Two Things You Can Do To Generate More Leads & Sales In Your Network Marketing Business
Two Things You Can Do To Generate More Leads & Sales In Your Network Marketing Business
July 29, 2022
How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business
How to Attract Superfans To Your Network Marketing Business
August 12, 2022

Proven Strategies For Growing Your Brand & Your Network Marketing Business

Proven Strategies For Growing Your Brand & Your Network Marketing Business

Proven Strategies For Growing Your Brand & Your Network Marketing Business

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Ray & Jessica Higdon’s Influencer Branding Secrets Summit.

And while the whole event was a BLAST, I particularly loved my own segment LOL… 😂


But that was just because I got to touch on something near and dear to me

to help an audience of up-and-coming influencers understand what it really takes to create a brand that truly influences.🥰

These strategies are the same ones I used to grow my own multi-7-figure brand…

and they’re the same ones I teach my clients who have grown their own 6&7-figure brands!👠


Who You Were

Who I was before I became a mom to a tween and a toddler…before I became a network marketer…


Was someone completely different from who I am now.

I used to dance on tables. I used to tend the bar.

I used to hang out with gangs. 🙃


Yeah, my mom was worried sick about who I had turned out to be because it wasn’t who she raised me to be. 


And then, I went on to work in a cubicle… 😔

only to find that if I didn’t get out of there, too, I’d never see my daughter’s life because I had already missed her first steps. 


That does something to ya, ya know? 


I’m telling you this because who I was isn’t who I am, but it’s still part of my story. 👠


Just like who you were isn’t who you are, but it will become part of your story.

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Who You Are

Who are you right now? Is also a part of your story…because it’s not who you’re on your way to be. 


Be willing to share these stories.

To inspire.

To lead.

To illustrate what true evolution is.

Because as you grow and evolve, your business, and your brand will, too. 🔥


And the ONE thing you’re doing when you share these stories of old, of new? 


Is building TRUST. ✨


That’s the most important thing you can do in order to build a brand that influences.

Because when you create trust, you create super fans.🤝

Super fans are the ones who will share you and support everything you do. 


3 Strategies To Grow Your Brand From Zero To Hero

Now that you have the pillars of that brand development in place

you need to GROW your brand.

And you do that with these three strategies: 👇


1. Consistency

Ray has done a live every single day for the last 100 years.

I show up in my Reels and have conversations with new people every single day.

We do these things because we want to build the brand through brand awareness.

And it was tough at first.

I mean, getting into a new habit or routine of creating…and then knowing that people weren’t watching, in the beginning, makes it hard.

But you have to be willing to embrace the suck. 

Know that it’s going to take a minute to go from Zero to Hero as you build your personal brand, but you can’t grow it without the suck.


2. Talk To Yesterday You

I want to talk to the person I was yesterday, not the person I was 5 years ago – use more content to talk to you of yesterday.

We have a tendency to talk to who we were way back when.

But doing that only attracts those people to us. We don’t want the us’s from that far back.

We want the us from yesterday, so we get THOSE people…the ones willing to buy and be a part of a larger picture.

For example, there was a time when I was talking to the moms who used to bartend or dance on tables.

Then, as I grew and evolved, I began talking to the moms who wanted to leave the cubicle.

So my message evolved as I did. And yours will, too. ❤


3. Find your niche.

Don’t freak out.

You are not your product. And finding your niche isn’t as hard as you think.

Things you can think about when creating content are:

What’s the conversation you want to master on social media? Who is the person you want to have the conversation with?

When you put these things front and center in your mind, the content you create will hit every time.

Your shares will increase and your brand will grow. It’s not as hard as you think it is, Boo. You got this! 👌


So I’m going to remind you one more time before you go:

Build a brand from Zero to Hero with patience, resilience, vulnerability, and trust.🥰

Build trust and you build super fans.

Super fans will share you and they will celebrate with you. That’s how you grow.

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    You always make great statements that make so much sense. Love listening to your podcast.

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