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Heels Up Academy

How to Build a Brand and Influence Online Utilizing Attraction Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

Are you ready to Slay Online Sales and learn how to create content that stands out by positioning yourself as an influencer? Are you ready to master your posture and confidence to deliver your message and tap into your full potential? Join our Heels Up Academy to learn how to recruit reps monthly and get customers weekly with my simple converting strategies!

  • I am finally getting shares on my live videos! 2-4 shares where before it was 0! My live views and replay views have increased too! I’m so excited! If I can do this anyone can!
  • I’m becoming more confident in using messenger and also how I put captions and working in my live videos.
  • Connecting with more people in meaningful ways, being more purposeful, focusing on personal branding... this list goes on!!!!
  • Finding my brand and branching out in that! It actually has become way more fun!! Instead of pushing product, Instead of pushing product. I’m finding incredible people I click with!!!
  • NO MORE SCROLL & TROLL!!!!! LOL... I'm online & on all my social media accounts with time limits and deeeeep purpose. I have honestly been able to get more accomplished in all my businesses (and personal life) these past 2 months then I have my entire 4 years in network marketing and 20 years in cosmetology!!!! Thanks so much Marina Simone.

Everything you need to know to become unforgettable using Facebook Lives to build your Network Marketing business.

In this course you will go through 3 Modules that will help you attract more leads, reach thousands of viewers, and drive more sales!

  • I’m building a relationship with every single view, like and comment I receive and following through is the key to my long-term success in my network marketing business. There are a TON more, but that’s my biggest takeaway. Plus my engagement and views are WAY up!


Let's turn your leads into prospects by getting more eyeballs on your Facebook page!

In this mini course you will learn my secret sauce to identifying who is a lead vs a prospect and how to turn a lead into a prospect with my 333 Simple Formula for Facebook!

  • Because of Marina’s training and simple system, last week I have got 3 new team members! All in one week!

How to Launch Your Network Marketing Business On Social Media With 3 Simple Steps!

Are you ready to Launch Online leveraging Facebook Groups, easy to follow campaigns and raffles, and implementing a simple 3 step launch system? This system is not only going to create some momentum for you but for your team as well!  In 3 simple steps I will show you WHAT to do to increase ENROLLMENTS, ATTRACT LEADS without being salesy and convert more SALES for your business! Think of these steps of the 3 KEY things you NEED in your business to dominate! Want to learn how you can #Legit Print Money from a Facebook Group, create momentum, create duplication, and attract leaders just like YOU?

  • From the simple strategies Marina taught in this training I added 48 NEW people into my Facebook Group with 1 post!

Turn a list of 200 into 6,000! My Special Mini Course!

If you feel like you have run out of people to talk to for your Network Marketing business and you can't find new leads keep reading... In this mini course you will learn:  How to effectively use Facebook Lists to target your leads, How to make a list without calling your mom, dad, brother, and sister, and How to take a list of 200 and turn it into 6,000!

  • OMG, I’ve always been told to make a list, but have never had it expired in this way!! That’s how to build a business from your list!! Wow, wow, wow!!!

Are you struggling to recruit your COLD MARKET leads from Social Media? Grab this special offer you will only see it ONCE!

Is FEAR of talking to strangers on Facebook holding you back from becoming a recruiting machine? This MASTERCLASS training will MAP out 3 steps that I personally use daily to recruit like a BOSS from Social Media. I am pulling back the curtains and going HAM on my 3 Step Strategy for recruiting your COLD MARKET! In 3 simple steps I will show you WHAT to do daily, how to increase and draw more VIEWS and convert more SALES for your business! Think of these steps of the 3 KEY things you NEED to get more eyeballs on your SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE !

  • This Master Class was absolutely amazing! I took so many notes and can't wait to apply everything I learned! Everything about recruiting my cold market and what to say to get them interested in my product and business finally clicked after watching this training!