February 3, 2023
Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business
Six Steps To Being Confident AF In Your Network Marketing Business
February 19, 2023

Top Earner Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout

Top Earners’ Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout Blog

Top Earners’ Secrets To Create Momentum & Avoid Burnout Blog

Top Earner Secrets: How to Build Momentum While Avoiding Burnout w/ Brynn Lang & Rob Sperry


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My BOO Thang, Brynn Lang popped by to interview one of our co-hosts for our Momentum Summit so they could talk BURNOUT! 🚨


You already know when you’re in business for yourself, especially in network marketing, that burnout is a very real thing. 


And if you’re hating where you are, Boo, you’re not going to be able to get RESULTS in your biz. 


So check out what these two powerhouses have to say about AVOIDING said burnout and CREATING momentum! 


Take it away, guys! 😊

Brynn Lang & Rob Sperry


Perspective Helps Avoid Burnout & Build Momentum In Network Marketing 


ROB: If you want to keep the ball rolling toward your goals, you cannot be a negative nancy or complaining carl.

You have to maintain the right perspective…and that is GRATITUDE. 


Wiring your brain for gratitude helps you show up, and helps you stay focused on the GOOD so you burn out less. 😮‍💨


To get that rewiring going, start finding 15 things about your business to be grateful for. Then, choose non-business things to be grateful for when you’re done. 


One of my favorite quotes is 

“You don’t lack motivation. You lack vision.”


And that is SO true. If you have a vision, you will be consistent at showing up and talking to people. 


So change your wiring from complaining and looking for outside motivation to gratitude and VISION. 


BRYNN: Strategy is not as important as your mind being right is! Being happy and grateful takes WORK and it’s important to work

on your mental toughness when you have to self-motivate like we do in the network marketing business.

There’s a saying that says,

“You will stay where you are until you learn the things you need to learn at the level you’re at,”


so switch what you’re saying to yourself about your journey from whining and being mad to “What do I need to learn here.”


Perspective and being able to change it is a MASSIVE MOMENTUM-BUILDER. 👌

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Consistency Creates Momentum Instead of Burnout In Your Network Marketing Business


ROB: Burnout comes from trying to do everything all at once. But you can’t do that.

If you want to create momentum and avoid burnout, you need to be consistent in goal-setting and showing up. 


Record your goals in your calendar, then do the work every single day. Now, it may be that you have your minimum goal (“I’m going to at least do it”) and your standard goal (“I’m going to do an hour every single day”). But you have it in the books and you do the work. 


BRYNN: Let’s dig in on consistency…The key? Is INTENTIONALITY. It means showing up for your kids when it’s their time.

It means showing up for your business when it’s time to show up for it. 




When we try to multitask, it does not work.

Something that would take you a few minutes will be dragged out for hours if you have to keep stopping and starting and regaining focus.

(Studies show it takes an average of 23 minutes to regain your focus once focus has been broken…so do the math on that!) 


Set a time for everything and stick to it. ⏳



Boundaries Create Momentum


ROB: As the former President of the People-Pleaser Club, until I learned how to set boundaries,

I prided myself on being available. But, then I realized there are needers, wanters, and deservers. 


Needers need your time. ⌚

Wanters want your time. ⌚

And deservers have EARNED your time.  ⌚


When you’re too available, people who need to learn, won’t. Just like a baby. 


If you’re always there to keep them from falling when they learn to walk, they’ll never learn how to get up on their own. 🤷‍♀️


And needers and wanters feed your ego. They make you feel important. 


So, once I realized how this was all playing out in my life.

I learned to set proper, healthy boundaries and establishing phrases and things I could say helped me hold to them without letting anyone down or feeling like I was being unreliable.❤


BRYNN: What I realized is it’s our job, whether we have a team of 1 or 100’s, it’s our job to help them learn how to own their own business.

That does not mean running in to save someone every time they needed help. 


I learned to give people direction to help them unlock everything they need to know…but then I ask that they report what they’ve found out to me.

That allows me to see who is actually driven enough to make this work and who is not going to make it. 


When you have boundaries set, you get to build teams that are resourceful and as invested as you are in your collective success. 


There you have it! Two POWERHOUSE TOP EARNERS and their BEST advice for network marketers who want to create momentum and avoid burnout! 💥


Which tips are you going to put into action now??


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