10 Commandments to Never Break on Facebook
January 13, 2018
Get Social The Right Way – 3 Ways To Be Unforgettable on Social
June 1, 2018

New Facebook Algorithm Changes😫that WILL mess with your ranking! If you are a Network Marketer/Direct Sales REP you need to watch this! What to STOP doing ASAP!

What the heck is ENGAGEMENT BAIT? Is Mark Z for real?

Have you ever noticed that Facebook asks you when you block someone or unfollow someone WHY you actually did that?

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Or when you hide an ad you are sick of seeing they again will ask you WHY?

Here are some crazy things I learned awhile ago:

  • People are always complaining to Facebook about not liking spammy posts or ads they see all the time
  • People don’t like to see the name of your company spammed all over their walls all the time

Ever heard that before?

I know sometimes it can seem like what’s the big deal? Just don’t stop and read it duh! But the deal is this, people are sick of being SOLD on Facebook.  So, in order for Facebook to protect their customers they are listening.


Have you ever posted about your product on Facebook and then in the copy (text) you throw in some of these phrases:

  • Like this if…
  • Share this to…
  • Comment below for…
  • Tag to…

Well I know personally I have used these before.  Why? To obviously get more people to comment and then drive up my rating in the algorithm.  But, Facebook caught on those JERKS! LOL

Do you know what they did?

They created a ROBOT that now reads every text in every post to see where the ENGAGEMENT BAIT is happening and then we get punished! AHHHHHHHH


How do we get punished?

No, don’t worry, your account won’t get deleted.  However, you will get a low rating and then Facebook will decide to NOT show that post to your friends! (Which is the whole point of Facebook in the first place, get in front of more people in a shorter amount of time.)

Don’t stress it.  I have some helpful tips in my video I did that will help you AVOID the drama of ENGAGEMENT BAIT and will help you to ALWAYS be seen in the newsfeed of Facebook.

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