Don't hesitate! Jump right in because the results are real and are just around the corner!


Until Next Time Heeler 👠


Marina Simone 

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