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September 2, 2020
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October 26, 2020

Network Marketing Success – How To Launch a New Business Partner and Team On Social Media

Do you have brand new enrollments that keep ghosting you? 👻


They're so excited when they sign up, they're ready to rock and roll. And then literally 72 hours later, they're crickets. Where did they go? 


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So, this might be a you-problem and not a them-problem. 


When I think about when I first got started in network marketing, and I think about how I was launched 🚀into making money, the first thing I was told to do was pick up the phone and literally call 20 people in my phone that I hadn't talked to in years. 😲



That completely freaked me out. Or when I had to sit down and make a list of like 100 people and then start calling those people that I probably hadn't spoke to in 100 years.


And then I had this whole booklet where I had to sit down and I had to read probably like 30 pages before I even learned how to make money.


So, here's my question to you Heeler, when you enroll someone into your network marketing business, are you overwhelming them with millions of things they need to do before they even learn how to put one lead on their list?


Don't worry. Right now, I'm going to teach you exactly how to launch your brand new distributor when they enroll with you and what to avoid so they don't ghost you. 💃


If this is the first time that you're coming to my blog, welcome, you're now a Heeler.


That's the name of our tribe by the way. I teach busy moms how to slay online sales, where they can build a network marketing empire, all on social media and go from the cubicle to the throne.



We have to remember the person that we just enrolled is terrified of rejection.


And you're probably still feeling a little bit of that yourself as well. So, we know that they're terrified of rejection.




We want to get them excited about not getting rejected.


We want to get them excited 🌟 about getting leads on their list of people that will raise their hand and say yes, to learn more.


Let's get them excited. Let's get them plugged in and let's not overwhelm them. So, here's what a brand new enrollment needs to know. They need to know their story.


What's that go-to story that they're going to share? “I joined because X. I love this product because Y. Here was my problem, here's the solution.”


That's the story that they're going to be sharing over and over and over again on social media and to anyone that they talk to, “Well, the reason I love this weight loss product is because it ate my belly fat, booboo. And it got rid of my mom pouch.”


Mom pouch, mom pooch, whatever you want to call it. That is a part of my story with my product. So, what's theirs? They need to have one.


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The second is to help them understand what their first goal is. What's that first rank that they're going to run to that's going to get them their money back?


If they don't get their money back then what ends up happening is is they start telling themselves all these things that are going to happen, where they're going to continue to fail.


We don't want them to think that they're going to fail. We want them to win.


And the third thing they need to know is how to expose their prospect. If someone is interested, what is the go-to video and how do they close them?


What's the go-to video and how do they close them?


See, if they don't know exactly what to say, they're most likely going to end up vomiting all over their prospects, and then they're going to get what? 




Which is exactly what we want to avoid for them.



Let's break down the power of launching. Our goal is very simple. Get as many eyeballs as we possibly can on our curiosity post.


Get engagement, Helllllerrrrrrr.



Start conversations, and build a list of prospects that have raised their hand and engaged.


We need to turn your marketing into an event.


If you don't have a simple system to launch your brand new distributor on social media, I've got your back, I have my social media launch system that I've personally used for my team and that I've created for other teams in health and wellness, in beauty, in weight loss, in services, in travel, you name it.


So, if you're looking to create that duplicatable system, go ahead and look below with the social media launch system. It's probably something that you're missing.



In conclusion, Remember, stop overwhelming your people with 45 pages of a PDF.


That's not going to help them get started.


They need to know their story, they need to know what they're going to say, what the video is and how they can make their money back.


Don't forget to comment below.


Tell me some of the problems that you have when it comes to launching a brand new distributor.


I would love to get back to you. I'll see you next time. Byeeeeeeeeee, Heeler.


Marina Simone


Please keep in mind that this blog post contains affiliate links. Please note that I only recommend tools that I personally use + love and I always have my Heelers best interest at 💗.


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