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June 10, 2022
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The Gratitude Junkie’s Method Of Creating Network Marketing Success

The Gratitude Junkie’s Method Of Creating Network Marketing Success

The Gratitude Junkie’s Method Of Creating Network Marketing Success

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing two of network marketing’s top earners: 

Karyn Medeiros and Jennifer Greenspan (aka the Gratitude Junkies) to find out just what they did (and DO!)

to create the network marketing businesses of their dreams.

And can we just talk about that branding for a sec? Gratitude JUNKIES. LOVE! amirite?? 😉


These women are not only top earners in Canada, they are also manifesting QUEENS. Mkay?? 👑


And if you want to learn a thing or two about creating the life and the network marketing business you want…

You need to hear how these ladies have done that! 



As humans, we go through our day-to-day lives giving back whatever energy we put out into the world.


we can put out as much gratitude as possible and get back SO much of the good stuff. 


That means when you need to pay bills, be happy about the money that is going out to give you the things you need.


Money is energy. ⚡

And what you put behind it determines how it will relate to you.

So, treating money as though it is an amazing resource that is always flowing in, helping you keep more of it coming in. 


“Even if you only have $50 in the bank, someone else only has $45.

So be grateful you have that $50 so more of it can come” ~Jennifer Greenspan


Hold on to everything with deep gratitude and only more good can come.  ❤

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For example

when Jen was done with their 1200sf home, she knew she wanted to move somewhere more luxurious.

She knew she wanted a white kitchen, white marble floors, and a spiral staircase. 


A listing for a home was sent to her by mistake because it was outside of the area she had chosen notifications for.


she clicked on it anyway. Two months later

they were moving into the white-on-white dream home she had been so grateful for on her vision board. 🔥


Karyn, on the other hand, manifested $50K from an inheritance

from someone that she did not expect an inheritance from.

She knew that she needed $50K, so she put it on her vision board and was grateful for it every day.

And even though she had no idea how or when it would happen, she knew it would. 


And it did. 🤑


Both of these manifesting powerhouses started out manifesting “small things”

like parking spaces and an extra $1000 a month.

They are now network marketing powerhouses, as well. 

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My Own Manifestation 👠👠

Back in 2013

I completely changed the face of my business… 😁

and my life using these techniques that Karyn and Jen talk about. 


I had been suffering…for two whole years…with not making any money.

And it was either, make this work or go back to “work”

something I vowed I’d never do after having missed my daughter’s first steps. 😢

So, I began daydreaming of the day I’d stand on stage and give my acceptance speech

and finally, be making $10K a month. 💵


My mentor said it wasn’t enough.

I needed to know what my speech would be about.

I needed to know my “rags to riches” story that I’d stand up to that mic and tell. 


I needed to FEEL standing up there. 


So, I did. 🙌



I wrote out my speech and everything

and lemme tell you, that was HARD because I was still in the “rags” phase, so I had no idea what I’d write about the “riches”. 


But I did my best…

I even took a screenshot of it and kept it and still use it to remind me how gratitude and manifesting can change things on a dime.


90 days later, I was making $10K/month. 


What I did was MANIFEST my vision. 🤩


Manifesting is THE key to cutting your time to success, too. 


Because we’re always manifesting, whether we like what we’re manifesting or not. 


And thanks to Karyn and Jennifer, YOU can begin manifesting more of the things you WANT in your life, too.


Follow the formula below to apply the Gratitude Junkie’s way of manifesting

that helped them manifest the lives and network marketing businesses they want. ⬇️



📌 Know what you want

 Be very, very clear about what you want, but don’t hold on to the “how” of getting it. Leave that to the universe. 

📌 Be grateful for it, as though you’ve already received it

 When you are co-creating a brand new life, be super grateful for everything in your life…

 but be especially grateful for that success, as though you’re already a success.

📌 Take inspired action every day toward it

 As Jim Carey once said, “Don’t write it down, then go make a sandwich.”

It takes you doing the work toward success in your network marketing business to make it happen. 


This may be a new concept to you, but gratitude has long played a role in most successful people’s lives.

So do what you need to do to get into gratitude so you keep the energy of that success 

flowing closer and closer to your network marketing business.


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I want to thank Karyn and Jen, the Gratitude Junkies, for stopping by!! 🙏🙏


It was a great time

and I truly appreciate their willingness to share with you guys how you can begin creating the life and the business you love. 😍

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