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4 Tips to Build Awareness to Your Online Business Through Instagram™ While Social Distancing

What’s up Heeler? 👠 Marina Simone here!


I teach busy moms how to slay online sales by leveraging their personal brands on social media. My ultimate goal is to get these moms from the #Cubicle2Throne by identifying their brand, mission statement, and impact they want to make on their target audience for social media.


Today, I'll be talking about how you can strengthen your online business through Instagram during this all this COVID-19 mess.



Many of you are wondering what you should be posting on social media, while also trying to figure out what’s too sensitive and what's not. In times like these, you should be asking, “how can I show up for my target audience during this scary time without coming across as too salesy and insensitive?”


Let’s be real. Even though we are facing an uncharted pandemic, we still need to build our businesses.


How do we continue to build an online presence in an authentic way? 💭


How can we show up for our audiences and make an impact without them feeling like we’re just trying to make a buck off of them? 


Before I continue, if you're new here, HELLLLERRRR! 👋 and please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. If you use them, I may be rewarded credit or a small commission of the sale (no extra cost to you). Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love. I ALWAYS have my Heelers best interest at 💗





So, Back to it! Today I'm offering you 4 tips that I'm actively doing to build my business during this Coronavirus Pandemic. 




I’m using Instagram to build a free email list. I do this by asking myself: How can I give out freebies? free value? and free information that’s going to help my target audience on social media and get them on my email list?

This helps build brand awareness, which is just as important as generating sales. Right now, it’s crucial to generate new leads and let them know who you are and what you have to offer without selling them – that's the key. 



I'm creating an online community for people who are looking to grow their business or network marketing businesses across a variety of social media platforms. With that said, I'm constantly looking for ways to add value to them. My online community definitely includes a big focus on Facebook and Instagram business practices. 





On my Instagram Stories, I’m sharing my everyday life during this quarantine (the good, the bad, & the ugly).  I've found this helps me grow on IG. I’m showing what my life looks like, how I’m building my business, how I'm staying sane, and how I’m being a mom to my daughters.


I’m also my daughter’s teacher now so I will be sharing my experience with that too. 😅



I’m looking at selling things that people really want or need in this moment, instead of what I think they need. Usually, when it comes to building my brand on social media, I really focus giving people what they want for free, and then selling them what I know they need for their business.


Right now though, I’m doing the complete opposite. I’m looking at what I can sell that people need for their businesses during this quarantine.


🚀 The bottom line is that people are online now more than ever. This means that you TOO need to be online now more than ever.


Ask yourself how can you help them: Show up for your target audience on social media with your knowledge, expertise, and experience.



If you’re a mom home with your kids, what are some mom life hacks that you can share with your humans? What are those quick cooking tips you can share? 🍳 things like these are great ideas you can share on your Instagram feed and in your Instagram stories.


You’re probably wondering what you can offer right now.

How about offering a free social media training?


What are you an expert on?

How about a free zoom call where you all get together to discuss a social media strategy during the 2020 pandemic?


You can offer a free course or some kind of free opt in. You want to offer something of value to your audience. This will not only get them on your email list, but it will also help them to understand you and your personal brand a little better.


People are in consumption mode right now and they’re looking to absorb information.

Lots of people are looking to learn a new skill set and make money online.💸 Can you offer any kind of solutions for your audience in these areas?


What about the quarantine 15? People are gaining weight because there isn’t much else to do.


If you’re in the weight loss industry, this can be an opportunity for you to offer a solution or fitness hack for your target audience who are facing weight gain.

I sell weight loss products and am constantly looking at ways to keep the quarantine 15 off. I’m running challenges for our Bye Bye Belly fat product.


I’m ramping up the amount of content I’m putting out right now to my audience. I’m offering as many free things that I can give them.


I’m giving as much value as I can possibly give. Within the next 90 days I’m looking at how I can grow my email list and 10x my leads.


During this coronavirus pandemic, I’m committed to being there for my audience every step of the way. If you’re looking for Instagram content post ideas or IG story ideas, I will be giving MUCH more in my Elite Academy. 👠


In a nutshell, this quarantine is super unfortunate but you can still grow your business online . We've still got bills, boo boo! The circumstances suck but this is an opportunity for your business or brand on social media. I promise you, if you show up with value and expertise, it WILL pay off.


On the other hand if you need to step back for a minute, do it.

I had to take a step back last week because I needed a minute to regroup and reboot. It’s okay if that’s what you need to do.


I hope you found this information valuable and are able to apply it to your network marketing or online business. I’m here to serve you and I’m not going anywhere!



Stay safe Heelers – I love you all.


Marina Simone


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