Sip and Slay

Marketing with

Marina Simone

Marina Simone was named top

10 branding coaches in 2020

and 2021 by Yahoo Finance

and has built a 7 figure

business all from leveraging

social media. Marina also built a

successful network marketing

business all online that now has

over 70,000 customers and

reps. As a busy mom of a

preteen and toddler Marina

understands the need for

systems and structure to build

an empire without sacrificing

her family. It's time to Sip and

Slay and build that dream

business so you can go

#cubicle2throne. Not sure how

to market to your niche?

Join in every week as we talk about

how to attract and reach your

true niche on social to convert

more sales.





How to Build a Successful Team in Network Marketing without Overwhelming New Enrollments.

Do you have brand new enrollments that keep ghosting you? They're so excited when they sign up, they're ready to rock and roll. And then literally 72 hours later, they're crickets. Where did they go?  So, this might be a you-problem and not a them-problem.   When you enroll someone into your network marketing business, are you overwhelming them with millions of things they need to do before they even learn how to put one lead on their list?  In this episode of Slay Online Sales, I'm going to teach you exactly how to launch your brand new distributor when they enroll with you and what to avoid so they don't ghost you.



6 Instagram Ideas that Create Instant Engagement with your Followers.

Niche Free Training

Stop cold messaging on social media instead use my 333 method™



How to Use Instagram Reels for Network Marketing and Social Selling Business.

What kind of Instagram reels should you post as a network marketer to get leads and to get more sales? I don't want you to forget that leads are actually people. Instagram reels are being pushed in the front on the Instagram platform. So it's giving you an opportunity to be able to get in front of leads for free, new people. If you are not using Instagram to generate leads… you are leaving money on the table.

(At the end of this episode I will give you some TOP ideas for Reels! Keep on listening…)



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