testimonial 2
December 1, 2017
testimonial 4
December 14, 2017

testimonial 3

I just wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge and love that you've given me since I've joined Moms and Heels!
First, as a newbie to the MLM world, you've shown me how to connect with people in several ways. One is trying out new groups, one is connecting with people you already have as friends and people who may be local entrepreneurs in a different field.
You have taught me how to keep track if these friends through organization on Facebook in news feeds, as well as tracking in notebooks or excel sheets.
You have explained why Lives are important! Why they matter! How to give content and how to attract people to those lives!
You are an encouraging and powerful leader that is selfless in her ability to educate and enlighten. I feel so grateful to have found you to guide me with grace through my journey with this MLM!