Becoming Aware Of Performance Anxiety In Your Network Marketing Business
Becoming Aware Of Performance Anxiety In Your Network Marketing Business
May 20, 2022
Don’t Have People Join, Launch Them In Your Network Marketing Business
Don’t Have People Join, Launch Them In Your Network Marketing Business
June 2, 2022

The Critical Shift To Create Success In Your Network Marketing Business

The Critical Shift To Create Success In Your Network Marketing Business

The Critical Shift To Create Success In Your Network Marketing Business


“I’m tired of failing.” 😵


One of the things I hear a lot is that people get tired of “failing”.


but what they’re saying is “I’m tired of not making money”… 💸


while they have all these other amazing wins.🤦‍♀️


And I gotta tell you, Boo. One of the things we have to stop doing is calling ourselves failures ❌


just because we see success as cash in the bank. 



The Network Marketing “Chase” 🔥


If you’re comparing success to the amount of money you’ve made, you’re always going to

be striving for the next rank or the next leader that you’re going to make…😐


You’re never going to feel confident about your business! And it’s crazy because we’re entrepreneurs 


we’re never going to NOT have a goal that we’re chasing.  


Retrain your brain to know that wins and success are not just about money. 💰


Success is not what tax bracket you’re in, Boo. That’s a construct of society and it’s stupid.  😏


Define Success In Your Life 🤑


For two years, I said I “failed” in my network marketing business because I said success was money. 


But for two years, I had so many other wins that: ❤️

  • Saved my life
  • Kept me away from the horrible people that I had surrounded myself with
  • Kept me away from the old school life of partying and drinking
  • Made me focus on being a good mom. 


When I look back and see the FOUNDATION I was building for my business, I cannot see it as a failure. 😉


So let’s shift your mindset around what success is. 


Because success is so many different things. 


Have you ever identified what it truly means to you? 🥰


For me, it’s…

I look at how I feel when I wake up in the morning 

I look at my relationship with my daughters

I look at my relationship with my husband


These are my metrics. Not how much money I have. 🤗


Let’s shift the way you think so you can start to see the real success

that you’ve had in your network marketing business. 👠


Success Is A Feeling, Not A Thing ❤️


You can go from the best mood ever to a really bad moment…

even in the face of a win. Seriously, back in July (2021), my husband won a million dollars 💰


and one moment we were celebrating, the next we had a tiff.


Completely flattened that high of success because that’s how powerful our brains are. 


So if I feel terrified that I’m never going to have success


when I think about success, what am I going to feel? Exactly! Fear! 😨


If I feel fearful of success because I’m afraid I’m never going to have it

I might start self-sabotaging. Right? 🤲


So we want to SHIFT how you feel about success. 


Creating the Shift ✨


Instead of waiting to celebrate that you made $4Bazillion dollars in your business,

start celebrating EVERYTHING. 🎉


Start celebrating: 🥂

  • When you prospect
  • When you start a conversation
  • Your personal development
  • Waking up in the am
  • Every little thing


Because when you create a feeling of success around the small things,

those “small things” are going to put you at the top one day. 🔝


Creating that shift at a rapid-fire pace. 🔥

Join us inside the industry’s ONLY on-demand coaching program that

also gives you the done-for-you tools to completely get out of your own way 

when it comes to your Network Marketing Business. You HAVE to check it out👇👇👇



Identifying Success In Your Life & Network Marketing Business 💻


Now, let’s rethink what success truly is for YOU. 


For me, it means:

  • Never having to look at my bank account because I had to

          do that all the time when I would go buy groceries – not worrying that my card is going to be declined 💳

  • Being able to take my daughters out of school any day

         that I want and take them anywhere that I want  

  • Being able to be the type of mom who surprises her kids with anything at any time 👩‍👧
  • Being able to take care of my family 
  • Being able to say yes to the things they want
  • When my husband and I are focused on us and what matters 
  • Seeing my team members accepting awards, seeing my team members presenting


My success means other people were having success as well. 🏆


What does success look and feel like for you? 


What are the things you can celebrate in your business? 


When I stopped thinking about what I didn’t have, things shifted for me. I want them to shift for you. 😃

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  1. Kristy Ellison says:

    I was having a tough day feeling overwhelmed and just like I wasn’t doing enough blah blah and I said you know what I need some Marina in my life right now and went to the elite group and this was the video I watched and yes it was absolutely PERFECT!! Thank you for reminding me how far I have come and how much personal growth I have been doing that is completely helping me out of a very tough situation. You reminded me that I’m an amazing mom and was able to be because of what I do. No I am not a millionaire yet but in some ways I feel like I totally am. Just wanted to say thanks for always keeping it real. Sending you so much love and gratitude.
    Kristy XOXO

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